Sunday, March 25, 2018

Racist March and Counter-Protest in Hamilton: Updates

Yeah, yeah, I slept in a little later than I thought I would.

I'm going to provide updates here concerning the planned racist march on Locke Street as well as the counter-protest. Thus far there seems to be a significant presence by those who have shown up to oppose the bigots. Mack Lamoureux of "Vice Canada" Has been updating on Twitter:

When asked about numbers on the bigots' and counter-protesters' side, Mack stated the following:

And with that....

The following are miscellaneous tweets from other participants:

The bigots however are rather inexplicably declaring victory. Robert Jones posted the following almost an hour ago:

Yep, that's right. A group of them, including Jones, showed up hours earlier to avoid the confrontation.

Because, you know, alphas.

Pictures Jones posted of mostly empty streets and bigots trying to put on a brave face include some of the following:

Jesus, they look like they would rather be anywhere else in this photo. This is sort of what defeat looks like.

Soooo, the brave "patriots" came early to avoid the larger group of counter-protesters? I can't help noticing that the organizer of the march, Shawn McBeath, doesn't seem to be present. For example, Robert Jones failed to mention the change of plans to Ronny Cameron for one:

Jones bragged about marching for half an hour and running away. He also bragged on comments under Ronny's video:

Wow. That is some fine turd polishing there Robert.

And did they let the other bigots know that this was the plan since some of them evidently did arrive at the right time and place? Talk about not leaving any man behind....

I mean, he's really pushing this narrative hard!

Irony abounds.

Jones isn't the only turd polisher however. Shawn McBeath sent this writer the following message:

I was about to write:
Not my words. Your own. You organized an event. People went to it. And you left at least one group to face the counter protester alone.  
Besides, I'm not the only one who holds this view. 
Your buddy Ronny Cameron showed up along with some Proud Boys. Very disappointed. Also called out the organizers in another video.
In reference to one of those videos when he and his small group began harassing a group of anti-fascists who repeatedly told Cameron they were not interested in talking to him and that he should leave:

Sadly, the alpha male Shawn McBeath blocked this and further messages:

Such a snowflake.

Charlene O'Farrell who runs Canadians United 4 Canada also posted a video in which she and a Soldier of Odin member express their disappointment:

O'Farrell posted a second video which indicates just how much of a mess was made of this event despite Jones' and McBeath's claims of unparalleled success:


Jared Homo said...

I don't know how, in Hamilton, a small number of scraggly looking guys in dumpy clothes, walking down the sidewalk to buy donuts while sucking on their vape pens is even supposed to stand out as an event when that's every morning in many parts of the city - but its better than them understanding how a political march is supposed to look.

If they hung around for another hour and a half to see the counter-protesters marching down the street in a mass while holding banners and signs they might have learned something about how to demonstrate presence in a community. Since the fascists took off before that moment, before they could observe what a protest looks like, hopefully their next march will again look like a bunch of dudes waiting for the rest of their group to show up before the go in the restaurant.

If the fascists want to call this a victory then let them, I say. No one needs to rub in that all their tough talk about power-lifting baddassery brought them to a point where they secretly rescheduled to avoid conflict. No one needs to twist the knife to say that its dishonest to claim that Antifa ran scared when it was them who left the area long before their opposition showed up.

This is obviously a bad look for them, even if they're trying to manipulate events so they can claim this and that on facebook its pretty clear they don't know what they're doing. One small example of their ineptitude: it looks like the "patriots" have one Canadian flag between them. I'm willing to bet the Anti-Racists and Marxists flew more Canadian flags.

Anonymous said...

I like that they refer to them as "soldiers" as if they do anything soldier like aside from dressing up on weekends in paintball gear.

Divided, pathetic, and ultimately embarrassing for the international far-right. Check out the clown in the trench coat too, how terrifying! Can't believe they spend all this time planning for such a disjointed effort.

Anonymous said...

Soldiers of Odin...Iron Crosses...and did see a Native among the motley crew? Hitler would personally toss each and everyone of those scrubs in the train cars..