Saturday, October 17, 2015

Brian Ruhe Compares Paul Fromm to Hermann Göring

Paulie, who for some reason (we assume money was involved) was or is in Argentina according to a recent post on Stormfront, continues to plead for money on Stormfront to fund his lifestyle his fight for free speech:


Unfortunately, the well may have run a bit dry up in Canada as even many of the boneheads have clearly grown tired of Paulie's efforts to squeeze out every nickle he can get from them:


By the way Kyle, when Fromm appears to have used your most recent legal troubles to solicit donations, did he contribute to help pay your fine?

You know, never mind. We both know the answer to that question, and you can't say we didn't raise the alarm long ago.

One Canadian anti-semite though who remains quite smitten with Paulie is this fella:

We wrote about Brian Ruhe a short time ago and he seems to have taken some notice of our little home on the World Wide Web:

Harry Abrams is able to use a telephone. He must be a witch:

Evidently, Ruhe believes the"talent" of pressing numbered keys with one's finger and then using one's voice to communicate information is proof that the power of the, "Jewish supremacists" is conspiring against him. Really, even if Mr. Abrams had the power to naturally speed-dial with his index finger, that would still be the lamest power ever. We can only guess that Ruhe is easily impressed be simple things.

Also, it wasn't B'nai Brith who referred to Savitri Devi. It was us, and the comparison was hardly complimentary.

We would further add that if you're trying to convince people you aren't an anti-semite....

.... you aren't doing yourselves any favors by agreeing long disproven with anti-semitic tropes:


Brian Ruhe has decided to try and become a bit of a player in the world of anti-semitism, discussing who he wants as a member of his, "team" or "administration." He suggests another individual should assume the leadership of the "administration" and that Ruhe's place might be as vice-president, comparing John Friend to Hitler in the clip below:

Well, considering how squirrely Ruhe appears to be, perhaps being Friend's second in command might make some sense:

Ruhe has also really taken to Paulie in the short time he has known him:

The thing is, Ruhe admits that he doesn't really know much about Paulie:

Despite admitting to not really knowing a hell of a lot about Paulie, Brian Ruhe is certain of one thing.

Paul Fromm is analogous to Hermann Göring.... but in a good way:

Okay, when Ruhe implied that he was Brian Epstein and Paulie was the fifth Beatle we gagged a little, but to claim Paulie could be compared to Göring? What a ridiculous statement!


You know what? We stand corrected. Paul Fromm does sort of remind us of Hermann Göring, though we aren't sure that he would favor the comparison.

Then again Paulie also reminds us of a sea cow....

.... but that is neither here nor there.

So, Ruhe doesn't know a lot about Paulie except that Paulie reminds Ruhe of Hermann Göring. But it would appear that Paulie is starting to make Ruhe acquainted with at least one other interest of his:

Of COURSE Paulie would ask about money! Color us not shocked in the least.

Tell us Brian, was there a collection taken to help with Paulie's expenses?

You don't need to answer that question. We already know.


Anonymous said...

What did that poor sea cow do to you? Pretty sure it deserves better than to be compared to Frommy-pants.

Harry Abrams said...

Well thank you for the snippets from Mr. Ruhe's youtube collection. I must confess that I just can't watch any more of his erudition. Let's face facts. The dude just isn't playing with a full deck. But perhaps he can take some comfort in the knowledge that there are other like-minded souls out there. For instance Mahmudul Choudhury in England. That fellow's also been given the heave ho as a teacher. Banned from that job for life for Hitler worship, and antisemitic race baiting.

Anonymous said...

What a bum! Even the goofs he rolls with poke fun at his cheeseburger eating ass

Brian Ruhe said...

In answer to your question for me, no, there was no collection made for Paul Fromm's expenses. He gave talks at my place as a volunteer and you can see those talks on my videos at . I still get a chuckle out of these posts here at Anti-Racist Canada, as I wrote in my last email to Harry Abrams.

-Brian Ruhe

Kurt Phillips said...

Wait for it Brian.