Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dan Dubois of Canadian Combat Coalition (An Objectively Stupid Name) Unloads on "White Nationalist" Ronny Cameron

Last Saturday ARC published an article featuring Ronny Cameron chatting it up with convicted domestic abuse jackass Ryan Dean and the antisemitic vice-president of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (which isn't so much worldwide as it is in Joey Deluca's apartment) Jesse Wielenga (see here, here, here, here, and here).

Suffice it to say, a lot of people were not at all pleased.

In the third video in which featured Wielenga which in and of itself drew the ire of the JDL's Meir Weinstein, Cameron spent the first half of the video complaining about infighting. He then goes on to attack Dan Dubois and the Canadian Combat Coalition specifically.

Despite being banned from Facebook for violating the terms of service, Dubois was able to get a video out using his girlfriend's phone and vice-president's Facebook account. The following is that video which has been edited for length (holy hell is Duke Willis long winded!) and contains som editorializing. Among those who Dubois calls to be on his video are Ron Banerjee (Rise Canada and Canadian Hindu Advocacy), Duke Willis who is the literal embodiment of "old man yells at cloud", Steven Alexander Schettino Avranas Ismay McCall Gregory Myatt who is associated with the Northern Guard, and a few others.

ARC even gets a number of shout outs.

It is a long video, but it is compelling in it's own car-wreck-that-you-can't-look-away sort of manner:

The comments made by those viewing the video were interesting as well in their own sort of way:

It's nice to see everyone is getting along so well.

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Anonymous said...

as a person who started out pretty radical myself after seeing the mentality in groups and with certain people it disturbs me...we have now taken a political approach with my groups... the right is totally on the wrong path...its even hard to define the right...its a mess...we sit back and watch...we even call out some of the right nutcases on my walls... promoting hate doesnt make you a Patriot...there's a fine path you have to walk on... with respect...