Friday, May 29, 2009

Aryan Guard Exposé in "The Intelligence Report"

"The Intelligence Report" of the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center has written an exposé on Calgary's Aryan Guard in their Summer 2009 issue. We're happy to state that we played some small part in contributing to the research for the article. Others who contributed their time and knowledge include Jason Devine (spokesperson for the Calgary ARA), Edmonton Police Sgt. Stephen Camp (co-chair of the Alberta Hate Crime Committee), Valerie Pruegger, Constable Lynn MacDonald (hate crimes coordinator for the Calgary Police Service) and Cam Stewart (author OF a hate crimes report commissioned by the Alberta Hate and Bias Crime Incidents Committee).

Northern ExposureCanadian Hate Group Shocks Calgary
By Sonia Scherr

Since one can easily click on the link (and since the article will be archived by "The Intelligence Report" we will not reprint te entire article. However a few excerpts:
The Aryan Guard was founded in late 2006 with help from two disgraced ex-teachers who marched with the fringe group at the March 21 rally: Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, who lost his teaching certificate because of his white supremacist activities, and National Socialist Party of Canada leader Terry Tremaine, a former part-time university lecturer who in 2007 was fined $4,000 by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal because of his racist and anti-Semitic Internet postings.
MacDonald said the Aryan Guard has also received ongoing support from Christian Waters, a leader of the Canadian branch of the Brotherhood of Klans Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Headquartered in Marion, Ohio, that group has emerged as the largest Klan organization in the United States.
The true danger posed by the Aryan Guard comes not from its public activities, but from its more clandestine ones. A man reached at the Aryan Guard's contact number refused to answer most questions during a brief interview, but repeated the group's opposition to violence.

Yet the group's history of criminal activity belies that assertion. According to the Calgary Police Service, the Aryan Guard has been linked to several assaults between late 2006 and mid-2008. The victims have included a homeless man, a gay community member, and a cab driver from North Africa, MacDonald said.
Writing about the latter incident on Stormfront on July 20, 2007, McKee — who'd been charged in connection with the attack, though he claimed a good friend was actually responsible — boasted about getting the case dismissed. "The reason being was that they couldn't make a positive ID because apparently everyone there was all dressed in combat boots with white laces [and] black flight jackets and all had shaved heads. So let this be a lesson to anyone who wonders why on earth all us skinheads dress so similarly. [T]his is another great reason. lol [laughing out loud]"

The incident that has received the most publicity involved an assault on a Japanese visitor in her mid-20s, Asako Okazaki, when she left a bar shortly after midnight in July 2008. A 17-year-old Aryan Guard member — who was convicted in March but has not been publicly identified because he was a juvenile — kicked the woman in the back of the head with steel-toed boots. According to court testimony, the attacker followed the woman out of the bar after making a disparaging remark about Asians. At the time of his arrest he was wearing boots with red laces — a skinhead symbol indicating he'd spilled blood for the movement.
The group's propensity for criminal activity is no surprise given that many members have histories of vandalism and assault. Two of the group's most prominent members, McKee and Dallas Price, faced assault and weapons charges in connection with a September 2006 confrontation in which one victim was hit with a wooden club and another was stabbed with a knife. Robert Reitmeier, also active in the group, was charged with attempted murder in connection with a November 2006 assault on a man who suffered skull and facial fractures. Member Bill Noble was convicted in 2008 of posting hate material on the Internet that primarily targeted non-whites, Jews and gays. A judge sentenced him to four months in jail and imposed limits on his computer use for three years, though Noble continues to post frequently on Stormfront.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has been instrumental over the years in the effort to combat racism and bigotry in the United States. Some of their greatest achievments on the legal front have included the successful suits against the Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, White Aryan Resistance, the United Klans of America, Christian Knights of the KKK, Aryan Nations, Imperial Klans of America and many others which effectively destroyed each group.

Perhaps now, with the Aryan Guard as the focus of an international publication, the gear of justice will start to turn a little bit faster.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chickens Coming Home to Roost for 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' in Custody Case

'Nazi Mom' continues to backtrack from earlier comments. Today, new revelations (new to the uninitiated that is) revelations of 'Nazi Mom's' and 'Nazi Dad's' past emerged in the pages of "The Globe & Mail":

Mom in swastika case has online history of hate

Parent of girl in custody battle posts on pro-white forum, says her now-closed skinhead website ‘was a joke'

Patrick White

Winnipeg — From Thursday's Globe and Mail,

The couple who sent their seven-year-old daughter to school with white supremacist slogans drawn on her skin once set up a pro-skinhead website that was the subject of a criminal complaint.

Now deleted, the website aimed to attract skinheads interested in “looking out for each other and helping to cleanse the area we live in,” according to a statement on the homepage.

