Monday, June 17, 2013

"Shoot the Boer" and Bonehead Hypocrisy

We noted yesterday that the big "Occupy South African Embassies" protest in Toronto was sort of a bust. However Paulie, needing to polish yet another turd, begs to differ:

Yes, that's right. Close to three dozen.


We have other photos as well. In no photo is there a number that even approached 36 people. Really, it's a good thing Paulie taught English because his math consistently sucks.

Then again South Africa is an issue that seems to result in Paulie becoming a little unhinged. He even forgets not to sound like a racist when discussing the country:

When we posted our story yesterday, we weren't surprised that some of the usual suspects decided to offer their $0.02. Like a broken record, we were accused of being "anti-white" and of supporting genocide. Really, one would think they would come up with something original. Then one did. Sort of:

fuch you cunts those bastards are singing songs about kill the boar and you suport genoside.

Really. Knowing that we occasionally make spelling errors, let us be the first to let you know that there is no shame in using Spell Check.

We think our semi-literate friend is trying to make a point about a resistance song called, "Shoot the Boer."

A little background.

"Shoot the Boer" was popularized by Peter Mokaba in 1993 after the assassination of Chris Hani by Janusz Waluś and former Conservative Party MP Clive Derby-Lewis. The anger over the murder of Hani might  have resulted in the kind of violence boneheads seem to want if not for the efforts of Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela:

Tonight I am reaching out to every single South African, black and white, from the very depths of my being. A white man, full of prejudice and hate, came to our country and committed a deed so foul that our whole nation now teeters on the brink of disaster. A white woman, of Afrikaner origin, risked her life so that we may know, and bring to justice, this assassin. The cold-blooded murder of Chris Hani has sent shock waves throughout the country and the world. ... Now is the time for all South Africans to stand together against those who, from any quarter, wish to destroy what Chris Hani gave his life for – the freedom of all of us.

The song understandably remains controversial. There are those who say the song needs to be understood in the context of the struggle of black South Africans in the face of the oppressive apartheid state but is not intended to be taken literally. Others have argued that the song is a form of hate speech and is intended to encourage violence against white South Africans. It's an important debate that is occurring within South Africa today with the courts generally ruling the latter rather than the former. It is a very important discussion, and boneheads, if they don't want to come out looking like hypocritical assholes, should best stay out of.

Then again, they are boneheads for a reason.

Boneheads on this side of the Atlantic point to the song as an example of the inherent violence of the ANC. Some of the protesters this past Saturday have posted as such themselves. But we can't help note that they doth protest too much:

This is another photo of the nearly three dozen protestors. The person who's face we have concealed is "Nazi Mom" who appears to have forgotten that she ever had children that were lost to the state. But we're more interested in her t-shirt.

H8MACHINE is a racist band out of the United States. If "Nazi Mom" and the rest of the group here are upset with "Shoot the Boer" we wonder what they think of lyrics like this:

Just like a wrecking ball, we're smashing through.
You can try and stand against, but your life is doomed.
See the pain and anguish unleashed at least,
Feel the pain and hatred as you hear me laugh.

It's like a nightmare what can you do,
Twist and turn in fear but it's come true.
Try and run away and cower down in fear,
But as you coming back around I'll be standing here.

Wrecking, destroy all of your enemies
Fight back, hit back, hit back takeout another victim.
Break down, the walls of opposition.
Break them-ALL.

The best things come to those who hate,
For an angry skinhead who just can't wait,
Yeah, through my eyes everyone is a victim
They're feeling only pain form my fist as it hits 'em.

Built to last and heard as steel,
Your crippled in pain paralyzed with fear,
You rolled the dice and got the loosing hand
The gambles up now your gonna pay like a man.

Tow the line and your gonna get beat,
No room for error no room for the weak.
You ran your mouth just a little too much
And now your lying on the ground and you look like a punk.

Just like a wrecking ball we've smashed on through
We're leaving broken bodies when we're finally through
If you wanna step up and try to out our way,
They'll be picking you up and carrying you away 

Or how about this?

Striking out
You’re within my reach
I’m full of rage
And you’ll be my release

Like a pitbull
I’m out for blood
And like a mad man to me its fun
I’m standing still as your running away
Like a wolf
I’ll stalk you like prey
Wrong or right it’s far to late
A relentless love
Is what fuels my hate
I’m like a pitbull
Crushing bones and broken veins
I hear only silence
As I’m inflicting the pain.
My bodies tight I start to unleash
You’re hoping you’d wake
But it’s not a dream.
There’s nothing left
So I’m walking away.
I had my fun like a child at play
All your resistance
Made you look like a fool
Cause now you’re on the ground
And you just got tooled
By a Pitbull
Street justice has prevailed
In our own system of law
We are the judge and the jury
Passing judgment on all
Your way or ours
You know are sealing your fate
Unleashing all of the fury
Unleashing all of the Hate…

Point of fact. Compared to most of the music boneheads seem to enjoy the above is mild. Here's some lyrics from Bound For Glory:

A midnight attack, the hammer's drawn back
A pull of the trigger, you hear a loud crack
The burst breaks the silence, on this night of violence
Another mission accomplished, a victim of my defiance

I'm a soldier of the revolution
Electing bullets for ballots is my solution
And with this hollow-point round, I'm gonna take you down
Tell me how's the view from six-feet underground

