Sunday, March 25, 2018

Confrontation Taking Place Near The Tower in Hamilton.

Charlene O'Farrell and members of the Soldiers of Odin showed up at The Tower in Hamilton this evening looking to antagonize the people there. Indications are that at least some of the bigots had been drinking.

O'Farrell posted this video as incident occurred

People commenting on the Live Feed were urging the bigots to attack the anti-fascists. When the police arrived, Steven Myatt urged the bigots to run:

In a previous video posted by O'Farrell, it was clear that the SoO members were not happy with the events earlier in the day which were horribly disorganized and were spoiling for a fight. This is made more clear by a second video taken by Ronny Cameron who, along with members of the Proud Boys, had attempted to initiate a confrontation at the Tower earlier in the day:

The racial epithet by one of the Proud Boy members near the end of the video is a nice touch.

A few of the comments left on Cameron's video include the following:

And because middle age Proud "Boy" Robert Jones has to make it weird:

The comments regarding the idiot who groped the young woman and was called out on it were as repulsive as you would imagine:

More information may be provided is anything else occurs.

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