The girl's mother says the website “was a joke” and has repeatedly denied allegations that she preached hate to her daughter and two-year-old son. The province of Manitoba seized both children last year shortly after the daughter was sent to school with a swastika and white supremacist slogans on her ski and is seeking permanent custody in a Winnipeg court.

No one involved in the case can be identified under Manitoba law.

Social workers have testified that during interviews with the girl she spouted racial epithets and said “What people don't understand is that black people should die.”

The mother said she believes social workers coaxed her daughter into uttering the statements. “My daughter would never say anything like that,” she said in an interview.

The website, however, suggests the couple were fluent in such language.

Song lyrics on the site advocate hatred of Jews, blacks and gays.

The lyrics also glorify General Heinz Guderian, father of the German army's Second World War blitzkrieg tactics.

In the site's “Rants” section, diatribes target the mentally challenged and aboriginals.

Ottawa human-rights lawyer Richard Warman lodged a criminal complaint regarding the site in 2005. “I think it's regrettable that charges were never laid in 2005 which might have avoided this whole debacle now,” he said in an e-mail.

In an interview Wednesday, the mother – who is now living outside Manitoba and has not attended the custody hearing – admitted the couple created the site, but closed it shortly after police came knocking. “We were investigated for that one,” she said. “They took me in one room and [the father] in another.”

She is also an avid commenter on Web forums at, a “pro-white” site, where she has posted comments expressing hatred of Jews.

But the mother insists her indelible online fingerprint can be misunderstood without context.

“A skinhead is just a working-class white person,” she said, referring to the roots of skinhead culture in England during the 1950s. “Just because some skinheads want to go gay-bashing doesn't mean we all do it.”

She has been an self-professed skinhead from age 11 and said she remains one today despite her kids being taken away.

She said that throughout high school, she buried her nose in law and history books, studying the legal implications of her beliefs. She said she may have let racist remarks slip in front of her children from time to time, but said it was never with malicious intent.

“I might have come home and said something like ‘That stupid nigger at 7-Eleven asked me for ID again and now I've got to go back,'” she said. “Or it could be like, one of my best friends, I make fun of him for being a Pollack. He calls me a Scottish bitch, you know.”

While she moderates her own views, she said she can't speak on behalf of her husband. The couple separated soon after Child and Family Services took their children away.

“We've had several arguments on politics,” she said. “I have said to him ‘You're a bigot.'”

The "pro-skinhead website" mentioned in the article was Infantry-14. Not long after its creation, Richard Warman filed a criminal complaint and the website was taken down.

However, through the magic of the "wayback machine" one can read all of the "jokes" that 'Nazi Mom' was talking about.

We took a number of screen shots, however if you're interested in reading the views of 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' feel free to click on the following links:


and more, but we think this is more than enough.

And remember that 'Nazi Mom' characterized this website as, "a joke." Doesn't seem very funny to us.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bill Noble Comments on Winnipeg Custody Case

Aryan Guard member Bill Noble (who, we will remind our readers, is still in violation of the terms of his release from jail) has decided to chime in on the custody case in Winnipeg involving 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad.' It might be worth mentioning that while Noble was in jail last year, both 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' attended the Aryan Guard march in Calgary on March 2008. A few days after their return, the children were removed from the household. Below are Noble's comments on the Aryan Guard's web forum where he acts as an administrator:

Summary executions. Well that certainly doesn't make Noble appear bat fucking insane.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nazi Mom and Nazi Dad Are Classy

So far we've learned Child and Family Services in Winnipeg have alleged that 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' taught their children overt hatred of other races and that some races should be exterminated. So 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' have done what any parent would have done in their situation. They publicly labeled an 8 year old girl as a chronic liar:

Parents put blame on daughter for racist remarks, custody hearing told

A young girl's head was shaved, and her parents described themselves as a skinhead family, court was told on Day 2 of a child custody hearing in Winnipeg.

The case involves a girl, now eight years old, who went to school with white supremacist symbols drawn on her skin. Her mother and stepfather, who are accused of racist teachings and failing to provide adequate care for their children, began a court battle for their children this week.

The girl and her brother have been in the care of the government's Child and Family Services agency since March 2008, when the girl showed up in school with a swastika on her arm.

Her teacher scrubbed it off in the afternoon but the girl showed up again the next day with another one, along with other white supremacist symbols drawn on her body.

Neo-Nazi symbols and flags in family residence

Caseworkers were alerted and went to the family's apartment, where they found neo-Nazi symbols and flags, and took custody of the couple's two-year-old son. CFS officials picked up the daughter at her school.

The case has garnered international attention and sparked debate over how far parents can go to instill beliefs in their children — and how far the government should go to protect children from those beliefs.

On Monday, the social worker who initially interviewed the girl after she was taken into care testified the child was well versed in racist and hateful propaganda. None of the CFS workers can be identified in order to protect the identities of the children.

The girl spoke of this being a white man's world and provided graphic suggestions of how to kill people of colour, the worker testified.

