Monday, December 14, 2015

Does This Guy Look Familiar?

One of our readers asked to help identify this fine, upstanding, citizen who is currently being sought on assault charges.

Not every bald guy with no neck wearing a black jacket is a bonehead, but.... just in case....

Friday, December 11, 2015

Free Dominion Lost Appeal

Hey, remember when Richard Warman sued Free Dominion and a number of "John Does" (some of who's identities were learned, thus losing "John Doe" status)? And remember how excited the Free Dominion Folks were that they would be able to argue their case in front of a jury of their peers, confident that they would be able to use the opportunity to "expose" Mr. Warman?

Yeah, that didn't go well.

Instead of quitting while they were well behind, Free Dominion and the Fourniers decided to appeal, using crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe to raise the necessary cash.

Last week the Ontario Court of Appeal hear their case. Today a decision was rendered.

If it is at all possible, it went even more poorly for the respondents who are now, in addition to the general, aggravated, punitive damages as well as court costs amounting to a total of $104,900, they are now also on the hook for an additional $23,000 in court costs for the appeal.

In short, the court said that in addition to the legal merits of Mr. Warman's defamation suit being perfectly sound, that Free Dominion and the Fournier's own legal strategy did them in and as such they can't complain that it didn't work out as they had anticipated.

To further shorten, it would appear that they may not have received the best legal advice.

Shorter? Their lawyer was crappy.

As of now Free Dominion's forum is down. Perhaps for the count? Time will tell.

Two Men Charged in Calgary Anti-Muslim Vandalism

It didn't take long for arrests to be made.

On Thursday Miguel Lavergne was charged with six counts of public mischief with hate crime harges pending. A second man was in custody as well, but Kyle MacKenzie was not formally charged (also six counts of public mischief pending possible hate crime charges) until today.

Neither at this point seem to have much of a social media presence though we were able to find Lavergne's Facebook account last night:

We suspect that joining the RCAF might no longer be an option for Mr. Lavergne.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Images of Calgary Anti-Muslim Vandals Released

They don't seem to be among the usual suspects in Calgary, but maybe our readers can figure out who these fine, upstanding, jackasses are:

Monday, December 07, 2015

Your Ward News: Birds of a Feather

While we haven't written a great deal about Your Ward News or the current editor James Sears since our last article, the antisemitic, misogynistic, and racist Toronto publication continues to be a going concern. A group in Toronto has been working successfully at convincing businesses to stop advertising in the publication. The number of advertisers has dropped precipitously, however there are still a few holdovers such as these ones found in the December 2015 edition:

The good folks in the Toronto group found something especially interesting about the Gutter Experts' Petrus Zuidervaart:

Teen sexually assaulted after answering room-for-rent ad
Aug 20, 2010

A man faces charges after a teenage girl was sexually assaulted Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Police allege a man posted an ad for a room for rent. A 16-year-old girl contacted the man, who identified himself as Peter.

On Wednesday, a suspect picked up the girl at home and drove her to a house where she was sexually assaulted.

Petrus Zuidervaart, 53, has been charged with invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault.

The irony that an ad for a lawyer specializing in defending clients accused of sexual assault isn't lost on us, though to be fair given Sears' own history it isn't entirely unexpected either:

In spite of this, James was an incredibly bright student, studying at the University of Toronto. He was, however, not devoid of mental health issues. As a 3rd-year medical school student and a member of the Armed Forces Medical Officer Training Plan, his discordant mental state started to become well-documented; notably, James suffered from substance-abuse problems, compulsive masturbation issues, constant sexual harassment of others (including masturbating to women over the phone), and general anti-social behaviour, becoming shunned by his colleagues because of his offensive conduct.

After graduating medical school in 1988 (and being found “competent for unsupervised practice”), James undertook psychiatric treatment at the Clarke Institute where it was advised that he suffered from such psychiatric illness that successful rehabilitation was unlikely. This conclusion would be confirmed after Sears admitted to two counts of sexual assault against one 34-year-old woman and another 26-year-old woman, both of whom accused Sears of inappropriate touching and verbal sexual propositions, so intense that each woman feared for her own safety.

