Sunday, June 02, 2013

"Know Your Place!": Misogyny and Racism

When Dr. Henry Morgentaler died on Wednesday at the age of 90, we expected him to be vilified by the usual suspects. Among those who attacked his legacy were boneheads. Most comments made were pretty nasty, as again we would have expected, but many included some variation of the following assertion:

Women are, in the view of boneheads like Winnicki, simply baby factories. That in a nutshell is all women are really worth to the men who predominate in the racist movement. They might try to soften their view of women by using euphemisms about supporting the traditional families and their desire to protect, "white women" from the coloured hordes eager to ravage them, but the reality is that women are only viewed as useful in their genetic potential and their ability to provide an incubator for the future white warriors who will fight, "the upcoming race war." But the woman herself? Her job is simply to bear children and keep her mouth shut.

The simple, and not so hidden secret, is this: as much as they hate people of colour and Jews, boneheads hate women almost as much.

This attitude isn't new. We could provide a number of historic examples of the white nationalist resentment and hatred of women. While a discussion of Hitler's views concerning the role of women in society might be an appropriate starting point, we're going to go back a little further in history.

Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, born Adolf Josef Lanz in 1874, founded the magazine "Ostara" in 1906. This publication combined elements of mysticism and the occult with strident German nationalism, antisemitism, and virulent racism. Two years earlier he had published a book in which the views which would soon find a wider circulation in "Ostara":
In 1904, he published his book Theozoologie ("Theozoology") in which he advocated sterilization of the sick and the "lower races" as well as forced labour for "castrated chandals", and glorified the "Aryan race" as "Gottmenschen" ("god-men"). Theozoology could also be classified as a work encompassing what has now come to be called cryptozoology. Lanz justified his neognostic racial ideology by attempting to give it a Biblical foundation; according to him, Eve, whom he described as initially being divine, involved herself with a demon and gave birth to the "lower races" in the process. Furthermore, he claimed that this led to blonde women being attracted primarily to "dark men", something that only could be stopped by "racial demixing" so that the "Aryan-Christian master humans" could "once again rule the dark-skinned beastmen" and ultimately achieve "divinity". 
In this we begin to see that his hatred was focused not only on non-whites and Jews, but was also directed at women who he blamed for the fall of the Gottmenschen:

Hamann, Brigitte. Hitler's Vienna: A Portrait of the Tyrant as a Young Man.
I.B.Tauris Publishers: London. 2010. pg. 219.

Sound familiar? In the following more recent missive, Paulie and co. comment on a Facebook group dealing with relationships between white women and black men:

UPDATE: Paulie provided an even more clear example on June 7, 2013:

This isn't even the most egregious example we could include, but it goes to show not a hell of a lot has changed in the course of 100 years. The woman as the weak and easily corruptible vessel. When boneheads talk about protecting "their women" they really mean controlling them.

Far fetched? Lanz continues:

Hamann, Brigitte. Hitler's Vienna: A Portrait of the Tyrant as a Young Man.
I.B.Tauris Publishers: London. 2010. pg. 218.

Again, this was over 100 years ago but it is echoed in the more modern writings of someone revered by most white supremacists. David Lane coined the tiresome "fourteen words" cliche, "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children." However he also coined another fourteen words as well: "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."

Sounds like someone who really respects the women of the movement, eh? Perhaps you should be introduced to his novella "KD Rebel" then?

Without going into a lot of detail, the novella is, in essence, an extended rape fantasy. Written in 2004 a few years before Lane's death, the novella is set in a near future in which the men of the Wotanist colony of Kinsland venture into the cities outside the colony to kidnap women and girls involved in interracial relationships or who have been otherwise tainted by "zog." The women are then taken back to the colony, distributed among the men (who, fyi, are generally polygamous), and raped into submission. Those women who refuse the man they are assigned to are executed as are women deemed to sickly or unable to bare children.

We won't be providing a link to the novella, but it isn't hard to find if you have the stomach for it. But here is one review from a fan:

Yep, some of these people actually dream of things like this.