Girl famous for lying: parents

On Tuesday, another social worker testified about her first meeting with the parents — about three weeks after the two children were apprehended.

They told the social worker their daughter often makes things up, and was famous for lying, the worker testified. The parents also said the girl had likely drawn some of the symbols on her body herself.

When the social worker asked why the girl was able to talk about certain things, like hurting people or killing people of colour, the stepfather said it was probably something she'd heard in a private conversation and was probably a joke, the hearing was told.

According to the social worker, the mother said she had no idea why her daughter would refer to them as skinheads.

But the social worker said extended family members later told her that the parents had shaved their heads, and the little girl's, and described themselves as a skinhead family.

Girl said stepdad brought in neo-Nazi views

Then she met the girl, who the social worker described as bright and articulate, even chatty. They met in the girl's new foster home, where the girl was eager to show off her room, and her brother's toys.

The girl told the social worker that her mother used to read her stories but had stopped when she met and married a new man, the social worker testified.

"She was not a nice mommy anymore," the social worker quoted the girl as saying.

The girl said she started missing school because her mom and stepdad didn't wake her up on time. She told the social worker that her stepfather made the rules in the house, that he was angry and would get drunk, and that he didn't make meals, or change her brother's diaper often enough.

The girl said she used to have non-white friends before her stepdad came along, but after he was in her life, the girl's mother told her, "If you have a friend who's not white, I won't be your mom anymore," the social worker testified.

Parents separated, each seeking sole custody

Testimony from child welfare officials and lawyers will continue through the week.

The hearing will adjourn but resume in June, when lawyers for the parents will make their arguments.

The parents no longer live together, and each has asked for custody of the children. The girl's mother is not living in Manitoba anymore and has not been in court. Her lawyer's request for an adjournment Monday morning was rejected.

She has said she can't afford to travel but will attempt to when the parents have an opportunity to make their case next month.

The stepfather is in court and has filed a constitutional challenge, saying his right to freedom of expression, religion and association were violated when the children were apprehended.

The girl's biological father has also been attending the hearing, sitting in the gallery and watching the proceedings. He told CBC News he hopes the children's best interests won't be overlooked in the rhetoric of political ideology.

Like we said, classy.

We were struck by this comment that was apparently attributed to 'Nazi Mom':

According to the social worker, the mother said she had no idea why her daughter would refer to them as skinheads.

You see, we have to say we're confused by this because 'Nazi Mom' wrote the following message when challenging the mother trying to save her son who had become involved with the Aryan Guard:

keep digging a hole you little cock sucker... you're clearly a fucking anti or commie scum... why don't you get your fucking facts straight before you start shit... i will have this group shut down before you can blink you littel cunts Paul Fromm is like a father to me and john is my brother through an through you little fucks want to come out? you have the balls to say this shit to any of us?? I'll give you one chance before I show you what the WN community is made of... come and fucking get it you little bitches!!!


you know what... I would be very cautious of what you say.... run and hide... you lying sacs of shit... I see a rock in the corner for you to go crawl under... maybe if you crawl far enough under I might not be able to boot fuck you for shit talking my dad and brother!!! be fucking afraid!! we are not people to be fucked with!!!

And, when someone asked if this was an example of their claims to be against violence, 'Nazi Mom' wrote:

seriously... we're fucking skinheads!! who said we were non violent... we're not hippie pieces of shit we actually fight for what we know is right!!

We've been led to believe that the appropriate screen shots have been saved so we're going to work on retrieving them. Sadly when people think "skinhead" now too many think of boneheads, and 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' are both boneheads.

Of course real skinheads are not fascists. For a history of the REAL and LEGITIMATE skinhead movement before the image was co-opted by boneheads, follow these links:
We're also sure that some of our readers will also provide helpful links. We're sure the fine folks with Toronto SHARP can also set anyone straight concerning the real history of skinhead culture.

But back to the point, considering 'Nazi Mom' admitted to being a skinhead (a racist one) we wonder who the liar is? Is the daughter a liar or is mommy?

We've made our choice.

Additional Links:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Custody Hearing Going Poorly for Nazi Mom and Nazi Dad

Last Friday on CBC radio's "The Current" there was a feature story (you can listen to the archived story here) on the story concerning the removal of children from the home of an avowed neo-Nazi couple. On the program 'Nazi Mom' was interviewed about the case and her feelings about the custody hearing that was soon to occur on the following Monday (today). 'Nazi Mom' claimed that they never taught her child to hate other races and further claimed that the swastika drawn on her daughter was an ancient sun wheel and had little to do with Nazism. In fact, much like every other bonehead, she claimed that she and her then husband only taught their children to be, "proud of their race."

Guess what? 'Nazi Mom' is full of it.

