Sunday, March 31, 2019

Faith Goldy Defends ID Canada After Vice Article

In discussing the murder of 50 Muslim worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand once can't help but note that the title of the murderer's fevered ranting that he generously calls a "manifesto" that the title is one that anyone familiar with the identitarian movement would be familiar with:

In addition to the myth of "white genocide" throughout the document, the murder discusses what is referred to as the "great replacement":
The great replacement (French: le grand remplacement) is a right-wing conspiracy theory, which states that the white Catholic French population, and white Christian European population at large, is being systematically replaced with non-European people, specifically Arab/Berber Middle Eastern, North African and Sub-Saharan African populations, through mass migration and demographic growth. It associates the presence of Muslims in France with potential danger and destruction of French culture and civilization. 
The conspiracy theory commonly apportions blame to a global and liberal elite, such as Brussels and the European Union, which is portrayed as directing a planned and deliberate plot or scheme to carry out the replacement of European peoples.
While the idea appears to have originated with Renaud Camus it has been made more accessible by the hipster fascists Generation Identity and their Austrian leader Martin Sellner:

Sellner, a former overt neo-Nazi who appears to have tried to rebrand himself, and others like him have attempted to whitewash the history of white nationalism and presents Generation Identity as a non-violent civil rights group. The truth appears to be though that such claims are a rather cynical attempt to shield themselves from legal repercussions for the rhetoric that can and has resulted in real-world violence:

In short, I think they know exactly what the language they use will result in. As such it shouldn't be surprising to learn that the Christchurch murderer was also in correspondence with Sellner:

Not surprisingly, the identitarian movement is under a rather uncomfortable spotlight. Of interest to our readers, though admittedly a bit late to the game, is that there are Canadian connections to the story as two infamous white nationalists have strong connections to the identitarian ideology:

Both Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy are closely identified with identitarianism. Of the two, Southern is probably the most apparent connection in that she is a close friend of both Sellner and his fiancee Brittany Pettibone and has participated in a number of Generation Identity stunts:

It seems appropriate to put this here in response:

It is interesting though that Southern has remained rather silent on this since the raid of her friend Sellner's apartment; we might speculate as to the reasons for her current reticence to say or write anything of a public defence. For that we have to go to another the other Canadian alt-right personality:

Saturday, March 30, 2019

March 30, 2019 Racist Rally in Edmonton Part II: Counter-Protester Assaulted and Soldier of Odin Member Taken Into Custody

Much like Vancouver and Toronto, it looked like the most recent Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) event in Edmonton would yet again fail to feature anyone actually associated with the WCAI. Certainly some of the Canadian Combat Coalition members back in Ontario appeared to be rather frustrated by yet another no-show:

However while ARC initially reported that the racist rally organized by Joey Deluca of the WCAI with participation of groups such as the Soldiers of Odin, Northern Guard, and Canadian Combat Coalition failed to launch, it turns out that they were waiting until they thought there wouldn't be anyone there to spoil their fun:

Ah, there's the casual racism and threats of violence that we've come to expect from Joey. 

Later in the video, cut off because Dubois' batter died, Deluca continued his racist anti-immigrant missive referring to immigrants from developing countries as "sewage" and further dehumanizing rhetoric:

Now this sort of turns out to be rather awkward considering Deluca's association with the reactionary Yellow Vest movement in Canada and their claims to being opposed to racism and in favor of legal immigration:

Readers will also remember this video published by ARC on March 16:

ARC has written extensively about Jeff Sharpe in the past. According to our friends in Edmonton, he is currently involved in a power struggle to control the Yellow Vests in Edmonton:

He was also involved in promoting the Yellow Vest event that was swamped by counter-protesters earlier today:

Well isn't it funny that Jeff Sharpe who claims that racism isn't a part of the Yellow Vest protests is present with racist Joey Deluca and the WCAI as well as the Soldiers of Odin, CCC, and Northern Guard:

International bankers eh?

