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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bill C-304 Passes Third Reading

While it isn't much of a surprise given the composition of the senate, Bill C-304 passed third reading and, as a result, Section 13 of the Human Rights Act dealing with hate speech has been repealed. And while the racists who often found themselves in trouble as a result of violating Section 13 and their cheerleaders are celebrating, it might just be a case of be careful what you wished for because you just might get it.

While Section 13 has been repealed, the sections in the Criminal Code related to hate speech are still in place. With claims that the government will strengthen the Criminal Code regarding hate speech, those who at one time might have found themselves before the Human Rights Tribunal might now find themselves in a court room with a real chance of jail time. Thought the Tribunal was costly? Try a criminal court case.

And it is of note that while it is the current government who passed the legislation, there's nothing that says a future government might not reinstate Section 13 given that it had been deemed constitutional both in 1990 and more recently in the Whatcott case.

Time will tell and we are very patient. In the meantime, we'll see how things play out.


Tomasz Winnicki said...

I wish for a White Europeans-only state with unlimited free speech.

Leftists ought to work for the creation of a leftists-only state where any criticism of Israel is deemed to be a discriminatory act of hatred and immediately without a trial punished by a minimum 10 years jail sentence.

Nosferatu200 said...

Dude, before you engage in utopian fantasies (and given the quality of your ilk, I'm not so sure it would be so utopian) you might want to first consider coming up with a plan to move out of your parent's basement. Really, even a bachelor suite would be a step up.

Nosferatu200 said...

And to those reading this who believe this to just be a gratuitous insult, Tomasz Winnicki really is a 37 year old man living in his parent's basement.

So while it is an insult, it is hardly gratuitous. ;)

Tomasz Winnicki said...

You wrote "be careful what you wished for because you just might get it" so I was just wishing for more. I also wished for a leftist utopia for you. A man can dream... a man can dream. Let's just agree on the fact that different people have different opinions on what laws should exist.

Who are your favourite abos, Nosferatu200? How many years... generations have they been living off of government handouts? Years ago I heard from somebody that the wikipedia page about me was written by (fat boy) Andy Lehrer when he had plenty of free time while living on welfare, supposedly. Don't know for sure if that is true but wouldn't surprise me if it is. You're not Andy Lehrer, are you Nosferatu200?

Dr.Dawg said...

You're dreaming in technicolour about the Criminal Code. Hate speech provisions there are effectively a dead letter.

Any complaint under those provisions requires the assent of the Atttorney General of the province or territory in which the offence took place. Recently the cowardly John Gerretson, Ontario Attorney General, refused to permit a complaint against Ezra Levant to proceed, despite the fact that both the police and the regional Crown were prepared to prosecute.

Levant, one of Canada's premier hate-mongers, had delivered an 8-minute rant against Roma on national television. It was a slam-dunk case. In fact, it would be hard to imagine a clearer violation of the Code. But: no dice.

The expression of bigotry is now legal in Canada. We're back in the 1930s.

Nosferatu200 said...

Oh, I agree that I'm perhaps being optimistic. One of the reasons why Sec. 13 was effective was because attorney generals have often refused to permit complaints or crown prosecutors feel that they aren't worth the effort. And when complaints are allowed, they often take so long to wind their way through the courts that they are eventually dismissed like in the Tremaine case. It is also evident that the hatemongers have now set their sites on the criminal code previsions as well.

But while I do believe things will get worse in the short term, I do have hope in long term.

Nosferatu200 said...

Tom: You're deflecting a bit, aren't you?

But no, our membership doesn't include Andy, though he's good people.

As for me, I'm a home owner who pulls in aa significant salary putting me and my family comfortably into the middle-class. Sorry to ruin your impressions.

So you have any plans to move out the basement? Meet a girl (I mean a real girl and not the ones you pine over online)? Actually, are you able to actually talk to girls? I mean, populating your utopia will be difficult if it is the sausage fest that the WN movement is characterized by.

Andy Lehrer said...

Hi Tommy,

I'm not on welfare, that wouldn't be enough to meet my mortgage payments.

Andy Lehrer said...

BTW Tommy, doesn't accusing a Jew of being on welfare cause any sort of cognitive dissonace for you? I mean, aren't all Jews wealthy due to the dividends we receive from our control of the world media and banking system? But then again, being a Polish nationalist who is a fanboy for the guy who invaded Poland and killed or enslaved millions of Poles cognitive dissonance is something you're used to.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Put your money where your mouth is, lefty. Pack up and move permanently to an area of Detroit with the least White people (hopefully you'd be the only one there), or better yet catch a one way flight to Zimbabwe. Evil apartheid is long over there so you should be safe.