Girl taught black people should die, court hears

WINNIPEG — A girl at the centre of a child custody battle was taught by her parents that minorities should die and was exposed to violent racist videos, a court heard Monday.

The girl was also familiar with Nazi phrases such as “Heil Hitler” and would talk calmly about how black people could be killed, a social worker testified.

“She said you would whip black people with a ball and chain and they would die,” testified the social worker, who cannot be identified under Manitoba law.

The worker was the first witness at a trial that is to determine whether the province’s child welfare agency will gain permanent custody of the girl and her younger brother, who were seized from their parental home last year.

The social worker was called to the girl’s school after the girl showed up with white supremacist slogans written on her skin — writings which she appeared to understand fully.

“She told me that what people don’t understand is that black people should die,” the social worker said.

The child repeatedly used racial epithets for blacks, Asians, Arabs and other minorities during a 45-minute conversation, the social worker testified.

Court heard the children also had access to a skinhead website and were shown videos depicting racial violence.

The girl’s mother has denied teaching her children hatred. She was not in court and her request for an adjournment though a lawyer was denied. The stepfather, who is fighting to regain custody on constitutional grounds, sat quietly, frequently biting his nails.

In court documents, the father argues the seizure of his children violates his freedom of conscience, belief and association under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“I believe that there is no legal basis for the children having been apprehended,” he wrote in an affidavit.

The case has garnered international attention and sparked debate over how far parents can go to instill beliefs in their children.

The court hearing is scheduled to run all week and for another week at the end of June.

'Nazi Mom' also claimed to have broken ties to the "White Nationalist" movement. That she's still in contact with Paul Fromm and his wife (whom she refers to as her parents), her new boyfriend is a "White Nationalist and she's still in regular correspondence with individuals tied to the "White Nationalist" movement further calls into question her honesty. And although the allegations concerning the advocation of killing African-Canadians are focused on her estranged husband, 'Nazi Mom' is no stranger to extremist language when she posted messages on various web forums as "Aryanprincess1488":

May 9, 2005: Hey all, I don't post much (I haven't an awful lot of time) but I showed my 12 year old niece this site and although I don't think she's logged on here she has informed me that she visits this forum regularly, and since I haven't been able to see or talk to her too much it's good to know that there is a place of rational and intellectual disscussion where she can come to learn more about the movement. 

Winnpeg is infested with indians and other such inferiors, she's being taught in school that we're all equal and that not one race is better than another, but she is learning and I thank you for the intellegent conversation that takes place in this forum. 14/88

January 8 2005: These are some pictures of my fiancee's tats, I like 'em, and so does he. I can't see either of us abandoning our beliefs and ever regretting the tats, I have a couple but nothing too hardcore just a celtic cross on my leg and family tat on my shoulder.

January 9 2005: I love Skrewdriver, they have got to be one of my all time favorite bands.

Blood and Honor was the first album I had by them so I think it's definately one of my faves, my daughter (she's 4) loves Hail the New Dawn- her fave song? Free My Land.

May 9, 2005: Hey all, I don't post much (I haven't an awful lot of time) but I showed my 12 year old niece this site and although I don't think she's logged on here she has informed me that she visits this forum regularly, and since I haven't been able to see or talk to her too much it's good to know that there is a place of rational and intellectual disscussion where she can come to learn more about the movement. 

Winnpeg is infested with indians and other such inferiors, she's being taught in school that we're all equal and that not one race is better than another, but she is learning and I thank you for the intellegent conversation that takes place in this forum.

May 9, 2005: Yes, out of control is an understatement. I live in Manitoba, there are ways of getting around many of the "anti-hate" laws you just have to know how to word things properly and not use any known "Aryan-Nations" symbols. I called the human rights commision and got a detailed list of what you can and cannot say. They have yet to actually put a ban on any of the so called "hate-symbols" but it's not too far off.

July 18, 2007: It's being investigated by the B'nai Brith and they are also investigating Stormfront as well. They came to our house about a year and a half ago my lawyer told me to stop making posts forever but I just can't I've stayed away and we really haven't heard too much about any charges so I figure it's safe enough now.

July 18, 2007: Here's my BIG DYKE story my friend Jen and I were at a bar screaming the lyrics to No Remorse's Bloodsucker and eventually got kicked out and while outside she tried to kiss me and then I punched her in the face and told her that my mum would have no problem helping me bury her dead body. And that was the last I heard from her... No I didn't actually kill her.

July 18, 2007: TRUE WHITE POWER!!!!!!!

July 21, 2007: I was wondering I haven't been making posts for a while due to the B'nai Brith investigating us but I was wondering if "sbrocker??" still made posts?

July 22, 2007: I've saved the messages on our answering machine. My husband is up on weapons offences though, so I don't think it's worth it to risk being caught for any other weapons not mention that it's almost impossible to own a hand gun in Canada we've got some friends who know what's going on and this guy is still on parole, it's been a week and nothing has happened yet so we'll give it another week and by then I think we can assume that it's all just empty threats. I really can't see anyone running the risk of being brought up on murder charges and sacrifice their entire grow op for some psycho fantasy of a perverted relationship. Anyway that's where were at right now, thanks to everyone for your concern!

July 24, 2007: There should be a thread where people can go to find out why they or their frineds got banned and maybe even a poll to get them back in. I've seen it on other forums and it's worked quite well. 

The hardest thing that we have to deal with is fighting amongst eachother, believe me I know all about that, it's also the worst thing we could do. We have so many enemies and so few of us anyone ever heard the saying "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL" ? We really need to stop this , no one can even remember what they did that was so bad. We'd have a world wide organization here if we could all just pass ourselves on the small things and just focus on the big picture here.
With everything that has happened here in Winnipeg with the death threats and dishonour, it really makes me realize why we aren't winning this war .

July 24, 2007: Owning a hand gun legally in Canada is next to impossible, my husband came close but right after he recieved a 100% on his restricted test he deciced to get our asian neighbors deported...long story...can't own a hand gun... and we'd like to not have anymore crimminal charges laid against the sole provider of a family of four. Douche bag is still on about the threats, sending viruses through our friend's computer but now thanks to all of you guys I'm not as worried, he's just the "butt" of all our jokes (he had an illeostomy, look it up, you'll get it)
And for the guys who are too lazy to look it up POO BAG!!!

July 24, 2007: (Started a thread called, ‘A song sung by 2 drunk Skinhead’s (who hate cripples)’) christopher reeves 

walking through walmart half past three
saw this crippled bastard looking at me
not really crippled just lazy
you make me sick you crippled prick because you live for free
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i find that it's a f***ing gas that you crippled bastards cant wipe your own @$$
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well i'll just be the bigger man and WALK away

Sung to the playing style of dayglo abortions
I thought it was a hilarious song and JOE and Stage play it at all our get togethers

July 31, 2007: I know that in Canada, The US and England have some of the highest crime rates in the world also a huge problem with illegal immigrants and non-white refugees. Unfortunately for us it's them who are creating the violence. 

Winnipeg, is the "MURDER CAPITOL OF CANADA" and as much as I don't mind these parasites killing eachother off, I have to wonder why? 

We have alot of street gangs here "native syndycate", "indian posse", etc... but the most dangerous are "the mad cowz" and their rivals "the african mafia" both were started by refugees from somalia, and are violently present in the West End of the city (78camaro if you wanna through in your two cents too that'd be appreciated) we've had an innocent White kid (17) get shot by stray bullets and the public outrage was little to none. The human rights commision cried out because if these apes were to be deported than they would suffer at the hands of their "oppresive government" WHAT ABOUT THAT YOUNG MAN'S FAMILY???? And then came the judge's ruling that the leader was to be deported... funny how they're still killing eachother and they're still killing innocent Whites, funny how no one realizes that the onset of crime of this magnitude is non-white immigration to begin with.
It'd be appreciated if everyone would share their city's struggles...

July 31, 2007: The Canadian government offers instant welfare and housing to refugees, and also when they do find illegals here they still offer them a chance to state their case, as to why they should be granted refugee status and even though they came here illegally alot of them do get in, and of course we've got the bleeding human rights commission preaching "equal rights for everyone" (except of course for Ernst Zundel and other like minded Whites) go figure a load of liberal nonsense... RADICAL SOLUTIONS REQUIRED!!!!!

As for the Iraqi situation; I don't even know what to say to that, we've got enough of those damned sand niggers here and they're probably already sneaking over the borders planning their next suicide attacks. The word refugee has been so over played that it now has little to no meaning whatsoever, these horrid creatures bring all their animosities over to our countries and for what to change our national anthems, to change our history lessons, to distroy the White race??? I said it before and I'll keep on saying it RADICAL SOLUTIONS REQUIRED!!!!!


July 31, 2007: And the gold medal will go to the nig that gets 'em all in the next drive by. 

And they wonder why we hate them!?

August 5, 2007: (in a thread entitled, ‘If you could turn back time?’) Ditto.
I'd like to have enough power to warn Hitler about the consequences of being allies with the japs though maybe it'd be a different world (wishful thinking)

August 8, 2007: (Started a thread called, ‘What would you do?’) If it were up to you, would you sacrifice yourself and your children to save our entire race? 

There would be a 100% guarantee that all jews would be destroyed. 

Would you? Honestly?

August 16, 2007: (In thread she started a thread called, ‘What would you do?’) This question was asked in another forum (not by me) I wanted to see everyone's reaction. 

I hate jews, really I do, alot. They control our government and at least in Canada what we are permitted to say and wear and pretty much think. True there are problems with all other races, but I often wonder how much of a different place the world as a whole would be without the jewish population. 

Anyway it was just a question.

