Friday, March 23, 2018

Faith Goldy and Students for Western Civilization

NOTE: If this is your first visit to Anti-Racist Canada, hi! Nice to meet you! Be sure to try the veal at the buffet.

It is also likely that you are here specifically due to the article published on Wednesday detailing the now not-so-secret plans of a number of hate groups to march in Hamilton. If so, feel free to click here for that article, but after please take some time to explore the rest of the blog. Sure, I make a lot of bad dad jokes and as I've been told many times by righties I can't meme to save my life, but I think you'll find the content interesting nonetheless. 

It has been a couple of days since the event organised by Wilfrid Laurier University student Lindsay Shepherd who achieved some level of fame followed by infamy in 2017 while shilling for Jordan Peterson was to to have taken place:

And for your daily dose of irony, I juxtapose these screen shots from Shepherd's Twitter account:

I understand that this particular event was originally intended to be a debate, but as no reasonable person was willing to demean themselves to the point where they felt Faith Goldy had anything useful to say, it instead was characterized as a speaking engagement.

Said speech didn't actually occur because.... well....

When the participants were outside, a photographer noticed someone who looked quite familiar:

The fella with the fashy haircut is George Hutcheson, the president of the Students for White Western Civilization:

Hutcheson appeared on ARC's radar back in November 2017 when he and other members of the group finally made a public appearance after a few months of being coy. First he complained about his posters being removed from the grounds of the University of Toronto followed by a tweet supporting Ms. Shepherd:

He and his group also did a walk-a-bout in November:
On November 12, three members attended an anti-colonial art performance that included dropping a replica of a King Edward statue in the Don. Statues are a big deal for this group, and, according to one attendee, they told a few people they were “filming for their YouTube show on European Canadian identity.”

Okay, real question? Why do these particular idiots always look like they are trying to pose for the cover of a generic Christian lite-rock band in every damn picture I find of them?

Yes, yes, I know that the last one is from "South Park" but the parody still works.

But seriously,if anyone wishes to propose an answer to my query, leave it in the comments section.

In addition to his support of Shepherd, Hutcheson has a relationship with Goldy that goes back to November 2017 as well when she interviewed him regarding his views:

Which brings us full circle back to the speech Goldy was to have given, sponsored by Lindsay Shepherd and attended by George Hutcheson's Students for White Western Civilization.

Small world.

Very small indeed.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work.

Unknown said...

None of these people did anything wrong. You spend a lot of time smearing and insinuating and trying to sully people's reputations using guilt by association and vague commentary but let's face it, this is just politics and you're a coward. But now we have identified you.

Kurt Phillips said...

They sully their own reputations. I just comment on it all.

And if you think you've identified me, put up or shut up.

Actually, don't shut up. Your side's efforts these past ten and a half years have been fun.

Anonymous said...

Working for the dark side ... does it pay well?

Kurt Phillips said...

Hell no! Not a single one of my Soros checks has cleared!