Saturday, March 24, 2018

"White Nationalist" Ronny Cameron Continues to Alienate Former Supporters and Sow Dissent

Not that that is a BAD thing, mind you....

So how did it come to this? We could go back months but let's just look back this past week.

On March 20, Ronny Cameron posted a video complaining that individualism was actually a threat that would result in the destruction of western civilization; the Enlightenment thinkers whom Ronny and his ilk continuously praise for having created said western civilization might beg to differ, though perhaps Ronny actually does prefer medieval feudalism where the vast majority of the population were peasants or, in Scandinavia, thralls (he is REALLY into vikings in a very weird way):

Truth be told, I wasn't really all that interested in the pseudo-intellectual mumbo jumbo Ronny thinks qualifies as academic discourse. I was far more interested in one of his guests (in two parts):

"I love my Native people"????

Dude. Just.... dude....

Yep, that is Ryan Dean of "whatever-he-has-decided-to-name-his-tiny-group-this-week," III% militia supporter, and once ally of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam fame. It seems that Dean enjoyed his time speaking with Ronny so much that he appeared on his video the next day. On this episode, Ryan extolled the virtues of the "freeman-on-the-land" ideology which has no basis in legal fact and who's proponents often spend a lot of time in jail and ruined financially for acting based on their adherence to this ideology.

So, you know, good luck with that:

Now, Ryan isn't also known for his anti-Muslim rhetoric, his ties to the WCAI and Threepers, or his newfound appreciation for Organised Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments. He's also known for having recently been convicted of domestic abuse as well as his beef with the Canadian Combat Coalition, a group he founded but from which he was kicked out based in part on accusations of financial impropriety. In fact for months  he has been continuously attacking the new leader of the CCC, Dan Dubois.

Suffice it to say, there were those who were displeased to see Deaner given a forum to speak by Ronny:

Later Dubois contacted Cameron later to tell him he was not welcome at the protest on Parliament Hill due to his professed white nationalism, but more so for allowing Ryan Dean a spot on his show.

Ronny Cameron accepted this with the quiet dignity and magnanimity that we have all come to learn is his in his character.... by losing his shit and making a video condemning infighting and attacking Dubois and the CCC:

Again though, while this is a whole heap of fun to watch, it was one of his guests who piqued my interest:

Despite claiming to have quite in October, Jesse Wielenga is back with the WCAI and promoting rallies that are being scheduled for the spring and summer including an event in mid-April which claims to have former MP Rob Anders as a guest (which, if there was to be a former MP associated with such a group, Anders would be everyone's first guess). Wielenga is very well known for his overt racism and antisemitism:

And with that, shit meets fan:

And if that wasn't bad enough for Ronny:

Meir Weinstein of the Jewish Defence League has finally decided to call our Cameron after months (hell, more than a year) of supporting him even after he embraced white nationalism:

First, you were shocked? Really?

Second, YOU exposed Jesse Wielenga?!?!





In any case, Ronny takes a bit of a beating, though middle age Proud Boy and JDL supporter Robert Jones does go to bat for the white nationalist who gives Nazi supporters a forum:

This saga is ongoing. Dan Dubois posted a video attacking Cameron a few hours ago in which Ron Banerjee and Steven Myatt were among the callers. I'll post that when I go through it as well. And throughout the videos posted and subsequent comments there are allusions to even more examples of infighting that are ongoing.

But suffice it to say, this is yet another example of the gong show that is the Canadian "patriot" movement.

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