August 8, 2007: (Started a thread called, 'Fulfilling Israel’s dream’)
We went to this tonight, it was really quite pathetic I was fortunate enough to see a whole crap load of jews who wished me shalom lmwao!

I couldn't believe the nonsense they were trying to feed me I almost wished I had been at a "holocaust viewing" this was horrible. They were using born again christian types to promote they're anti message. 

there will be another one we'll be going to that one too. 

PS we were followed out by security after I stood up and unable to contain my rage said " this is freaking nonsense".

August 8, 2007: (In response to ‘I think I would have thrown up in the theater!!’) We almost did, but that was when 3 niggers came and sat down next to us. 

I really hadn't heard that many lies since the holocaust, which they didn't even mention by the way. They went from just after the crucifiction, to 1878, to 1948, and that's when we left (30 minutes in).

August 10, 2007: (In a thread entitled, Out of Africa theorie re-buked and the link, F***ing bull s**t!!!! 

More lies propogated by the jews.

August 10, 2007: A jew is a jew is a jew is a jew.

Doesn't matter how much or how little it has in it it's still a kike!

August 19, 2007: It's dissapointing to hear stuff like that, but that's what happens under ZOG dictatorship. 

I'm not sure about an annual amount that Canada sends there but I do know that we recently sent 50 million of our tax dollars to israel in "aid", I assume it's going to pay for their German passports and "survivor" fund.

'Nazi Mom' did not attend the hearing today as she now lives in a different province and she says she doesn't have the funds necessary to make the trip back to Winnipeg. Funny. Had it been one of us, we'd move heaven and earth to try and win back custody of our children. But we suppose we have different priorities.
Other Links:

Children Taken from Neo-Nazi Parents

The Aryan Guard Fallout Regarding Our Articles.

Winnipeg Nazi Mom and Alicia Reckzin: This Should Be Fun to Watch

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't @#$% With Richard Warman: Part III

We've written about this guy in October 2008, but he's back on our radar again.

William Grosvenor has been a problem for a lot of people for decades now. Considering the multitude of libelous statements Grosvenor has made about as many public figures during that time, he might just have also have approached Francis Dec levels of kookery (we just learned about Dec a few days ago and plan on trying to make a reference to him as often as we can).

Grosvenor eventually decided to go after Richard Warman as well. Guess what happened?

$50,000 awarded in online hate speech ruling

October 22nd, 2008 (7:41am) Adam Dooley

For those who think that ‘anything goes’ on the Internet, an Ontario, Canada Superior Court firmly disagrees. This week, Judge Lynn Ratushny ordered William Grosvenor to pay human-rights activist Richard Warman $50,000 in damages for malicious postings he made on the Internet.

Among other things, Grosvenor accused Warman of being a pedophile; he threatened to kill him; and posted Warman’s photograph and maps showing how to get to his home. As part of the ruling, the judge ordered Grosvenor to issue a retraction of his defamatory comments, to remove them from the Internet and to publishing nothing else that is defamatory or incites violence.

Warman was targeted, apparently, because he has a long track record of pursuing human rights complaints in Canada for what he sees as hate speech online. A lawyer for the federal government, Warman has launched 20 complaints and never lost.

In the world of daily newspapers, publishers are held liable for what the publish. Libelous stories can lead to major lawsuits. In the world of discussion forums, owners of sites are also publishers and are subject to the same kind of laws. It drives home the importance of making sure online forums are monitored appropriately for obscene, threatening or defamatory comments.

Considering Grosvenor's own homophobia and antisemitism as expressed in his online ramblings, we suppose it isn't a surprise that he went after Warman, but one would think that a $50,000 judgment might cause even the kookiest of kooks to rethink his approach. Ha!

Below is copy of the latest Ontario Court order dismissing Grosvenor's attempt to appeal from the dismissal of his 'first' appeal. This was again dismissed with solicitor-client costs.

Yep. He's was appealing the dismissal of an appeal:

Enforcement proceedings related to the original judgment in Alberta is ongoing.

More on the long history of Grosvenor's involvement in the legal system:

Legal Documents

  • Grosvenor's Extortion Conviction, April, 1970
  • Grosvenor barred from filing vexatious lawsuits, April, 1971
  • Newspaper report of injunction barring Grosvenor from picketing auto dealer, June, 1973
  • The Ghermezian Injunction, June, 1989
  • Alberta court sheds light upon the credibility of the 'Grosvenor Stamp Company'. "I have concluded that Mr. Grosvenor has been guilty of many inconsistencies, incongruities and exaggerations." June, 2003
  • Richard Warman v. William Grosvenor: Statement of Claim
  • Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Bits and Bites: May 2009

    They must be masochists. It really is the only explanation for why they continue to subject themselves to ridicule.

    A few days ago we received yet another erudite comment from our bonehead friends concerning a story we wrote a month ago:


    We wonder if our anonymous commenter is aware of the late Francis E. Dec?