One shot, one kill, your blood is mine to spill
One shot, one kill, your soul is mine to reap
One shot, one kill, your talk is mine to silence
One shot, one kill, your life is mine to take

Talk show commentator, media fornicator
Just a rich little bastard leftist agitator
Your talk is so cheap, you sick little sheep
Come harvest time your soul is mine to reap

Puppet of corruption, preaching my destruction
It's the all mighty dollar that makes you function
You've polluted our nation with corrupt legislation
You've signed away our rights,
Now I've got no hesitation

Dreadlocked bastard, gangster rapper
Raping White women is all that he's after
You've fooled the rest, but I know what you're about
Your threats will fall silent when you're the body count

I'm a soldier of the revolution
Electing bullets for ballots is my solution
And with this hollow point round,
I'm gonna take you down
Tell me how is the view from six feet underground

.... and

Hey punk we finally meet as I come kick down your door
For years you've alluded me on the street,
With your face I'll wipe the floor
I'll bring you out from under your rock right into the light And you
can bring all your friends ‘Cause skinheads love to fight!

First you get indoctrinated from the left and from the right Feel my
steel-capped thunder as it comes with all my might Welcome to the
Doctor Marten Dental Plan An equal opportunity employer - Doctor
Marten Dental Plan New customers are always welcome with
The Doctor Marten Dental Plan
You'll get service with a smile with
The Doctor Marten Dental Plan

Looks like a splitting headache, bleeding from the core
Your eyes are swollen shut and your teeth are on the floor Your
senseless battle's over, why don't you give it up? Tell me how the
hell will you speak When your mouth is wired shut?

Put this in your head, you filthy leftist pricks:
Giving you a world of pain is how I get my kicks
So think about it next time you're shouting anarchy
Who the hell's gonna save you, gonna save you from me?

Yeah. Not so subtle.

How about some Canadian content from Rahowa?
As I march into battle, my comrades i hail,
Tonight the white race prevails -
Death by our swords to the vile, alien hordes,
Their every resistance shall fail.
They see it, it's there in our eyes,
We know it, it's time that we rise,
Not one of their numbers shall be spared;
The racial holy war has been declared . . .

By the blood of our fathers, by the seed of our sons,
By the blades of our knives, and by the bullets in our guns,
By the fire burning deep inside, the ancestral claim to land,
We shall fight the good fight 'til the end - down to the final man!

Well, I'm a heretic amongst you, a rebel on the run;
You locked me in the darkness, but I've burst into the sun -
Oh yeah, oh yeah! you'll never crush my spirit,
You'll never break my will, I keep coming on back for more -
In the racial holy war!

It's our battle cry, you're trembling in fear
'cause of this look in my eyes, rahowa!
It's the white man's call,
You can chase me to the end of the earth,
But I shall never fall, never fall,
You can chase me to the end of the earth,
But I shall never fall!

Our race is our religion, it's our reason and our creed;
No cowards linger in our ranks, no weaklings make us bleed.
Smashing unpure idols, that enslave the white man's mind,
Rid the world of the Nazarene - pathetic Christ not of our kind!

As I march out of battle, my comrades i hail,
Tonight the white race prevailed;
We brought death by our swords to the vile,
alien hordes, their every resistance has failed.
Now our future is secure, our sacred blood kept pure,
And by the splendor of the rising sun,
The racial holy war has been won. 

.... and

You kill all the niggers and you gas all the jews
Kill a gypsie and a commie too x 2

You just killed a kike
Don't it feel right?
Goodness gracious, Third Reich!

You wake up in the morning
You climb up to the tower
You say to yourself it's nigger killing hour x 2

Some say it's wrong
You know it's right
Goodness gracious, Third Reich!

When we reach our final hours
We take them to the showers
You gas them real good
'Cause you're full of white power x 2

You say that you hate
But you know what you like
Goodness gracious, Third Reich! 

Pretty much anything by the Blue Eyed Devils makes "Shoot the Boer" look like a campfire song:

As we march down to town
Death to the ones from the underground
All I hear is victory's call
My nation's honour rising above all
I regret nothing that I've done
I've seen so many through the sights of my gun
But to kill for the Reich is my job
A soldier in my nations murder squad

My orders are simple, plain and clear
Murder on command and have no fear
In my heart I know what's right
To do what I must for my nation's fight

Traitors are hung and others shot dead
Kill the Jew and cut of his head
Destroy the enemy and his lies
Send the filth to an early demise
It's the same routine day to day
Murder anyone who gets in our way
A cleansing wind throughout this land
The final solution, the final stand

Blut und ehre, daran glaube ich
Einzatsgruppen, tod fur dick
Zu meinen Fuhrer habe ich gegeben
gegen mein ganzes leben
Sieg Heil!

We can go on (and on and on and on) but after a while it all becomes a bit redundant.

So, when the boneheads claim their delicate sensibilities are offended by "Shoot the Boer" you might ask them if they are willing to condemn a lot of the RAC and NSBM music they listen to.

We already bet we know what their response will be.


Anonymous said...

There's no same in using spell check at all. What if the way you misspelled a word also is a word? THEN WHAT?!?!

Nosferatu200 said...

You thank the person for catching it an correct the spelling, even if it is years after the mistake was made. :)