Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nick Gallant of Northern Guard: "I'm Pushing That White Nationalism"

Nick Gallant has an incredibly high opinion of himself and his relative significance. For example Gallant believes that Facebook is attempting to silence him so he's planning on creating his own social media platform (despite appearing to be somewhat functionally illiterate) that will destroy Facebook. He has claimed hat his bank account was hacked by a private intelligence agency in Israel (he claims is "linked to antifa) composed of Mossad, Aman, and Shin Bet agents. He believes that a three day musical festival the Northern Guard is planning will attract big name bands and claims System of a Down might be one of those bands.

Delusional? Just a bit.

When it comes to ARC,  he has a bit of love/hate relationship with the blog. Almost every time he or the Northern Guard are mentioned on the blog, he puts out a video claiming not to care while at the same time complaining for at least half to three quarters of the video about how unfair ARC is to him. He then claims that any time ARC writes about the Northern Guard that he gets a flood of membership requests, though I can't help noticing that the membership on the Facebook groups seems pretty flat. And he believes the blog writes about him more than any other person, though this is rather easy to refute. Thus far the Northern Guard has been mentioned 37 times including this article. Gallant's own name 10 times as of this article. In many of these cases both the group and Gallant were mentioned briefly as having perhaps been one of a number of groups attending an event.

It seems that Gallant needs to stroke his ego, which while striking me as rather onanistic, is still quite amusing. I don't doubt that this article too will result in a response.

But more interesting that his impending whining and chest thumping is what he said last Saturday while talking to Ronny Cameron:

On March 10, Cameron uploaded two videos in which Gallant appeared. Cameron has already come out as a white nationalist so this, as well as Islam, were the focus of the two videos. Gallant himself agreed with Cameron's conclusion that immigration, especially Asian immigration, is the real danger. Considering there was a contingent of Northern Guard members who attended the rally in Ottawa organized by a right-wing Chinese-Canadian group, this might prove to be somewhat of an awkward admission. 

I've cut together the two video segments where Cameron speaks to Gallant regarding white nationalism and were Gallant said that he, and presumably the Northern Guard, are going to start "pushing" white nationalism:

Hey, at least they're being more honest about their motivations now.

Time will tell how other groups respond to the Northern Guard as openly white nationalist in nature. I'm not sure it will result in much change since, and let's face it, a lot of the Islamophobic groups covered by ARC are closeted white nationalists.


Anonymous said...

Bank account drained!? I believe that never happened,what I do believe happened was there was monies raised for him,amongst other things and he accepted it!
I bet not even one person asked for the outcome of such a tragic event, nor was one devulged.
Delusional to say the least

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Anonymous said...

Canadian Nationalism has really gone down the shitter. Getting into bed with JDL?

Flush them all down the toilet.

Goldy...Southern.. are just fleecing elderly white men for their pension.. because they hold themselves above porn stars... Few years from now, pretty boi Hutchinson, Goldy, Southern will just be a distant memory, before the next crop rears it's deformed head.