19 June 2013

Condemned 84 Update

Received a tip from a friend:

It looks like Condemned 84 will arrive in Canada on Thursday the 20th, possibly via Montréal. They are playing in Montréal the next night (venue unknown @ the moment).

We know that at least one Montreal bonehead will be there. Alain Letarte, formerly of Montréal Berzerker Boot Boys & arrested in '98 for a string of assaults in that city, is attending.  

The alleged venue in Ontario, Formac Pool Hall, is on the 2nd floor of a strip mall in Burlington (1400 Plains Rd E).  Almost all the other shops there are run by people of colour.  In fact, there's an Indian take-out joint right next to the pool hall entrance.

There's grafitti in the washroom of the pool hall that says "Burlington Boot Boys" & "Oi!" so skinheads of some kind def. frequent the place.  

Condemned 84 have set up a public event page on Facebook and lots of people are talking on there.  My guess is that whoever is bringing them into Canada did not get proper musician's work permits so if CBSA were properly alerted they wouldn't be allowed into the country.

We were sent a follow-up later:

The CBSA has a file open on this and will be looking at stopping Condemned 84 from getting in and watching for boneheads coming up from the U.S.  If you have any further info for them, you can call them at 1-888-502-9060 and give them the reference # B1061314.

Info they're particularly interested in:

  • real names & DOBs on Condemned 84 members 
  • racist or homophobic lyrics from Condemned 84 songs 
  • names & DOBs of organizers of the shows 
  • names/DOBs of any boneheads coming up from the U.S. for the shows
So to our dear readers, it looks like there's some work that needs to be done.

Anyone else up to the challenge?


Anonymous said...

Wow what rats you've become...

Anonymous said...

Interview with a Montreal antifa about Legitime Violence:

Anonymous said...

"in their own words" interview with Legitime Violence:

Anonymous said...

Lol restrict people from travelling and playing muaic cause you dont like the lyrics....how can you call yourselfs antifacists when you act like facists!!!!. Your message is tolerance accepting understanding of everyones race religion culture etc....unless its wn, then no rights freedoms etc..that is textbook facism

Nosferatu200 said...

Anon 1: A lonely tear falls from my right eye.

Anon 4: Translated as, "Waaaah!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Condemned84 are not racist in the slightest, I know a guy that used to do backing vocals and he said they hated people sieg hailing at their gigs.. They aren't political at all..never have been never will be, I've seen them a few times and there have been people from all different backgrounds at their gigs.

Anonymous said...

And now your not letting my comments through to point out your lack of logic and reason and how hypocritical you are... typical

Anonymous said...

Oh the irony... Boneheads demanding tougher border regulations sneaking into Canada illegally.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I have to laugh at nazi logic - "if you don't tolerate my fascism then you're a fascist!"

Anonymous said...

the only reason why you have a problem with condemned 84 is the fact that their lyrics are not left wing, or explicitly political. do you also have a problem with led zeppelin or the beatles for focusing their music on something other than politics? you are the real nazi. you don't have to be racist to dislike left wing.

Anonymous said...

It is hilarious, how these self employed,bad English,welfare grabbing boneheads think they are better.Please stop embarrassing us and shut up.You guys make white people look bad.

Anonymous said...

I believe antifa have full right to know info on boneheads or people supporting boneheads just like how nazis and boneheads feel the need to know info and share info on antifa members on their forums. If they have nothing to hide they won't mind sharing their info if they are infact "a political". And having a bonehead show shut down (even the confession of the band promoting that it is in support of boneheads) is a success for antifa. I don't care if you don't believe the band is a bonehead or not, if you are making RAC pins and showing obvious right wing views then you shouldn't have a right to play. The fact that the venue for the show is being hidden is probably for the fact they know there will be complaints or protesters because it isn't just a plain Jane skin head oi show. This isn't cocksparrer coming to town to play a good ol oi show, this is a band that have expressed themselves their right wing views and support. It isn't "fascist" to protest hate and racism. I understand you think antifascists and antiracist should be more "open minded and accepting" but we aren't all hippies trying to create a peaceful loving world. I am a strong supporter of antifascists and ARA and I am willing to express how I feel whenever and however I feel is proper. You can't always make change by making signs. You may think that it's hypocritical for someone of that belief support violence, but hey guess what? Boneheads aren't just going to go away because you asked them. All in all, it is our right to ask for any information on this show, because as I said multiple times before this isn't a regular oi show. This is a band that expressed how they feel now and you may not want to believe your precious skinhead band turned right wing but hey not all of us like to live in reality.