As a result, James Sears would be stripped of his medical license in 1993 — years after the grim diagnosis of his unlikely rehabilitation was made.

The actual hearing details are found here:


We've also learned that former Heritage Front voice Gary Schipper has been hospitalized, leaving Sears to write much of the rag himself, or so it would appear.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Poorly Spelled Anti-Muslim Graffiti in Calgary

A couple of days ago, we read an article concerning especially nasty graffiti found spray painted on the walls of a Calgary LRT station and nearby cars:

CBC News Posted: Dec 03, 2015 7:11 PM MT
Last Updated: Dec 03, 2015 8:44 PM MT

Calgary Transit responded to some disturbing graffiti at the Tuscany LRT Station Thursday night.

Bhaveek Makan posted three images to Twitter Thursday evening showing spray painted comments disparaging to Syrian refugees and Muslims.
Several motorists had their cars spray painted, including Tuscany resident Brian Durocher.
Calgary police say they are investigating the incidents and have obtained video surveillance images from Calgary transit of possible suspects.

So far there hasn't been too much said about the incident on most of the sites we monitor, though Jonathan Kotyk did post a message on Stormfront in which he  (a) any racist worth his salt would be able to spell and (b) insisted it was likely the work of "non-whites" or anti-racists:

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Students For Western Civilization: Trolls, But Still Interesting (Part I)

This past week a number of articles were published in the United States and Canada regarding the emergence of a group calling itself Students For Western Civilization that has been attempting to form a White Students' Union at a number of universities and colleges. The group has been known to have existed since September 2015 when they began placing signs across university campuses, including York, Ryerson, and others, an example of which could be found on the group's Facebook page:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PEGIDA Canada and PEGIDA Quebec: Splitters!

Funny thing about extreme forms of nationalism. Sometimes people find they are nationalistic about different nationalities:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Topham: A Brief Reprieve

We learned today that, despite Arthur Topham's hate crimes conviction, his website will remain available online and that he can continue publishing his screeds at least until sentencing takes place in the new year.

Paulie is pleased as punch:

Monday, November 23, 2015

Article in Calgary Sun Regarding Murder of Mark Mariani

The article published on Saturday lays out much of the evidence (in addition to the released audio transcript that was released a two years ago) used to ultimately convict Tyler Sturrup and Robert Reitmeier, founding members of Western European Bloodlines (WEB) which was, if one can believe it, a more violent offshoot of the Aryan Guard.

We found this line to sufficiently describe the "bravery" of the Master Race once one model example realized he had been caught:

Reitmeier’s last act as a free man is to throw up in front of two cops and a camera....

Looks good on you.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turd Polishing During Topham Trial: Paulie Interviews David Lindsay

During the Topham hate crimes trial the ended in Arthur Topham's conviction, Paulie provided nearly daily updates, both written and video, though it should also be noted that these same updates also carried a wee bit of spin. In one of the write-ups and video, he suggested the ceiling lights were proof of a vast Jewish conspiracy controlling the court system because... reasons.

He had planned on taking a photo of the ceiling as proof, but when he wasn't permitted to do so he threw a self-entitled temper tantrum in which he also complained about the court security.

Cue detaxer/sovereign citizen/freeman/freeman-on-the-land or whatever he calls himself these days, David Lindsay:

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Aftermath of a Tragedy

One would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the horrific attacks in Paris that occurred on November 13. A total (as of this date) of 130 dead and 368 injured in what must be described as an act of cowardice by people subscribing to a twisted and evil ideology. A day before a car bombing in Beirut, Lebanon killed 43 people and prior to that 18 people attending a wedding were killed in Baghdad, Iraq. On November 17, 37 people were killed in Nigeria in a bombing that experts suspect was the handiwork of Boko Haram (who have pledged intelligence to Daesh). Just yesterday we learned that at least 21 people were killed in Mali. And today in Cameroon at least 5 people have been killed in a suicide bombing.