Dude, aren't you even going to bother trying not to sound antisemitic?

Now, the racists, antisemites, and Islamophobes did discuss the earlier counter-rally and though they attempt to make fun of them with the tired, "mom's basement" and "they had to take mass transit" (which is something many of their supporters likely rely on in major cities so not much of an insult) it is clear they were rattled:

The remainder of the video was devoted to highlighting some of the people who attended including Win Nay, misogynist Adam Stevenson of Onward Christian Soldiers, and a few Northern Guard and Nouns of Odin, one of whom was very proud that his SoO chapter was "Finland approved" which again might be a bit problematic considering the Finnish parent club was started by an overt neo-Nazi:

With knowledge that the bigots would be returning to the legislature, anti-fascists in the city oraganized on pretty short notice and managed to counter the boneheads in numbers that were at first smaller but looked to be growing as more became aware of what was happening:

In the end it was more of a cameo as they spent between 15 minutes and half an hour at the legislature and left before their numbers could again be swamped by counter-protesters:

I'm sure that they will.

Dubois posted a video (must have found a charger) in which he speaks about how clever they are:

Now, while the boneheads were chased off, they did find time to assault some of the counter-protesters:

I did see two clips of members of the Northern Guard and Soldiers of Odin shouting homophobic slurs and threats at counter-protesters whom they encountered followed by the assault. There will be more on that, but though more than one bonehead was involved, only one Noun of Odin was taken into custody; I'm not sure if he was arrested or released later.

In any case, I would urge anyone who can to head to the Edmonton legislature tomorrow with the awareness that you might have to move to other locations as the boneheads try to avoid being opposed.

WCAI Rally In Edmonton Missing WCAI on Friday; Incredibly Pathetic Showing on Saturday

So, what do Vancouver, Toronto, and now Edmonton have in common?

They are all rallies organized by Joey Deluca (founder of the overtly racist Worldwide Coalition Against Islam) that he and other members of the WCAI failed to appear at because despite their claims to be lions they continue to show themselves to be bullies frightened off when stood up to.

The good folks at Capital City Antifacist Resistance and Edmonton Against Fascism live tweeted the event. Long story short, the bonheads were outnumbers by what looks to be a couple hundred people at least and completely routed:

Now I can see Joey posting a video of himself and three others showing that they held a secret rally elsewhere and "totally owning the libtards" because.... well.... he's not so bright. Even if that were to happen, I'm not sure even that could polish this turd as his fellow boneheads must be at least starting to consider him to be incredibly unreliable. Hell, Dan Dubois and a few Canadian Combat Coalition members flew across the country for this and Joey couldn't be bothered to show when he realized how outnumbered they would be.

The WCAI rally was to be a 72 hour affair.

Did it really even make it to half an hour?

In the meantime, today the reactionary Yellow Vests in Edmonton appear to be getting more of the same:

The protest then moved to the campaign offices of the NDP leader. It is really funny how the "not racist" Yellow Vesters always seem to include a majority of racists in their numbers including overtly racist groups:

It might be interesting to note here that the fella wearing the WCAI t-shirt is in fact a Canadian Combat Coalition member from Ontario:

Soooo, are the CCC doing their racist buddy a favor by trying to appear as if WCAI members showed up in Edmonton or are they simply broadcasting their own bigotry?
I think this might be a case of killing two birds with one stone.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Joey Deluca of WCAI Planning Rally in Edmonton on March 29. He Should Be Prepared O Be Laughed At.... Again

Sometimes I come across information in a rather round-about way. For example years ago I found myself reading an article on Wikipedia and realized that I had forgotten how I had gotten there. I just started clicking links from the original piece I had been looking up so I had to backtrack. FYI, one can get to an Asian warlord of the 13th century by originally looking up information on an actor who starred in a 1990s medical drama in 12 clicks. 

