Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Neo-Nazi Flyers found in In the St.Clair-Bathurst area of Toronto

On May 27, we learned that these had been found in Wells Hills Park:

CBC reported on this a few days later. These stickers were also found in the same area:

We have some leads as to who might be responsible, but nothing we can pin down definitively.

If anyone has any information, please consider sharing it with ARC.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Updates on Proud Boys Brandon Vaughan and Robert Jones, Meir Weinstein, Faith Goldy, and Doug Ford

We certainly weren't the first to report that Brandon Vaughan, a member of the Proud Boys, had been indicted for assaulting a Palestinian-American last spring in Washington D.C., but he was on our radar first for his participation in a number of Islamophobic protests, including one in Calgary organized by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam:

Vaughan was one of three men (two of whom were Canadians) who are alleged to have assaulted Kamal Nayfeh, 55-year-old community college professor from North Carolina. Vaughan had been with the JDL outside the annual meeting the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference when he, Yosef Steynovitz of Thornhill, ON and Rami Lubranicki of Howell, N.J. when the incident occurred. Vaughan had been indicted by a grand jury and when he failed to appear a bench warrant was issued for his arrest:
The charge of assault with significant bodily injured while armed carries a statutory maximum of 30 years in prison, and if convicted of the hate-crime enhancement, the penalty would increase to 1.5 times that amount, or 45 years.
Vaughan has been pretty quite since April. I wonder why?

On this blog ARC has noted Vaughan's fondness for Faith Goldy with whom he has taken more than a few "selfies" with:

As a supporter of the JDL, one has to wonder if Vaughan's support for Goldy will continue or, if like his fellow Proud Boy member Robert Jones, he'll reject the JDL since Meir Weinstein has finally noticed that Goldy has a penchant for Nazis:

Now Goldy recommended the book back in April so Meir is a little late to this, but better late than never I suppose. It should be noted that Goldy worked with Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys who himself went on an antisemitic rant while employed by "Rebel Media"; Weinstein appears to have rationalized this though, as did the Proud Boys who attacked anyone who commented unfavorabley on their founder:

Speaking of Proud Boys, let's keep this thread going:

I also mentioned Robert Jones who despite having had supported the JDL in the past, broke off his relationship because the alpha male's widdle feeling were hurt. Well he's now now back to his old self and is busily advocating for the murder of police officers, magistrates, politicians, and the Queen because Tommy Robinson is an idiot and violated his court conditions and was arrested:

Sunday, May 27, 2018

JDL Denounces Ronny Cameron; Proud Boy Robert Jones Breaks With JDL

I've stated both on ARC and elsewhere that when one scratches the surface of the "alt-right" xenophobic movement, one can find an antisemite just under that surface.

When I wrote about Ronny Cameron's video with Devon Mannix and Proud Boy member Andrew Zokvic, I asked the question, "why is Meir [Weinstein] and the JDL so friendly with Ronny Cameron?" Given Cameron's own growing comfort with antisemitic stereotypes and his association with people like Mannix and Zokvic, the former who has praised Nazism and the latter who self-identifies as a fascist and who defended Hitler's actions which ultimately culminated in the Holocaust, it was difficult to square this with Meir's own history of opposing Nazis. I figured that in his targeting of Muslim-Canadians, that he may have decided to subscribe to the maxim, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Not satisfied with this, I decided to send Meir a link to the article published on ARC. I didn't think he would respond given our mutual antagonism, but I was surprised to receive the following message a few days later:

Following the link, I found the following posted to Meir's profile:

Many of Meir's supporters posted their view of Cameron, the consensus being that he is antisemite. Cameron replied in what I guess was an effort to defend himself.... by posting a bunch of antisemitic conspiracy theories and stereotypes:

Not surprisingly, Ron Banerjee, who has an intense hatred towards Cameron, was eager to join in:

Jennifer Bush also chimed in:

Meir's was not the only Facebook profile that this discussion went down. There was another that was ultimately nuked, but which also involved Ronny Cameron's middle-aged Proud Boy friend Robert Jones:

There are some screen shots from that discussion that have survived. In those screen shots a British Columbia member of the JDL and Jones appeared to have it out:

They all seem like very nice people, don't they?