    All she needs is a few allusions to Brain Bank cities on the moon, the Gangster Computer God Operating Control, and Frankenstein Slaves and we'd have the beginnings of a schizophrenic rant worthy of posterity. She's already got the racism, antisemitism, and paranoia down pat.

    We also received this from Eric Sheridan (pictured wallowing in filth while cuddling another dude... hey, we aren't going to judge but we do notice a bit of a pattern developing here with Eric.):

    its really funny how the only action the"anti racist Action" do is threw a monitor .

    What we find funny is your inability to read what is clearly written. We're Anti-Racist Canada, not Anti-Racist Action. And we would further suggest that you don't throw monitors. They're fairly expensive and you might hurt yourself.

    And R.L. is unhappy with one part of our post concerning his involvement in the Aryan Guard:'s funny you should mention old enough to shave, I can and do.

    Okay R.L., we'll give this to you. You're old enough to shave. Congratulations and mea culpa. You sure put us in our place there.

    Finally, we've written about Canadian tax protester and convicted criminal David Lindsay on a number of occasions. Crackpots like Bill Noble and Tomasz Winnicki have both advocated for him in the recent past. Looks like Paul Fromm is also a fan:

    So, who here reading this thinks that Paulie pays his taxes?

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Pro-Nuclear Vandals Strike

    What we find interesting about the vandalism is the swastika. And the fact that it is backwards. Boneheads like to point out that since swastikas are backwards, that the vandals couldn't possibly be Nazis. However, we know that this is often intentionally done by boneheads as a way of diverting blame from themselves. That this swastika is also backwards is somewhat telling. Could the vandalism have been committed by a run of the mill idiot? Sure. Are we suspicious? Yep.

    The nuclear debate in Peace River is no longer peaceful. Pro-nuclear vandals attacked a 40 foot trailer used by nuclear opponents to get their message out. The pro-nuclear vandals painted a swastika and profanity on the side of the trailer. They also threw Molotov cocktails (gas bombs) to further destroy the sign. (Picture below)

    The damage to the sign was bad enough but the situation could have been much worse. They cut the farmer's fence along highway 743 to get into the trailer. The horses in the field could have easily got on the highway and been involved in a collision with a vehicle.

    It was fortunate that the flames from the Molotov cocktail did not ignite the surrounding dry grass as the ensuing fire could have easily travelled to the farmer's home which was only 200 feet away. The fire could have spread a long way before anyone noticed as the vandals attacked during the middle of the night.

    This attack on our message came a day after two nuclear opponents received a death threat because of letters they wrote to the newspapers voicing their concerns about the impact the nuclear reactors will have on their farms. The RCMP are investigating both occurrences.

    Bruce Power announced they have set aside $50 million to promote this project. Grass-roots organizations and community residents have virtually no resources to publicize the nuclear information that Bruce Power doesn't want the public to know about. The trailer that was attacked by "pro-nuclear vandals" used up the majority of our resources.

    Peace River residents are being asked to be the nuclear sacrifice zone for Alberta yet the local, provincial and national media have provided scant coverage of our concerns. This week, it was vandalism and death threats. Will someone have to be hurt or killed before our struggle becomes newsworthy?

    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    Aren't You People Getting Tired of Being Wrong?

    We received the following soon after posting our last article. We laughed. Hard:

    Shane Ruttle runs anti-racistcanada. A better offer might be to take down anti-racistcanada before info about more lefties is posted.

    You boys need to start thinking outside the box. No, Shane Ruttle has nothing to do with this blog, but thanks for playing. We've some very lovely parting gifts for you.

    Here's the problem. You boneheads have the absolute worst intel. We mean, it really is god awful. As a friend recently noted himself:

    How is it that Leftist Watch and their ilk can only ever seem to "dig up" information on Shane and Jason? There are hundreds of us ara-ers out here, so how come the opposition can only find out info about the people who publicly state their names?

    And, as the boys and girls at Nazi Watch Canada have noted:

    As for us having a breakdown, look at the content of that blog [Leftist Watch]. There is nothing on there that a google search would not bring up. Good job leftist watch, you have great grade 4 level computer skills!
    Now, we on the other hand have pretty darn good intel so rather than just talking about people like Paul Fromm (though we do a great deal of that anyways and will continue to do so), we will also talk about his links to people like R.L. who along with Paulie was hanging out with the Aryan Guard during their March 21 rally. By the way R.L., that's a really nice poster of Jerome Iginla on your wall. You do realize that his father is Nigerian, right? Or as long as he's considered to be among the best players in hockey, and certainly the best player on the Flames, you'll consider him an honorary Aryan?

    There. That's how you run a tabloidish blog. Don't just go after people who are well known. Hit the people who think they're insignificant enough to be ignored.

