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Proud Boys in Hamilton: A Closer Look at Filip Zetilov and His Link To Paul Fromm

The fall-out from what most people would regard as a failed effort by the participants in the "patriot walk" on Locke Street in Hamilton this past Sunday (which was in some small part disrupted by ARC) is still ongoing. Despite the efforts of some, including organizer Shawn McBeath and middle aged Proud "Boy" Robert Jones who have been trying to claim the march was a success, numerous allied groups and individuals have been very critical of the planning and execution. For example, the decision to move the march to an earlier time was not communicated to all participants leaving small groups to face counter-protesters alone. Some were unhappy they left so quickly and that the impact was minimal. Others, including Ronny Cameron and a small group of Proud Boys who traveled to the event with him (they arrived at the original time which was about an hour after the bulk of those who received information about the new time had left) wanted to openly confront the counter-protester. Cameron and the Proud Boys did this twice, once earlier in the day and then about 5 or 6 hours later.... after having imbibed in a little bit of liquid courage. The results:

They harassed anti-fascists twice desperately trying (and failing) to antagonize them. Drunk and growing impatient, they threw the first punch and got their asses handed to them as a result while brave Ronny Cameron refused to help his friends because the video was far more important. Finally at least one of their members briefly held by the police and then fined for public intoxication.

Though some of the more violent supporters were happy with what they saw, a significant number of others were disgusted:

If they felt that was embarrassing, I have some bad news. Remember that guy who was fined for public intoxication? What if I were to tell you that he sort of made the whole thing even worse?

Yeah, the guy fined for public intoxication is the one who is driving.

While on his cell phone.

Looking at another cell phone taking a video.

Potentially concussed.

With Cameron, Tim Kelly, and Filip Zetilov watching the video of themselves at the Tower.

UPDATE: Received the following message regarding the video above.
Video of them driving is mirrored, Zokvic is driving and buddy is in the passenger seat. He called shotgun in the Ronny Cameron video.
I'm not sure this helps their case much since there was every indication that Zokvic had been drinking well given his slurring of words earlier.

The video was posted by Andrew Zokvic, however it was deleted not long after according to the person who sent it to us for what seems to me to be obvious reasons. Truth be told it seems unlikely that any of the five in the car were in any condition to drive.

Zokvic is one of the Proud Boys who accompanied Cameron to Hamilton:

The second, a stunted cave troll going by the name Tim Kelly, has appeared on this blog a few times already:

But it is a third Proud Boy member (or at least I presume he's a Proud Boy member) who I'm interested in since his presence proves to be rather problematic for Proud Boys Canada:

In this excerpt from Cameron's video posted yesterday, Filip Zetilov is seen first. Later Tim Kelly mentions him by his first name:

Now Zetilov is a rather interesting character, not necessarily in and of himself, but because of his connection to incident back in July 2017.

On July 1, ARC posted a story featuring members of the Proud Boys who disrupted a First Nations' ceremony in Halifax. Those Proud Boys also happened to be active members of the Canadian Armed Forces (navy and army) which resulted in a great deal of media coverage and subsequent disciplinary action. On July 15, members of the Proud Boys as well as Students in Support of Free Speech protested at Queen’s Park in Toronto in support of the Halifax Proud Boys; the event was also counter-protested. Among those who showed up was this fella:

Seeming to recognize that having an overt and infamous white supremacist with ties to such groups as the Council of Conservative Citizens, Blood & Honour, Volksfront, and the Ku Klux Klan attending their rally and given a speaking roll was bad optics, Proud Boys Canada in what could be regarded as a bit of a panic condemned Paulie's presence.... even though he was allowed to speak by the organizers:

To reiterate:
We publicly disavow Paul Fromm, and anyone associated with him.
Keep this in mind as I continue.

There were some in the Proud Boys who were angry with this decision to "disavow" Paulie. This splinter, which called itself the Proud Goys (because in their world, that counts as being witty) was unabashedly racist and antisemitic:

As such, when Proud Boys Canada "disavowed" Paulie, Proud Goys....

James Sears, the Nazi-loving, rape-supporting, antisemite editor of "Your Ward News" came out in support of the Proud Goys and asked them to join him at the whitest event he could think of.

That's right. Sears invited Paulie and the Proud Goys to brunch:

A photo of Paulie with those who identified with the Proud Goys was taken not long after:

And it is at this point where Filip Zetilov re-enters the discussion as he is the dude wearing the hat in the front row:

Now given that Ronny Cameron has embraced white nationalism and the "alt-right" he probably isn't concerned that Zetilov has done the same:

However given the claims that the Proud Boys have.... hmmmm.... what was that again?
We publicly disavow Paul Fromm, and anyone associated with him.
Ah! Thank you!

Since Proud Boys Canada have disavowed Paulie and anyone associated with him, how does it square this statement with the reality that there are a bunch of Proud Boys associating happily with a Proud Goy?

And it isn't as if we're talking about nobodies here.

Well, okay. They are nobodies in the sense that no one else cares about these idiots, but they are "somebodies" in a particular fringe culture.... but I digress.

Anyways, as hard as it is to believe, shaved mole rat Tim Kelly is apparently in some position of authority within the Ontario branch:

I assume that a "Proud Boy Elder" is a member who has resisted in engaging in onanism the longest.

So, what does this say about the Proud Boys?

Point of fact is there really is no good answer the Proud Boys could provide should they be willing to try and explain themselves and their membership.

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Video of them driving is mirrored, Zokvic is driving and buddy is in the passenger seat. He called shotgun in the Ronny Cameron video.