Now this dispute is interesting because while Proud Boy Jones is friends with Cameron, he has also attended a number of JDL events:

Because someone said something mean to alpha male Robert Jones, he has decided that Jews are just a bunch of meanies!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Doug Ford's Support Among White Nationalists and Racist Groups

Dog whistles have a long history in politics. During the 2015 federal election, then prime minister Steven Harper spoke of "old stock Canadians" in order to stimulate the Conservative base, especially after the Federal Court ruled that a woman wearing a niqab could take the oath of citizenship; Mr. Harper denied that his comment was intended to create racial or religious divisions, but it is clear that certain segments of "the base" certainly believed that they were the ones being spoken to and that the message was to get out and vote Conservative if you don't want "those people" changing "your" country. During the leadership to replace Mr. Harper as party leader, Kellie Leitch offered her own dog whistle when she suggested that immigrants be screened to ensure that held what she regarded as "Canadian values." Again, she denied that her target was Muslims, but her supporters seemed to wink and say, "yes, we know you have to say that to the press but don't worry because we know exactly what you mean."

In Ontario the Progressive Conservative Party is, despite the momentum of the NDP, still poised as of right now to potentially form the government after the June 7 election. Party leader Doug Ford also appears to have engaged in dog whistle politics when he spoke of "taking care of our own" regarding the issue of immigration. While Ford denied that he was throwing red meat to a segment of his supporters that hold xenophobic views, that base also winked and said, "don't worry Dougie, we hear you":

The reality is that Ford hasn't shied away from the more toxic of his supporters:

Ex-Rebel Media Host Promotes 1930s Book by Fascist Author Advocating ‘The Elimination of Jews

Ford has also garnered support from hate groups such as the Proud Boys:

Recently Ford was photographed with Timothy Gavin Reid, a member of the Proud Boys :

Earlier this month, Timothy Gavin Reid was handcuffed after appearing to assault an anti-fascist counter-protester during a rally organized by the Islamophobic Pegida Canada:

ARC certainly isn't the first to note Ford's flirtation with the far right in his effort to become the next premier of the province of Ontario:

I don't think it is unreasonable if journalists start asking some probing questions regarding Mr. Ford's views and his apparent willingness to be associated with extremists.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

IED Explodes in Mississauga Restaurant. 15 Injured. Two Suspects Sought

The explosion occurred at the the Bombay Bhel restaurant in Mississauga at approx 10:30 pm. Of the 15 injured, three are in critical condition. Two male suspects are being sought:

I would echo Steven Zhou's caution in attributing a motive at this point:

If anyone has any information, please contact the Peel Regional Police:



Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 2018 Bits and Bites: Goudreau, Proud Boys, WCAI, Myatt, Cameron, and Faith Goldy

May is not yet over but it has been busy. As such I decided to combine some of the smaller stories I had been collecting and compile them into one large article. It is long but, believe it or not, I haven't included everything.

Before I start, this afternoon members of Atalante attempted to intimidate "Vice Canada" journalists in their Montreal offices (see here for the English language and the French language accounts of the incident). Ultimately their efforts were pretty weak, but it does indicate that groups such as Atalante and others are becoming more brazen as little is seemingly done to keep such hate groups in check:

They aren't being particularly subtle, are they?

Now, getting into the "lighter side" of the news so-to-speak, it looks like Kevin "No Show" Goudreau still thinks that he is the leader of all Canadian hate groups and is trying to give orders to the Soldiers of Odin:

I'm very interested in seeing how that will go over.

We also learned about how dishonest some of the people we cover here are, including middle-age Proud Boy Robert Jones:

This image was debunked long ago however it continues to make the rounds. It doesn't surprise me that Jones would be fooled, but when other tell him the origin photo Jones' response is telling:

Yep. He now knows it is a lie but since it defames the reputation of people he disagrees with, he's going to use it still.

And that is, in a nutshell, all one really needs to know about the integrity of Robert Jones.

I haven't written much about the WCAI lately, though they appear to be planning some rallies this summer. However ARC has certainly been on Joey Deluca's and Jesse Wielenga's collective minds:

Jesus. That edit by former Ontario Canadian Combat Coalition vp Rick Boswick was more painful then even the stuff I've cobbled together, and I KNOW I'm bad at editing videos.

No, I'm not Dena Gallant and quite frankly I'm rather insulted as I believe myself to be far more witty than her. Then again I also know that me telling them this won't change their minds. Hell, others are also now certain that I'm Dr. Barbara Perry and I'm quite certain she has better ways to spend her time than on this blog (that said, I've had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Perry and she is very nice).

It is interesting that Joey et al believes the person who runs the ARC YouTube account is Ms. Gallant though since she has given Steven Myatt some grief regarding his efforts to sue Justin Trudeau for treason (yes, this is a real thing). It also turns out that Myatt can't stand criticism and is a bit of a drama queen:

Why are the alpha males all so bloody thin skinned?

So Myatt asks his very loyal followers if he should keep going or quit. Considering his audience he must have known what the outcome would be which means that this question is simply a request for his followers to stroke his ego: