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Sunday, March 11, 2018

White Nationalist Ronny Cameron: Canada' Biggest Problem? Asian Immigration.

Less than 24 hours removed from Doug Ford becoming Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader and the folks this blog covers are feeling pretty good about themselves, including one Ronny Cameron:

Despite Cameron being banned on his own Facebook page for a month, he had been able to access the Facebook group he had created to promote himself. There he posted a comment and a follow-up video which resulted in a significant blow back as he attacked the religious beliefs of a significant portion of his following who he now derisively refers to as "boomers."

It was a fun show.

A second video followed in which he decided to take aim at the REAL problems Canada was facing. Despite cutting his teeth in the anti-Muslim and anti-Trudeau "patriot" movement, Cameron has decided the real problem Canada is facing is the "invasion" (his words) of Asian (primarily Chinese and Indian) immigrants.

The video is long so I've edited it for the lowlights:

It is especially interesting that Cameron had decided to attack the Asian-Canadian community now in light of the events of February 18 on Parliament Hill where a large group of conservative Chinese-Canadians were joined by groups such as La Meute, Storm Alliance, Proud Boys, Northern Guard, and Canadian Combat Coalition members in an anti-Muslim and anti-Trudeau rally (though ostensibly protesting the hijab incident involving a child). At 6:18 in the video above, Cameron complains about the "need in the patriot movement... to join forces with the Asians, to join forces with the Jews, to join forces with basically anything that's not white..." so as not to appear racist, "when what's ripping Canada's culture apart faster" are Asian immigrants.

So, does that mean that Cameron won't be hanging out with Meir Weinstein and the JDL any longer?

I do however get a bit of a kick with one of the key rationale's for Cameron's concern about the "flood" of immigrants from Asia. It basically boils down to the fact he believes Asian immigrants are smarter and work harder than stupid and lazy Canadians and that is unfair to Canadians.

No, really. That's what he said:

Those immigrants should adapt to our culture.... which Ronny seems to think is one of indolence, sloth, and entitlement. In other words, Canadians shouldn't have to compete with their betters.

Yeah.... okay then.

Ironically, earlier in the video Cameron had stated that stagnation in a society occurs when there is no competition:

For a boy who considers himself a strong debater and a logical thinker, Ronny certainly has difficulty maintaining consistency in his claims.

But don't worry. He has a black girlfriend so it's all good. /sarc

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