Now not all are as overtly this anti-women and some are smart enough to keep their views about the place of women in their little utopia a secret, but it really isn't hard to discern their true meaning:

On another post covering the same topic:

In the comments section, he lets his agenda slip:

Pulled out?

We weren't the only ones to catch that, by the way:

Ah, yes. "Freed."

It's always important to find the right euphemism.

Those women who have left the movement, and we are in contact with more than a few, have their own stories that could be told which validate our argument. And those women currently in the movement know we're right as well.

Perhaps these women too might reconsider their involvement in a movement that secretly despises them?


Tomasz Winnicki said...

The consolation is that of the claimed 100,000 or so aborted by Jew Morgentaler, most of them, hopefully all of them, would have turned out to be leftists. I figure leftist women are more likely to pass on leftist genes (which I suspect do exist given the left/right division in just about every country) and also more likely to have an abortion.

The only women I hate are White women who have sexual relations with non Whites. They deserve to be permanently expelled to Zimbabwe.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Too bad Jew Morgentaler didn't abort YOU as well, you civilization wrecker commie.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I have noticed this same theme, from a majority of conservative, pro-life posters on various right wing sites!

They are not as blunt about it as your examples, but you can usually tell where they are coming from when they start whining about how 'abortion has resulted' in 'the need for immigrants'.

And there was a video posted here a few months back, from Crommunist's site, regarding the various white supremacist groups and the varations amongst them. One such group apparently went so far as to compare women to 'fields to be ploughed.'

Anonymous said...

If the Aryan Guard had've taken off like they'd hope, they were passing around an idea that females would have to be pregnant within 3 months or else they'd be suspect. Ladies, they don't love you. They don't even like you. You should hear the shit they say about their own mothers and sisters. Heed the advice of some women in the know. Run, don't walk, away from these guys.

Kurt Phillips said...

Well we're happy to include your clarification Tomasz.

To be clear, Tomasz Winnicki only hate women who are involved in intimate relations with men of another ethnicity; white women who are not involved with men of another ethnicity are proper breeding stock who are not his intellectual equal or the intellectual equal of any white man and once they realize this women will be happy.

Thanks Tomasz.

Anonymous said...

Tomasz is exercising that 'superior ayran intellect' isn't he!!!


Tomasz Winnicki said...

Nosfeatu200, you are not in a position to clarify what I think. Note that racial background is not the same as ethnicity.

Comparing general intellectual differences between men and women, can you name me even one woman who designed a supercar like the Bugatti Veyron? The greatest automobiles in the world were engineered by men, White men to be precise and many still bear their names. Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, to name just a few. It was men who invented electronics and the programmable electronic computer. It was men who created software to make computers useful, like the C compiler and the UNIX operating system. It was men who made powered (heavier than air) flight possible as well as satellites. Greatest aircraft like, for example the SR-71 Blackbird were engineered by men. Just about anything great was invented by a man... and yet I still think that woman's ability to bear children makes them more valuable. That's why when there is a ship disaster at sea, it's women and children first. Any adult man who would take a woman's place on a lifeboat deserves a bullet. And I've heard of a case (the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff) where survivors claimed it actually happened.

Kurt Phillips said...

Oh you sweet talker Tomasz? We bet the girls just swoon for you!

You realize that you haven't actually helped with the perception you are a misogynist, right?

You're also aware that women have historically been discouraged from entering the sciences and engineering because of the attitude you yourself have expressed. Hell, a lot of universities specifically barred women from these faculties. Might explain why not a lot of women were involved in the development of those cars you mention (and you are of course such a boy that you use fast cars as an example of women's intellectually inferiority).

Really. It's hard to believe you're still single.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

You realize that you calling me a misogynist is factually wrong, right? I don't think you do though. Since when are leftists usually correct? I would be somewhat concerned about your slanderous statement if you personally knew women who also personally know me (who actually talked to me in person) and they told you themselves that they consider me to be a misogynist. Do you know of any?

