Saturday, March 31, 2018

I'm heading on vacation!

Where am I going you ask?

Okay, you didn't ask and don't care but I'm telling you anyways.

No beaches for me this time, thank God!

Going to Nepal!

My sister has expressed precisely zero interest in traveling to anywhere they don't serve slushy fruit drinks at pool bars so I'm going solo on this one. Days of trekking, limited shower opportunities, immersion in the culture, and not a cabana boy in sight!

Excited? Yep!

I fly out in a few hours but unlike past times I've been away I'm not getting a substitute writer or doing a whole lot of articles to self-publish while I'm away.

So, with that said, गुडबाइ and....

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dan Dubois of Canadian Combat Coalition (An Objectively Stupid Name) Unloads on "White Nationalist" Ronny Cameron

Last Saturday ARC published an article featuring Ronny Cameron chatting it up with convicted domestic abuse jackass Ryan Dean and the antisemitic vice-president of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (which isn't so much worldwide as it is in Joey Deluca's apartment) Jesse Wielenga (see here, here, here, here, and here).

Suffice it to say, a lot of people were not at all pleased.

In the third video in which featured Wielenga which in and of itself drew the ire of the JDL's Meir Weinstein, Cameron spent the first half of the video complaining about infighting. He then goes on to attack Dan Dubois and the Canadian Combat Coalition specifically.

Despite being banned from Facebook for violating the terms of service, Dubois was able to get a video out using his girlfriend's phone and vice-president's Facebook account. The following is that video which has been edited for length (holy hell is Duke Willis long winded!) and contains som editorializing. Among those who Dubois calls to be on his video are Ron Banerjee (Rise Canada and Canadian Hindu Advocacy), Duke Willis who is the literal embodiment of "old man yells at cloud", Steven Alexander Schettino Avranas Ismay McCall Gregory Myatt who is associated with the Northern Guard, and a few others.

ARC even gets a number of shout outs.

It is a long video, but it is compelling in it's own car-wreck-that-you-can't-look-away sort of manner:

The comments made by those viewing the video were interesting as well in their own sort of way:

Monday, March 26, 2018

Proud Boys in Hamilton: A Closer Look at Filip Zetilov and His Link To Paul Fromm

The fall-out from what most people would regard as a failed effort by the participants in the "patriot walk" on Locke Street in Hamilton this past Sunday (which was in some small part disrupted by ARC) is still ongoing. Despite the efforts of some, including organizer Shawn McBeath and middle aged Proud "Boy" Robert Jones who have been trying to claim the march was a success, numerous allied groups and individuals have been very critical of the planning and execution. For example, the decision to move the march to an earlier time was not communicated to all participants leaving small groups to face counter-protesters alone. Some were unhappy they left so quickly and that the impact was minimal. Others, including Ronny Cameron and a small group of Proud Boys who traveled to the event with him (they arrived at the original time which was about an hour after the bulk of those who received information about the new time had left) wanted to openly confront the counter-protester. Cameron and the Proud Boys did this twice, once earlier in the day and then about 5 or 6 hours later.... after having imbibed in a little bit of liquid courage. The results:

They harassed anti-fascists twice desperately trying (and failing) to antagonize them. Drunk and growing impatient, they threw the first punch and got their asses handed to them as a result while brave Ronny Cameron refused to help his friends because the video was far more important. Finally at least one of their members briefly held by the police and then fined for public intoxication.

Though some of the more violent supporters were happy with what they saw, a significant number of others were disgusted:

If they felt that was embarrassing, I have some bad news. Remember that guy who was fined for public intoxication? What if I were to tell you that he sort of made the whole thing even worse?

Yeah, the guy fined for public intoxication is the one who is driving.

While on his cell phone.

Looking at another cell phone taking a video.

Potentially concussed.

With Cameron, Tim Kelly, and Filip Zetilov watching the video of themselves at the Tower.

UPDATE: Received the following message regarding the video above.
Video of them driving is mirrored, Zokvic is driving and buddy is in the passenger seat. He called shotgun in the Ronny Cameron video.
I'm not sure this helps their case much since there was every indication that Zokvic had been drinking well given his slurring of words earlier.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Confrontation Taking Place Near The Tower in Hamilton.

Charlene O'Farrell and members of the Soldiers of Odin showed up at The Tower in Hamilton this evening looking to antagonize the people there. Indications are that at least some of the bigots had been drinking.

O'Farrell posted this video as incident occurred

People commenting on the Live Feed were urging the bigots to attack the anti-fascists. When the police arrived, Steven Myatt urged the bigots to run:

In a previous video posted by O'Farrell, it was clear that the SoO members were not happy with the events earlier in the day which were horribly disorganized and were spoiling for a fight. This is made more clear by a second video taken by Ronny Cameron who, along with members of the Proud Boys, had attempted to initiate a confrontation at the Tower earlier in the day:

The racial epithet by one of the Proud Boy members near the end of the video is a nice touch.

A few of the comments left on Cameron's video include the following:

And because middle age Proud "Boy" Robert Jones has to make it weird:

The comments regarding the idiot who groped the young woman and was called out on it were as repulsive as you would imagine:

More information may be provided is anything else occurs.

Racist March and Counter-Protest in Hamilton: Updates

Yeah, yeah, I slept in a little later than I thought I would.

I'm going to provide updates here concerning the planned racist march on Locke Street as well as the counter-protest. Thus far there seems to be a significant presence by those who have shown up to oppose the bigots. Mack Lamoureux of "Vice Canada" Has been updating on Twitter:

When asked about numbers on the bigots' and counter-protesters' side, Mack stated the following:

And with that....

The following are miscellaneous tweets from other participants:

The bigots however are rather inexplicably declaring victory. Robert Jones posted the following almost an hour ago:

Yep, that's right. A group of them, including Jones, showed up hours earlier to avoid the confrontation.

Because, you know, alphas.

Pictures Jones posted of mostly empty streets and bigots trying to put on a brave face include some of the following:

Jesus, they look like they would rather be anywhere else in this photo. This is sort of what defeat looks like.

Soooo, the brave "patriots" came early to avoid the larger group of counter-protesters? I can't help noticing that the organizer of the march, Shawn McBeath, doesn't seem to be present. For example, Robert Jones failed to mention the change of plans to Ronny Cameron for one:

Jones bragged about marching for half an hour and running away. He also bragged on comments under Ronny's video:

Wow. That is some fine turd polishing there Robert.

And did they let the other bigots know that this was the plan since some of them evidently did arrive at the right time and place? Talk about not leaving any man behind....

I mean, he's really pushing this narrative hard!

Irony abounds.

Jones isn't the only turd polisher however. Shawn McBeath sent this writer the following message:

I was about to write:
Not my words. Your own. You organized an event. People went to it. And you left at least one group to face the counter protester alone.  
Besides, I'm not the only one who holds this view. 
Your buddy Ronny Cameron showed up along with some Proud Boys. Very disappointed. Also called out the organizers in another video.
In reference to one of those videos when he and his small group began harassing a group of anti-fascists who repeatedly told Cameron they were not interested in talking to him and that he should leave:

Sadly, the alpha male Shawn McBeath blocked this and further messages:

Such a snowflake.

Charlene O'Farrell who runs Canadians United 4 Canada also posted a video in which she and a Soldier of Odin member express their disappointment:

O'Farrell posted a second video which indicates just how much of a mess was made of this event despite Jones' and McBeath's claims of unparalleled success: