Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Reminder That Kevin "Poodle" Johnston Is Also A Misogynist As Well As A Bigot

Back in July a strange story hit the news in Ontario. It involved Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Justin Altmann and a CSI-style mind-map of Whitchurch-Stouffville residents.... in his office bathroom:

A wall of pictures and cryptic messages that the mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville posted on the wall of his office washroom has been revealed, but dozens of those whose faces are on display — local residents, former employees and politicians — say they are disturbed, “creeped out” and, in some cases, concerned for their safety. 
It also has left them wondering what it all means.
The collection of photos, which covers three walls of Mayor Justin Altmann’s washroom, sparked a probe by an integrity commissioner after a town employee came across the wall in March. The probe is still underway.

The photos range include former political opponents of the mayor as well as critics of his policies, however it also includes politicians who have long since left public life as well as a significant number of individuals who seemingly have no connection to they mayor whatsoever.

Last week the story was in the news again. Three of the women featured on the wall were featured in an article detailing a threat assessment report on the mayor:

Three women from Whitchurch-Stouffville who were shocked to learn their photos were part of a bizarre “mind-map” on the mayor’s office washroom wall are questioning why the town is keeping secret a threat risk assessment report in which the mayor scored an 8 out of 10. 
They also want to know why the town has done little to inform the public or staff or to enhance safety protocol since the existence of the threat assessment was made public months ago. 
“If the town has information that has to do with my safety, I am entitled to that so I can determine what steps to take next,” said Samantha Farrow, one of the three women. “If there is no risk, then we should be told that too.” 
Since last fall, Farrow, Darlene Shaw, and Sue Sherban have tried to petition the town through a lawyer, and through Freedom of Information requests, to see a copy of the threat assessment conducted on Altmann last summer, which reported “a significant risk of an escalation in behaviour (8/10).”

The next day, it was reported that Altmann would be docked six months pay and would not be permitted to enter his office during work hours other than to pick up mail and attend council meetings; contact with employees is to be conducted via email.

Now a story like this, while exceedingly creepy, wouldn't necessarily be something ARC would cover on the blog, however for some inexplicable reason Islamophobe and Kevin "Poodle" Johnston (who has been charged under Canada's hate crime laws) took notice of this story as well.

You won't exactly be shocked by the position he takes:

The video posted is really one of the more vile and violently hateful ones this writer has seen in some time. Johnston refers to the two women as "sluts" and "whores" who he hopes will be targets of an acid attack. He attacks the African-Canadian ethics officer and suggests the council members who voted to remove the mayor should be punched. He suggests feminism will result in what he appears to believe will be a welcome "backlash" where the police will demand to know what women who were assaulted did to deserve it.

I've wrestled with whether or not to publish the video which was removed from YouTube for bullying and I don't wish to re-victimize these women:

However I've decided to publish it for now to remind readers of exactly what kind of cretin Kevin "Poodle" Johnston is:

And as a bit of a reminder, Johnston loves him his Ford:

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