Would I be wrong to assume that your job is not related to anything technical?

Tomasz Winnicki said...

So if the Crown was ready to prosecute, why precisely did the case not go forward? Why did John Gerretsen let Levant off the hook?

Nosferatu200 said...

Tommy, for all the problems that exist in Detroit or South Africa, both are more sane and are safer than the utopian White Nationalist vision that would result if your dreads came to fruition. ;)

Anonymous said...

I hate Nazi's and I rent. I can't afford to buy a house. So lets please stop with the "class" based baiting. There are a lot of worse things to call out Nazi's for than being poor. Like being anti-working class, racist, sexist homophobic idiots. Lets not call them out because they are poor and you are not. Remember the roots of fascism have often found fertile soil in the so called middle class which use idiots like Tommy as their stooges.

Nosferatu200 said...

We at ARC agree with you, however we aren't calling boneheads out on their poverty so much as we are on their hypocritical views about poverty. In the minds of a lot of boneheads, poverty is synonymous with laziness, drug abuse and, being a minority. They refuse to recognize that poverty is a result of systemic inequities in the system that prevent too many people from even keeping their heads above water. Of course, they refuse to recognize this reality in, "the Other." When it's themselves or other boneheads who are struggling to pay bills, it's a different matter. Then they blame, "the Other" for taking their jobs or keeping wages low, sometimes resulting in lashing out violently. Their lack on income justifies their hatred and violence just as the lack of income of people on the left or minorities justify pre-existing prejudices towards these groups.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Fascism is a pretty overloaded term. Personally I don't like overloaded terms because when several, even if just a few, meanings are attached to them, they lose precision. Then language becomes ambiguous and confusing. If we agree on this definition though, I should be considered an anti fascist. I'm racist, however I'm against centralization of authority under a dictator, against stringent socioeconomic controls, against suppression of the opposition through terror and against censorship.

Sounds like you're complaining about low living standards. Anti nationalist, anti racist leftists caused it.

Is English a second language for you? I'm no 'grammar nazi' but you should look up the difference between indirect object and the genitive case.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Leave already.

South Africa is not as bad as Zimbabwe is, but is heading in essentially the same direction for essentially the same reasons.

Nosferatu200 said...

Why would I? I have no reason to leave the country of my birth. Most people don't decide to immigrate based on a dare from a someone who's mother still makes his bed.

I might also note that in my travels the only place were I was the victim of crime was in the very nationalistic Baltic states. Lots of poverty there.

Interestingly, Lithuania (mostly ethnically homogeneous) had, and still does have, a murder rate approaching double digits. By comparison Toronto, perhaps the most ethnically diverse city in the world, has a homicide rate that hasn't been over 2.0/100,000 in years. And the rate has continued a steady decline since the mid 1970s as the city has become more diverse.

Interesting, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nosferatu

I wrote the comment expressing the concern about "class baiting". Thank you so much for your clarification. I agree with what you posted and I think it was important for you to have posted it. Keep up the great work.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

Since you posted anonymous comment after I submitted mine several times over, I'll assume you gave up debating me and therefore are admitting defeat.

Nosferatu200 said...

Oh don't you worry your pretty little head about that Tommy. We haven't forgotten about you. Such an august regular such as yourself deserves special attention.

Stay tuned sweetie.

Tomasz Winnicki said...

My last comment wasn't meant to be posted and neither is this one. I thought you'd be smart enough to figure that out without me specifically stating it. Post the comment where I challenged you to count the Bs and Ws from Toronto police crime reports. Try not to (selectively) forget it, OK?

Nosferatu200 said...

Yes Tommy. We knew that you hadn't intended for the previous comment to be posted. But here's the thing about running the blog. We get to decide what is published and what isn't published. You're in no position to order us to do anything.

Maybe if you ask us nicely? Say pretty please?

But like I wrote earlier, we haven't forgotten you Tommy. The comment you want us so desperately to publish will get our special attention. You just have to be patient.

Can you be patient Tommy? We would hate to think that you're sitting at your computer waiting on us. It's summer! You should be outside enjoying the warmth of the season and getting some color... er... I guess you wouldn't be into that, eh? Pasty white is actually what you are going for, isn't it? In that case, the basement is probably working out well for you.