You do have a point about women being discouraged and even barred from entering certain fields of study in the past. However, even at that time, brilliant women who had the technical knowhow succeeded in making a name for themselves. Perhaps you ought to read up a little bit about madame Marie Curie Skłodowska (She was Polish. That's why we have Polonium in the periodic table of elements.) or the lovely Countess Ada of Lovelace (There's a computer programming language named in her honour.) For well over 50 years women could enter any field of study. I didn't read up on the details but I doubt many women were involved in the development of MRI machines, which are a recent invention, relatively speaking. It's important to note that near average intelligence people, which most men and women are, haven't done much compared to the few truly gifted geniuses.

Boys love their toys :) And some gals like fast cars too. Check out Sabine Schmitz doing hot laps around the Nurburgring in a BMW M5. I gave an example of cars because they're so ubiquitous. I also mentioned airplanes, electronics, computers and software. Can you see patterns? Just about any modern invention was made by a man or a team of men. Does that burn you up inside for some reason, and you feel the need to call me misogynist for pointing out facts? Observing verifiable real-world general patterns does not make one a misogynist. How about this? Men in general are far more violent than women. Is it stereotypical to point that out? Sure. Is anybody who points this out a man hater? More likely no. Is it factually wrong? No, and even though you're a leftist, I think you'd agree.

I would love to see the creation of a country dedicated exclusively to leftists, governed by leftists using leftist ideology. I would also love to see the creation of a country, even a tiny one the size of Switzerland, dedicated exclusively to racially aware White Europeans. Left-wingers and right-wingers ought to work towards that goal to avoid serious conflicts.

Do you get flack from other leftists for posting my comments here? Just wondering.

Kurt Phillips said...

Addressing your last question first, our readership actually enjoys reading your comments Tomasz. They get a kick out of how you continuously make a fool out of yourself and how oblivious you are about how you appear to normal people. They are also amused by your sense of self-importance.

Tell me, do you really think that your posts here and on msm news sites aren't published because your incredible intellectual gifts have caused us "leftists" to run in fear? Really, talk about delusional. No, the reality is you're the online equivalent of one of those crazy persons who scream at the Parliament Building in Ottawa. You are insignificant and not worth the time it would take to respond to you. That we are doing so now is mostly because with every single response you post, you continue to prove the veracity of the article. And it is even more funny that you do not, and likely never will, get it.

We could post the stats which indicate the still existing barriers to women in the sciences (lower pay for equal work, unequal access to Ph.D programs and the "old boys" network that still persists in academia, etc), but then we suspect it will fall on deaf ears. The examples of women who have been successful in the sciences (there are three generations of Currie women who achieved incredible success despite the institutional barriers) proves that your thesis is incorrect. Women, when given the opportunity and given fair conditions, can and will achieve success in the sciences equal to that of men. The number of women in the sciences is growing yearly. There's not much doubt that there will be a time when women and men are represented in this field equally. I think that "burns you up."

But by all means, please continue to minimize the ability and intelligence of women. We will be very happy to continue to allow your posts on the subject to pass through moderation.

Anonymous said...

Thomasz/misognyst/racist wrote: "Addressing your last question first, our readership actually enjoys reading your comments Tomasz. They get a kick out of how you continuously make a fool out of yourself and how oblivious you are about how you appear to normal people. They are also amused by your sense of self-importance. "

Yeah, that's why I keep coming back to read this comment thread. Thomasz is making me laugh, what a fool! lulz

Tomasz Winnicki said...

[In case you lost my reply which I submitted a few days ago, I'm submitting it again. If it's too much for you to handle and you're censoring it, just tell me and I won't bother resubmitting it.]

I'm glad your readership enjoys reading my comments here. Due to the anti White schooling system I once was somewhat of a lefty, although not as far gone as yourself, more libertarian, until I was about 25. That is, until I heard one of the American Dissident Voices broadcasts with Dr. William L. Pierce. Thank gods and goddesses for the internet. It only took one ADV... and here I am.