Those killed and injured run the gambit of ethnic, national, and religious origins and include Muslims among their numbers. Looking at the names and countries of origins for those victims of the Paris attack indicates a number of Muslims were killed and injured by extremists. In fact, the religious group most adversely affected by Daesh and their affiliates are Muslims, which is why so many refugees are fleeing Daesh in Syria.

The Canadian government is still admirably committed to taking in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the calendar year. This writer hopes that is just the beginning of Canada's commitment to help refugees. But, despite the good will of the Canadian government (thus far) and most Canadians, there have been a backlash against both the idea of helping refugees as well as Muslim-Canadians.

Much of the backlash comes from places that are not at all unexpected. For example when a mosque was set on fire in Peterborough, Ontario, Kyle McKee and the folks at Stormfront were pleased as punch:

Friday, November 20, 2015

Shaking Things Up

Well, not really.

Just trying to edit the site to make it, at least, mildly more readable. There may be some bugs to work out yet, but thus far we think the relatively minor changes are helping somewhat.

We'll be updating with more substantive posts soon.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Topham Trial: Jury Reaches a Verdict

We'll know more later we're sure, but the word is that Arthur Topham was acquitted on the second of two charges however he was found guilty on the first charge. Given what we've experienced with similar hate speech trials (ie, James Keegstra) we assume that Topham will appeal his conviction. On the other hand, there's nothing stopping the Crown from also appealing the acquittal on the second charge.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PEGIDA Canada and Islamophobia: The Path of Dehumanization

The relevance of the above quote should be clear soon enough.

We had been following the PEGIDA movement overseas since its inception late last year with some interest, but really began to scrutinize the group when it branched overseas into Canada. While their first attempt at a rally failed badly in Montreal ending before it even began, PEGIDA Canada based in Toronto did successfully hold a small rally this past September which was ultimately disrupted by anti-fascists:

What? You couldn't find a quote from Stephen
? Bah! Some patriots you all are!
When we think of PEGIDA, we tend to believe this Mark Twain quote is more apropos:

Some of our readers might be curious to know what the acronym PEGIDA means. The administrator of the organization's Facebook group explains:

There might be some irony in a group that presents itself as a patriotic organization using a German acronym and crying about protecting Canadian culture, but in reality there is no irony at all if one really examines the group. One doesn't have to look very far into PEGIDA and the beliefs espoused by their supporters in order to understand that they really do mean "European."

ARC has been following racist groups in Canada for 8 years this month; some of our writers have been doing so independently for a couple of decades. Most of the groups we have covered here are composed of disaffected misanthropes who while potentially dangerous (see our history of violence article) really pose no threat to the governing of the country. They dream of establishing a Canadian reich but often struggle to stay out of jail or pay their own rent.

What is concerning about PEGIDA Canada is the mainstreaming of extremist rhetoric. To look at most of the PEGIDA Canada supporters one would be hard pressed to point out any outward indications of extremism. Most don't shave their heads, wear Dr, Martens with red laces, or sew swastika patches on bomber jackets. Many of the supporters of PEGIDA Canada appear middle aged or elderly. Many hold down middle-class jobs, both white and blue collar. In short, many could truly be the neighbor that doesn't stand out other than the friendly, "good morning" that you both exchange with each other when going to your car to drive to work or check for mail.

But make no mistake, the rhetoric one finds when one looks at PEGIDA Canada's Facebook page is as violent and vitriolic as any you would find coming from groups like Blood & Honour or the Aryan Guard.

Not long after the German occupation of Poland, Nazi propagandists produced the film, "The Eternal Jew." The film, presented as a documentary, was an especially pernicious and sadly effective piece of propaganda that aimed at normalizing hatred towards the Jews of Europe by presenting them as sub-human deviants and liars who fed off their hosts like parasites. The film was an attempt by Nazi propagandists to justify to the German people what was soon to come. It dehumanized Jews to the point that extermination was reasonable in order to maintain the racial integrity of the state and which was no worse than killing rats. "Patriotic" Germans could watch this film filled with blood libels and feel perfectly justified in viewing the Jews as somehow lesser. Worse than "lesser" in fact.