Such is the case with this:

But lets start and the beginning which was about three weeks ago.

I hadn't been looking at posts on Stormfront in some time so I decided to see what was new. Truth be told, not much. A few of the usual suspects remain posting in the Canadian section, but for all intents and purposes it is a bit of a ghost town there. Still, one post by Bill Noble caught my attention:

I had known that George Burdi had come out as a white nationalist after close to two decades of claiming to have rejected the ideology in part due to his stint in prison. I was genuinely saddened when I learned this because a big part of the reason I do this is because of the hope that people can change. I still believe this to be true, but one has to want to change and I don't think Burdi really did despite his claims he did.

In any case, it didn't take long for Kevin "No Show" Goudreau to offer his $0.02. (incidentally, he appears to have failed to show up at a March 21 rally he claimed to have organized; I know you're as surprised as I am).

Where No Show earned his nickname.

Goudreau is a narcissistic nobody who likes to present himself as the nexus of the white nationalist movement during the past 30 years based primarily on his 4 second appearance in the documentary "Hearts of Hate" and decades later an appearance in the "National Post." And of course in his response he Goudreaus all over the place:

Goudreau was called out by someone on the forum because even some boneheads know a bullshitter when they come across one:

We also had an appearance from Tom Trenerry:

Trenerry hadn't posted on SF for at least 10 years by by count, but back when he was hanging out with the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour he was a frequent posted using numerous usernames as he was frequently being banned for threatening other forum members. He hadn't been in ARC's sights for years until his association with the reactionary Yellow Vests protests and shacking up with Dara "Nazi Mom" Graham:

Still, it was funny to read this since not long ago Trenerry and Goudreau seemed to get along:

It goes without saying that Trenerry also isn't a fan of ARC:

However his post on SF mentioning Joey Deluca and the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam and this post on Twitter reminded me....

.... what IS Joey up to lately?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Christchurch Truthers: Denial of Right-wing Violence As A Self-Preservation Strategy

This past Saturday, PEGIDA Canada tried to march in Toronto. It went poorly as the tiny contingent of PEGIDA supporters, Nouns of Odin, Northern Guard, and Canadian Combat Coalition members were outnumbered by between 250 to 300 counter-protesters:

ARC hopes to perhaps have a more detailed report later this week, however in the meantime Kosalan Kathir has an excellent thread on Twitter detailing the event my the minute. There is one particular tweet though that I want to pay attention to:

Readers will recognize the first person seen in the video filming himself while walking forward as Rick Boswick. Boswick is a frequent participant in these events often accompanying Sandra Soloman and Derek Storie as well as members of CCC and other hate groups. He is also active in the reactionary Yellow Vests movement, attending their "big" event last month in Ottawa where Storie was filmed with Faith Goldy:

The weekend before on March 17, Boswick and Storie were decked out in their yellow safety vest and protesting on an overpass somewhere near Toronto. Evidently, the police may have been involved:

This protest took place only days after the murder of 50 Muslims in Christchurch by a man who was violently opposed to immigration and who viewed Donald Trump as a symbol of white resurgence, if not necessarily a great leader. In the video that Boswick posted, he speaks about the victims of the tragedy.

Oh, not the people murdered.

No, the "real" victims are the "patriots":

Watching the video, one almost has the impression that Boswick believes the murder of 50 human beings was a plot specifically designed to thwart his own personal efforts to hold an event.