    Long story short. Leftist Watch Canada is now on ice for the time being, though until they remove their stories Nazi Watch Canada will remain active.

    UPDATE: Well that confirmed something that we had long believed, but since R.L. claimed his birth was in 1990 we decided to see what would result from our publishing R.L.'s full identity. Here's a helpful tip: don't lie about your age if you don't want to end up on this blog. Also confirmed? Another Aryan Guard groupie who is too young to shave.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Memories Come Flooding Back: Nazi Watch Canada Active Once More

    We have some very fond memories of Nazi Watch Canada. In fact one of our main contributors used to write for that particular blog. The folks at NWC began their blog in response to a Canadian version of Redwatch posting information on anti-racist activists and after OdinPatrick, Canadian moderator on Stormfront, outed an anti-racist in Halifax.

    If the struggle between NWC and Canadian Redwatch were compared to that of a boxing match, NCW would have been Joe Louis and Canadian Redwatch would have been a blind puppy with only one leg.

    Eventually, Canadian Redwatch was convinced of the wisdom of shutting down operations. NCW, magnanimously, also put their blog on ice with the caveat that any effort to revive Canadian Redwatch would be met with the reactivation of Nazi Watch Canada.

    Guess what happened?

    So now the folks at Stormfront have their undies all in a bunch and are trying to figure out ways to get the site shut down:

    Isn't it interesting that "free speech" advocate Paul Fromm is pushing for NWC to be shut down? Of course we all know that Fromm really isn't in favor of free speech for everyone. No, he expects to be able to permitted to speak (and write) freely about "the usual minority termites" as well as to defame individuals such as Richard Warman with impunity. But the moment someone has the temerity to call him and the people he hangs with on their bs, well, we can't allow THAT to happen, now can we?

    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    More on Christie Appeal

    BigCityLib might have scooped us on the original story, but we have the actual B.C. Law Society hearing decision denying Christie's appeal:

    The Law Society of British Columbia
    In the matter of the Legal Profession Act, SBC 1998, c.9
    and a hearing concerning

    Douglas Hewson Christie


    Decision of the Benchers
    on Review

    Take THAT BCL!

    Interestingly, we also received the following message regarding our article:

    Word is that the Lawyer for the Damned is going to take this to the Supreme Court of Canada on the grounds that Societies that regulate the standards of conduct and honesty for lawyers are unconstitutional.

    Money's no object.

    Don't know how much stock we place in this, but if it's true we hope he's just as successful as his buddy Paul Fromm was in his efforts to get the Supreme Court to hear his case.

    UPDATE: Ya, the part about Christie taking his appeal to the Supreme Court? Turns out to be a joke. We are both amused and, somewhat, disappointed. It would have been a hell of a show.

    Where's the Love For Dougie 2: Christie Looses Appeal

    We missed this one when it came out on May 5. Doug Christie has lost his appeal to the Law Society of B.C. for unprofessional conduct:

    Christie loses Law Society appeal

    By Joanne Hatherly, Times Colonist May 5, 2009

    Victoria lawyer Doug Christie has lost his appeal to the Law Society of British Columbia of the 2007 ruling that he had engaged in professional misconduct.

    Christie will be forced to pay a $2,500 fine and $20,000 in costs to the Society. However, the original payment date of January 2010 has been extended to April 2011.

    "The worst part of this decision is knowing you're innocent, and being disbelieved," Christie said.

    The 2006 complaint against Christie was lodged by another lawyer in connection with three subpoenas the Society said Christie issued improperly in 2003.

    In the original decision from the Society's hearing panel in December 2007, they found that Christie altered the subpoena called "Form 21" so that it appeared to compel the recipients to provide documents, when in fact, the subpoena only requires that the person bring the documents to a court hearing at which a judge makes a decision on their admission.

    Christie said he never altered the form, but that it was typed out by another person who changed the text that drew the complaint.

    "I didn't type it. My client's husband drew it up because my wife, who had been my secretary, was going through chemotherapy," Christie said.

    "I didn't look carefully at it enough to realize it didn't conform with the rules the way it should have, but I didn't alter the document."

    Christie appealed the 2007 Law Society ruling against him on six grounds, including that the length of time it took for the decision was unacceptable, that the penalty is excessive, and that the Law Society did not take adequately into account the degree of stress Christie was undergoing at the time the subpoenas were issued, especially the stress associated with his wife's battle with breast cancer and his own illness.

    Christie said the $22,500 that he now owes the Society will form a "hardship" for him.

    "I do an awful lot of work for nothing for people who can't afford lawyers. That's why I've always had a very low income compared to most lawyers," Christie said.

    © Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

    Gee, $22,500. That's a lot of money. Well, considering how much help he has rendered to bigots in the guise of "free speech" we're sure they'll be falling all over themselves to help him raise the necessary money to pay the fine.

    Or not.

    Start passing around that hat, boys.