The themes of, "The Eternal Jew" examined such areas as Jewish religious practices, Jewish manipulation, Jewish degeneracy, Jews as not being truly human, and the Jews as "parasitic." Though claimed as a documentary, most of the subjects were forced to participate under duress by the occupying power and much of the footage was actually cut from pre-existing feature films and presented as real footage. The only documentary footage in the film was shot in the ghettos of Krakow, Warswa, Lodz, and Lublin. 

As a student of history, this writer was well acquainted with this propaganda film and the language of dehumanization that was used to justify hatred. This writer was also troubled by the parallels that exist in the rhetoric used in the propaganda film and that which is currently being used to describe Muslims in Canada by PEGIDA Canada supporters.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Anonymous Release of KKK Members/Associates: Canadian Content

This past Thursday "Anonymous" released the details gathered in their effort to "de-hood" members of the Ku Klux Klan. Not surprisingly perhaps, most of the members are based in the United States, however we managed to find three individuals from Canada. Two of the individuals are known to ARC, however there was one interesting revelation from the third.

Craig Wyss is from Ontario and an associate of Paul Fromm; the two have look like they have met on at least one occasion and Wyss frequently commented on Paulie's Facebook posts. His Facebook profile was public up until today when he seems to have deleted it (along with a number of individuals named in the Anonymous release.... we can't imagine why) so we can't show our readers the other photos that we found on his profile, including a bomber jacket resplendent with "White Power" and KKK patches. However, the good folks at Addicting Info did manage to get a screen grab of an image in which Wyss personalized the interior of his car with a KKK decal which he proudly shows off to his friends:

Sunday, November 08, 2015

August Kreis III: Sentenced to 50 Years For Child Molestation

Back in June 2008 we ran a story concerning neo-Nazi parents (one of whom we continue to refer to as "Nazi Mom") who had attended the first Aryan Guard march in Calgary. This particular couple, now divorced, hit the news when Child and Family Services removed the children from their home after "Nazi Mom" had sent her daughter to school with racist iconography scrawled in marker all over her daughter's arms. Despite attempting to regain custody, "Nazi Mom" never did regain her parental rights.

At the time the news hit the msm, the usual suspects jumped in to support "Nazi Mom" and "Nazi Dad." The most prominent included Paul Fromm and members of the Aryan Guard itself, but they also received some international support:

August Kreis III, the leader of the Aryan Nations, told the Winnipeg Free Press his organization is prepared to mobilize whatever resources are necessary -- including financial and legal -- to ensure the decision isn't allowed to stand. He said the case is unlike anything he's ever heard of and fears it will set a dangerous precedent across North America.

"We're all family people. If they can do this in Canada, how long until they are doing it down here?" Mr. Kreis said in an interview from his home in South Carolina.
"The Canadians need to know we support this fight, that they are not alone. We're all over, and there are a lot of Canadians who feel the same way we do and are fed up with all this multiculturalism."

Mr. Kreis said he wouldn't advise his followers to turn their children into so-called "billboards" -- such as what is alleged to have happened in Winnipeg -- but added that's hardly grounds to have children removed from a home.

Mr. Kreis questions why similar seizures haven't been made of children being raised by homosexual or lesbian parents.

Ah, they are, "all family people" eh? Big supporters of the 14 words, no doubt.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

It is such a relief that family men such as August Kreis are looking out for the welfare of "white" families and their children. Kreis himself was a family man having sired many children himself.

And just how well protected were the "white" children under Kreis' care?