Logic isn't your strong point lefty. I hope you are not allowed to design airplanes or they'd be falling out of the sky. Better leave that to super White dudes like Kelly Johnson (SR-71). I'll try to take it slow so you and your fans can follow and hopefully draw some logical and correct conclusions. Consider pure mathematics. We start with basic concept like integer counting: 1, 2, 3... Then we move to operations like addition (1+2=3), subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, logarithms. Clear so far? Then we have more advanced and complex mathematical concepts such as: multi variable systems of equations, geometry, trigonometry, graph theory, calculus, etc. Even though I'm not a master mathematician I understand that all those complex concepts, given high enough intelligence, can be worked out right from the basic principles using ONLY PENCIL AND PAPER. Still with me? Some super geniuses, very few exceptions, like Leonhard Euler were capable of doing it all in their head. Have you ever looked at a calculus book? What do you see there? Most of those concepts were derived by men the likes of: Newton, Leibniz, Euler, Riemann, Gauss et al. That's why we have concepts such as Newton's method, Riemann sums, Taylor series etc. Now, why didn't women develop those mathematical concepts? It's possible to derive them from basic principles. Did evil White men deny women the 'opportunity' to use pencils and paper? Mathematics is purely abstract, you could scribble equations with a stick on sand. Now you lefties will wail about equal opportunity, barriers and such. But again, mathematics only requires pencil and paper. If women of the past had the mental capability (note that we're talking about the brightest of people not average) equal to that of men, why didn't they say "We don't need male dominated institutions. We'll create our own women-only colleges and universities." and develop, say calculus, concurrently or even faster and more advanced than men? Can you observe patterns? Why didn't women do that for anything else like: automobiles, airplanes, computers...? Again, for well over 50 years, women had no barriers entering the sciences. Even when those barriers existed, women who had the ability (ex madame Curie, countess Ada of Lovelace) succeeded regardless. Therefore it's not the artificial barriers. But we still have not seen from women a better aircraft than the SR-71, a better supercar than the Bugatti Veyron or a better space shuttle. Maybe I should have compared White European women to African women who had no access to European knowledge (and neither should they, it's not theirs).

The London Free Press recently published a fair amount of my commentary. I'm pleasantly surprised because in some of them that passed censorship I've been pushing it, and other people too for that matter, into what you'd probably call 'hate speech'.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous commie, perhaps you would be wise to acquaint yourself with the case of Eve Carson ( It's ironic that a leftist fool was murdered by the multiculturalism she loved so much. Even though deep down I wish she would have joined our side once exposed to White Nationalism, unfortunately I suspect that some racialists are correct when they say that she was our enemy, ironically killed by 'friendly fire'. A memorable quote from Patlabor (the movie) which I constantly keep getting reminded of (paraphrased) "Even as the enemy shell hits home the fool still doesn't believe/understand that the enemy is really trying to kill him. But the end result is that he's really dead." Who's the fool?

Kurt Phillips said...

Wow, you are really needy and clingy Tomasz. Girls really don't like that.... though you wouldn't know much about what girls like. ;)

And unjustifiable condescension in concert with an embarrassing ignorance of history too? Hitting all the marks this evening.

We know you aren't able to comprehend this, but right about now you've managed to stick your entire left leg down your throat and you seem hell-bent on working on that right leg as well. By all means, don't let any of us stop you. We're really enjoying the show.

We would provide an additional observation. You like to point to incidents such as the tragic death of Eve Carson as an example of why pluralism is a bad thing (you seem to excuse examples of white people killing minorities, which is also interesting). But we would suggest that people who attempt to join, "your side" are far more likely to be physically assaulted or murdered by one of your own than they would any random minority member. We suspect Cynthia Lynch would be sorry to have gotten caught up in White Nationalism, or she would be had she not been murdered:

And Mark Mariani, who was just some poor guy who was on his way home, sure didn't fare well when he crossed paths with White Nationalists:

Then there was Sharbnow Dec:

And then.... well.... you get the idea.

People who live in glass houses, Tommy....

Kurt Phillips said...

Wait. Come to think of it, were you not friendly with former VNN poster James Leshkevich?

Anonymous said...

I didn't even bother to read Thomasz' long winded screed up there.

I mean, it's just more of the same 'blah blah lefties and darkies are bad WHITE POWER GOOD RARRRRR'

Can you say...BORING.

-anonymous commie