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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Hate Has Consequences: More Fallout From Gabriel Sohier Chaput and Discord "Montreal Storm" Leaks

The news that "Zieger", a prominent neo-Nazi active on the "Daily Stormer" and second to hate site founder Andrew Anglin, was a Montreal IT consultant named Gabriel Sohier Chaput has been a huge story and one that continues to reverberate. Likely at least in part as a result of this outing, Canada's largest neo-Nazi podcast was shut down and all the content removed from YouTube:

The pressure on Sohier Chaput and those associated with him has been further increased by the efforts of the folks at Monteral Counter-Information who are are asking for help to identify others in "Zieger's" circle:
A Canada-Wide Callout to Track Down the Alt-Right Nazi Scumbags Next Door 
Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info 
The Montreal Storm leaks constitute the largest single reveal of activities of the neo-Nazi wing of the alt-right in Canada. What’s more, it looks like Montreal’s (pathetically small and inept) Daily Stormer “book club” may be the largest in Canada. That said, we know that it’s not the only one. 
Prior to the Daily Stormer closing its book club forum down, it was clear that there were attempts to start similar neo-Nazi cells across Canada, from Atlantic Canada to British Columbia. Neo-nazis from across Canada attended the “Leafensraum” meet-up organizer by Gabriel Sohier-Chaput and others in 2017. Quebeckers were not the only Canadians to attend the Unite the Right hatefest in Charlottesville in August 2017. Fliers, posters, and stickers with identical design and wording have appeared in different cities and provinces. 
If you have knowledge of neo-Nazi activities in your area, specifically connected to the Daily Stormer and alt-right, please get in touch with us at
ARC has identified at least on member of the "Montreal Storm" Discord group. The user "FriendlyFash" is Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald:

Someone at Monteral Counter-Information also connected Beauvais-MacDonald as well explaining how they were able to identify "Zieger" as Gabriel Sohier Chaput  in this detailed article which begins as such:
Over the past year, Montreal antifascists have identified individuals, and finally a small and pathetic scene, of men in their 20s and 30s, active online but trying to establish an “in real life” presence for neo-Nazism in our city. Occasionally operating as “Alt-Right Montreal” or ARM, or Arm and Hammer, these individuals are also linked to Generation Identity (rebranded as ID Canada), the phantom Northern Order, and other “groups” in the city. 
This is the first of a series of reports on this milieu. It includes screenshots from the neo-nazis’ private chatroom, including many that we ourselves find traumatic.
Others have also been identified.

So if you can help identify more, feel free to give these folks a helping hand.

UPDATE 1: Looks like Shawn isn't happy being famous.

UPDATE 2: Looks like he'll have a lot of work to take down all the posters that have been put up.

These ones were found everywhere in Monkland:

Then there's this:

And isn't this interesting?

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