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Topham Hate Crime Trial: Week Two

It looks like the trail might be winding down and that final statements could be as early as Monday. Earlier in the week Paulie continued to offer his $0.02 regarding the legitimacy of the Crown's expert witness:

We suppose there is some irony in Paulie impugning the objectivity of the the Crown's expert witness ( we've been told that the defense motioned for a mistrial based on supposed improperly sourced expert witness testimony for the Crown) since the only witness the defence appears to have called doesn't seem particularly objective himself. In fact, when Gilad Atzmon testified on behalf of the defence, the judge appears to have slapped him and the defence attorney down a number times and also seems to have called into question the "expertness" of Mr. Atzmon:

Monday, November 02, 2015

Topham Trial: Paulie's Summary

Not long after we summarized (as best we could) the Topham hate crimes trial, Paulie also posted his take. We won't include the entire missive; a few selected entries should suffice.

Though it appears to have been written on October 31, Paulie's piece wasn't uploaded until late Sunday. And it starts both with the general entitled whining that we've come to expect....

.... as well as the creepy, "ew" factor that we've come to know and squirm uncomfortably in response to:

Again, ew....

What Paulie does confirm is that the defence appear to be trying to argue the "truth" of the antisemitic blood libels reprinted and editorialized on Topham's website, focusing especially on the work of Elizabeth Dilling and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which Paulie writes, "is a blueprint for establishing Jewish world dominance and world government," not even bothering with the pretense of including the word "allegedly."

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Topham Hate Crime Trial: Week One

This past week saw the long awaited Arthur Topham hate crime trial. For years Topham had posted blood libel screeds against the Jewish people on his website RadicalPress and despite the trial he continues to do so. A few years back a criminal complaint against him was made, he was arrested, and.... well.... here we are today.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Paul Fromm Whines and Other Updates

This will be a very short update.

Currently Paulie is in BC where he is attending the Arthur Topham hate crimes trial and suggesting the anti-Semitic ravings of a raving loon are somehow justifiable because of (both accidental and willful) poorly translated Jewish writings.

But you know where Paulie isn't right now and is unlikely to be for some time?

The United States hanging out with his sugar daddies and mamas:

Yeah, we know. But sometimes being petty is fun.

November is shaping up to be an interesting month. Dean Clifford is going to be sentenced and the Topham trial should prove to be interesting, especially if he goes through with calling David Duke to testify on the veracity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. That won't end well, by the way.

We also learned today that Kevin Goudreau's half-brother was convicted of murder in the killing of his mother back in 2012.

Finally, a shout out to some new readers and friends on Prince Edward Island. Thanks for kind words and know that we here appreciate your support.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

PEGIDA Members and Supporters Reaction to Liberal Victory

As most of the screen shots that will follow originated on PEGIDA Canada's Facebook page (or the personal pages of members/supporters) we would like to contribute to our reader's daily dose of irony:

Remember the commitment to, "intellectual propensity" and see just how that pans out.

Though it looked like Justin Trudeau's Liberals had the momentum during the dying days of the federal election and would likely win a plurality of seats, it seems few predicted the scope of the victory. The Liberals were able to win a very strong majority at the expense of both the Conservative Party and the NDP.

At one point though it looked like the Conservatives might be able to pull off a victory in spite the the distrust many Canadians had for the government and Mr. Harper in particular. Taking advantage of the court ruling that a woman could take the Oath of Citizenship wearing a niqab, the Conservatives used identity politics to appeal especially to hard supporters in their base to get out to vote. The Conservatives implied that they, and they alone, could protect Canadians from the Islamist hordes at the gates of Canadian culture and that Mulcair and Trudeau could not be trusted to do what was necessary to safeguard Canada.

There were a lot of voters who bought into these arguments and, combined with a campaign focused on highlighting the leader rather than Conservative Party positions of any substance, the rhetoric of some hardline anti-Muslim Conservative supporters had a feeling of a cult of personality:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Brian Ruhe Compares Paul Fromm to Hermann Göring

Paulie, who for some reason (we assume money was involved) was or is in Argentina according to a recent post on Stormfront, continues to plead for money on Stormfront to fund his lifestyle his fight for free speech:


Unfortunately, the well may have run a bit dry up in Canada as even many of the boneheads have clearly grown tired of Paulie's efforts to squeeze out every nickle he can get from them:


By the way Kyle, when Fromm appears to have used your most recent legal troubles to solicit donations, did he contribute to help pay your fine?

You know, never mind. We both know the answer to that question, and you can't say we didn't raise the alarm long ago.

One Canadian anti-semite though who remains quite smitten with Paulie is this fella:

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

PEGIDA Canada Wants Niqab Ban Because it Symbolizes Violence and Oppression Against Women; Justifies Assault on Woman Wearing Niqab

One of the claims of groups like PEGIDA Canada is that they are not against Muslims, but against "militant Islam," "Islamism," "shariah law," and any number of adjectives to justify their bigotry. On the current political wedge issue, the niqab and whether or not it should be permitted during citizenship ceremonies, PEGIDA Canada suggests that the real concern they have is the poor women forced to wear the niqab which they further claim is a symbol of violent male oppression against Muslim women. PEGIDA Canada and like-minded groups want to liberate women from oppression and violence and one way to accomplish this is to ban the niqab (as well and the burka and hijab, but it's all grist for the mill).

It's good to know that there are organizations out there like PEGIDA Canada. They, and their supporters, really just want women to be free from violence.

So, when this occurred in Toronto, you know that PEGIDA Canada and their supporters were outraged by the violence visited upon the women in the story:

Muslim convert attacked while wearing niqab in Toronto
Globe and Mail (Correction included) 
Published Sunday, Oct. 04, 2015 9:34PM EDT 
Last updated Monday, Oct. 05, 2015 11:41AM EDT

Her roots in Canada stretch back through her francophone mother to the 1600s. Last week, wearing her Islamic face veil – the niqab, which has become a central issue in the federal election – she says she was trying to enter Shoppers Drug Mart at Toronto’s Fairview Mall when a man carrying a liquor-store bag blocked her path and then drove his elbow hard into her shoulder, in front of her two daughters, ages nine and four.

“It hurt, yo,” Safira Merriman, 30, said in a Facebook post describing the incident.

The identity issue playing out in election debates and in courtrooms is now being felt in the streets, shopping malls and on social media, as disparaging remarks and even outright assaults draw attention to a charged political environment.

“On social media, already we’ve seen a huge spike of what appears to be anti-Muslim sentiment being expressed,” said Amira Elghawaby, a spokeswoman for the National Council of Canadian Muslims in Ottawa. She mentioned a Montreal website that posted a 15-minute montage of “people spewing anti-Muslim” feeling....

So, how did the folks at PEGIDA Canada respond?


Sunday, October 04, 2015

"Cobbsville Redux" or "The Sequel is Usually Worse Than the Original": Part III

We first learned that Craig Cobb was trying to establish an all-white slum.... er.... community again even after his Leith fiasco back in June, though we couldn't claim to be surprised. His efforts then were met with a collective, "sigh, this again?" from his erstwhile ideological allies who had grown tired of his publicity seeking which they found to be embarrassing, though to be fair he does still maintain some support. Also not surprising was the efforts of the good people of Antler, ND who managed to thwart Cobb's efforts to establish a PLE and rename the village after Donald Trump, which contributed to his also not surprising public temper tantrum on Stormfront.

We collected a lot of acrimonious screen shots from Stormfront. We won't share them all since that would be ridiculous, but we will give our readers a taste of what was written:


And so on....

However, there were two comments that were made which were of interest to us. The first is related to Cobb's brief sojourn here in Canada (we remind our readers that Craig Cobb is, alas, a Canadian citizen through naturalization from back in the 1960s) and his hasty exit out of the country as a result of his arrest on hate crime charged. Paulie conveniently posted the warrant for our perusal:

Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Company He Keeps: Meet Fromm's New Friend Brian Ruhe (UPDATED)

We briefly mentioned Ruhe a few weeks ago in reference to Paulie's horrible, rotten, no-good 2015, but didn't really talk much about the man himself other than posting a link to a recent article about Ruhe in the "Gerorgia Straight."

