Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nazi Mom and Nazi Dad Are Classy

So far we've learned Child and Family Services in Winnipeg have alleged that 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' taught their children overt hatred of other races and that some races should be exterminated. So 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' have done what any parent would have done in their situation. They publicly labeled an 8 year old girl as a chronic liar:

Parents put blame on daughter for racist remarks, custody hearing told

A young girl's head was shaved, and her parents described themselves as a skinhead family, court was told on Day 2 of a child custody hearing in Winnipeg.

The case involves a girl, now eight years old, who went to school with white supremacist symbols drawn on her skin. Her mother and stepfather, who are accused of racist teachings and failing to provide adequate care for their children, began a court battle for their children this week.

The girl and her brother have been in the care of the government's Child and Family Services agency since March 2008, when the girl showed up in school with a swastika on her arm.

Her teacher scrubbed it off in the afternoon but the girl showed up again the next day with another one, along with other white supremacist symbols drawn on her body.

Neo-Nazi symbols and flags in family residence

Caseworkers were alerted and went to the family's apartment, where they found neo-Nazi symbols and flags, and took custody of the couple's two-year-old son. CFS officials picked up the daughter at her school.

The case has garnered international attention and sparked debate over how far parents can go to instill beliefs in their children — and how far the government should go to protect children from those beliefs.

On Monday, the social worker who initially interviewed the girl after she was taken into care testified the child was well versed in racist and hateful propaganda. None of the CFS workers can be identified in order to protect the identities of the children.

The girl spoke of this being a white man's world and provided graphic suggestions of how to kill people of colour, the worker testified.

Girl famous for lying: parents

On Tuesday, another social worker testified about her first meeting with the parents — about three weeks after the two children were apprehended.

They told the social worker their daughter often makes things up, and was famous for lying, the worker testified. The parents also said the girl had likely drawn some of the symbols on her body herself.

When the social worker asked why the girl was able to talk about certain things, like hurting people or killing people of colour, the stepfather said it was probably something she'd heard in a private conversation and was probably a joke, the hearing was told.

According to the social worker, the mother said she had no idea why her daughter would refer to them as skinheads.

But the social worker said extended family members later told her that the parents had shaved their heads, and the little girl's, and described themselves as a skinhead family.

Girl said stepdad brought in neo-Nazi views

Then she met the girl, who the social worker described as bright and articulate, even chatty. They met in the girl's new foster home, where the girl was eager to show off her room, and her brother's toys.

The girl told the social worker that her mother used to read her stories but had stopped when she met and married a new man, the social worker testified.

"She was not a nice mommy anymore," the social worker quoted the girl as saying.

The girl said she started missing school because her mom and stepdad didn't wake her up on time. She told the social worker that her stepfather made the rules in the house, that he was angry and would get drunk, and that he didn't make meals, or change her brother's diaper often enough.

The girl said she used to have non-white friends before her stepdad came along, but after he was in her life, the girl's mother told her, "If you have a friend who's not white, I won't be your mom anymore," the social worker testified.

Parents separated, each seeking sole custody

Testimony from child welfare officials and lawyers will continue through the week.

The hearing will adjourn but resume in June, when lawyers for the parents will make their arguments.

The parents no longer live together, and each has asked for custody of the children. The girl's mother is not living in Manitoba anymore and has not been in court. Her lawyer's request for an adjournment Monday morning was rejected.

She has said she can't afford to travel but will attempt to when the parents have an opportunity to make their case next month.

The stepfather is in court and has filed a constitutional challenge, saying his right to freedom of expression, religion and association were violated when the children were apprehended.

The girl's biological father has also been attending the hearing, sitting in the gallery and watching the proceedings. He told CBC News he hopes the children's best interests won't be overlooked in the rhetoric of political ideology.

Like we said, classy.

We were struck by this comment that was apparently attributed to 'Nazi Mom':

According to the social worker, the mother said she had no idea why her daughter would refer to them as skinheads.

You see, we have to say we're confused by this because 'Nazi Mom' wrote the following message when challenging the mother trying to save her son who had become involved with the Aryan Guard:

keep digging a hole you little cock sucker... you're clearly a fucking anti or commie scum... why don't you get your fucking facts straight before you start shit... i will have this group shut down before you can blink you littel cunts Paul Fromm is like a father to me and john is my brother through an through you little fucks want to come out? you have the balls to say this shit to any of us?? I'll give you one chance before I show you what the WN community is made of... come and fucking get it you little bitches!!!


you know what... I would be very cautious of what you say.... run and hide... you lying sacs of shit... I see a rock in the corner for you to go crawl under... maybe if you crawl far enough under I might not be able to boot fuck you for shit talking my dad and brother!!! be fucking afraid!! we are not people to be fucked with!!!

And, when someone asked if this was an example of their claims to be against violence, 'Nazi Mom' wrote:

seriously... we're fucking skinheads!! who said we were non violent... we're not hippie pieces of shit we actually fight for what we know is right!!

We've been led to believe that the appropriate screen shots have been saved so we're going to work on retrieving them. Sadly when people think "skinhead" now too many think of boneheads, and 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' are both boneheads.

Of course real skinheads are not fascists. For a history of the REAL and LEGITIMATE skinhead movement before the image was co-opted by boneheads, follow these links:
We're also sure that some of our readers will also provide helpful links. We're sure the fine folks with Toronto SHARP can also set anyone straight concerning the real history of skinhead culture.

But back to the point, considering 'Nazi Mom' admitted to being a skinhead (a racist one) we wonder who the liar is? Is the daughter a liar or is mommy?

We've made our choice.

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Anonymous said...

As a parent, I have a hard time understanding how a mother could move a province away from her children, especially when they've been taken away and are in foster care. Not showing up at those kids' custody hearings, no matter how much you "can't afford it" is simply shameful.

Nice work, Nazi Mom. I'm sure that if you ever get them back (which I hope you don't because I will happily take them into my home and actually, you know, change their diapers and feed them), I'm sure they'll be ever-so-thankful you stuck around and fought so hard for them.

Pale said...

Common theme: Parental units say the kid is lying when the child says what has been going on and the parental units get caught.

Happens during nasty divorces too.

Kids are a lot more honest than grown ups. Thats just the truth.

Poor kids. That little boy is more fortunate that he wasn't as aware. The little girl is going to need a lot of love and deprogramming.

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's set something straight. This nazi mom was doing nothing more than another form of child abuse. I'm racially aware, but I don't need to read up on
3rd reich history to prove it so. Then there's scum like these ill reputed parents whom the media loves to focus on. And I like reading how she says the WN community backs her. Well, guess what, The AG, and net nazis from Stormfront don't count.

Anonymous said...

i take it yr already hip to this one?