Brian Ruhe is was a continuing-education instructor at Capilano University teaching courses on meditation and Buddhist philosophy, however on learning of his other activities, some of which might have been taught in his classes according to one anonymous poster in the comments section of the "Georgia Straight" article, Ruhe's contract was not renewed.

You see Ruhe was also a UFOologist (which might be eccentric but otherwise harmless) and a proponent of antisemitic tropes (which was not harmless and would sort of damage the university's reputation if they remained associated with him) which he cloaks in eastern spirituality:

In short, Brian Ruhe is Canada's 21st century poor man's version of Savitri Devi, though he justifies his antisemitic Hitler worship based on a warped interpretation of Buddhism and, unlike Devi, Ruhe has the charisma of a lightly-used dish rag.

Ruhe is a prolific user of YouTube and so provides a great deal of material indicating what an odd duck he is, however we decided to profile one of his more recent videos (edited for length and cut into three sections) in which he discusses his own particular "solution" to the "Jewish problem":

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Légitime Violence Member Arrested on Drug Charges

A few years ago we wrote about Condemned 84. Légitime Violence, a group described as ultra-nationalistic with National Socialist leanings (though they insisted they were apolitical), was opening for the band in Toronto.

When we first wrote about these two RAC bands, we received a number of emails that suggested that we were ill informed and that both Condemned 83 and Légitime Violence were really just good boys who go to church, rescue kittens from trees, and help old ladies walk across the street. Actual evidence however strongly suggested that both were every much the far right supporting jackasses their detractors said they were.

Cut to 2015, and Légitime Violence is in the news again. And while our French sucks (really, we can't sugar coat it, but we are embarrassingly and hopelessly unilingual) the good folks at Google have done a lot of work toward perfecting their language translator:

Legitimate Violence singer accused of drug trafficking
Published September 26, 2015 05:00 AM | Updated September 26, 2015 05:00 AM

(Quebec) Raphael Levesque, aka Raf Stomper, singer of the extreme right group of Quebec Legitimate Violence, appeared Friday at the Quebec City courthouse after being arrested Thursday in Saint-Apollinaire in a methamphetamine trafficking case and cannabis. 

Legitimate Violence The group had made about him in June when the mayor of Talencieux, France, had tried unsuccessfully to ban a spectacle of music and illegal fights in which the quartet took part. Previously, he had retired from programming the Envol and Macadam festival in 2011 after the organization had received several complaints about him. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

PEGIDA Canada: "We're Not Racists" (UPDATED)

Earlier Sunday PEGIDA Quebec participated in a protest against Bill 59 and were met by anti-racist and antifascist groups. When one is challenging groups such as PEGIDA Canada the accusation that the membership and supporters of similar groups hold racist views is countered by the statement that, "Islam is not a race." In our view, there's a lot of parsing of the terminology going on here, however when we refer to the views held by the membership and supporters of groups like PEGIDA Canada who target Muslims we usually refer to them as bigots to avoid that argument. That term is challenged as well, as PEDIDA Canada suggest they are not against Muslims, but are in fact opposed to Islam. That claim is frequently made on the PEGIDA Canada Facebook group page, examples of which follows:

Not found on the PEGIDA Canada page, but on the page of a member.
More on Diane Hunter in the update at the bottom of the article.

A second statement found on the Facebook group's page also makes a similar claim lamenting the accusation of racism, but the underlying message seems clear enough to all who can read it:

We decided to take a closer look a PEGIDA Canada to test their claim that they are not in fact racists or bigots. Though we will inundate you, our dear readers, with screenshots from the PEGIDA Canada Facebook page that dehumanize Muslims (foreign, immigrant, refugee, and Canadian citizens) and which celebrate violence against Muslims (and anti-racists for that matter), we really could summarize the collective will of the members and supporters of PEGIDA Canada with this single post:

Yeah, they are racists and bigots, though we don't think this will really come as a significant revelation to many.