Honestly, that really isn't far off from the truth. Besides whining about how unfair the criticism that will be leveled at their tone deaf behaviour is in the aftermath of a tragedy, Boswick, Storie, and another float the idea that the Christchurch mosque murders never actually happened, a position those viewing the video certainly hold:

Within a very short period of time after the murders in Christchurch took place, I noticed a number of reactions from the groups and individuals monitored by ARC. There were those who celebrated and/or justified the murders. Others claimed to condemn the murders.... BUT then went on to justify them and suggest they wouldn't have happened if only "those people" had stayed in "their own country." Then there were those who latched onto any perceived inconsistency, almost always imagined, in the event in order to claim it as a "false flag" with the purpose of stifling their freedom and taking their weapons. In fact it now joins an increasingly long list of events that the far-right claim didn't happen:

One of the events Turino is referring to, mail bombs sent to media and figures in
the Democratic Party by a Trump supporter, is being claimed as a "false flag" on
the same day that Cesar Sayoc pleaded guilty to charges he carried out the campaign.
None of this should be any surprise to those who have been following this movement. In fact one might regard it as means to save face. The groups we cover have a vested interest in claiming that the left are the only ones who behave in a violent manner and that the right are perpetually victimized. When called out for their social media posts encouraging extrajudicial killings, assassinations, assaults, and arson, they explain away their violent rhetoric as "blowing off steam" which isn't intended to be taken seriously.... when they are caught in the act. Either that or the violent posts are REALLY the acts of left wing trolls trying to make the "patriots" look bad even when the posters are well known names and leaders in their movement.

When someone on the far right who has been radicalized by this online echo chamber does act out in a destructive manner, this is also easy to explain away. The person committing the act was REALLY a leftist and the "fake news" is trying to tar the good, god-fearing, "patriots". More often than not though, the go-to argument has been that the act was a "false flag" committed by dark forces within the government influenced by "globalists" which is often another way of saying "Jew" or "Zionist." Again, the far right is the real victim. This victim hood is further reinforced by conspiracy sites -- Rebel Media, Brietbart, InfoWars, etc -- that serve to confirm their worst fears despite the evidence that proves the contrary.

When these people say that those who support their extremist views have never committed an act of violence even when presented with numerous instances where this has happened, a lot have either convinced themselves of this truth or they genuinely believe it.

In the days after the Christchurch mosque murders, a number of groups and individuals posted their belief that the tragedy was a false flag aimed specifically to victimize them.

Those include the Canadian Combat Coalition....

Sunday, March 24, 2019

White Nationalist Faith Goldy Disrupts Anti-Racism Rally/Memorial for Christchurch Victims

UPDATE: My internal calendar is messed up. March 21 was Thursday, not Wednesday. Thank you to ARC's new writer for picking up on the error:
I’m so glad ARC, and many others, have called out Goldy and her supporters for their obnoxious disruption last week. Just a quick correction that the event occurred on Thursday March 21 as part of a cross-country series of events for IDERD (International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination). For those who want to know more about the organizations involved, who was scheduled to speak, and generally what was planned, here are two of the Facebook event pages:
This past Wednesday Thursday, a memorial was held for victims of the Christchurch mosque tragedy during an anti-racism rally that took place in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. Aside from hate groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, one would be hard pressed to find anyone crass and vulgar enough to disrupt such an event.

And if you believe this to be true, you don't know Faith Goldy very well:

Faith Goldy and a small group of supporters showed up to harass attendees of the event. Not surprisingly, it led to a confrontation which is what Goldy was aiming for. However it might not have ended quite the way she had hoped it would.

Ron Banerjee, who increasingly looks as if he is violating the agreement he made with Mohamed Fakih of Paramount Fine Foods to prevent his financial ruin for engaging in defamation, breathlessly reported the event:

Goldy posted a video of the event later. I've taken the liberty to edit it and add some commentary:

The "It's Okay to Be White" slogan isn't the innocuous and innocent statement that Goldy claims it to be. As ARC readers are aware, it is a long running campaign to make white nationalist socially acceptable:

Goldy knows this to be true. She also knows that her supporters clearly hear her dog whistles as evidenced by these comments left on the video she posted on YouTube:

More concerning are those who Goldy, through efforts such as these, helps to radicalize as evidenced by the other comments left by those who watched the video:

Despite claiming to be sympathetic to the victims of the Christchurch attacks, Goldy has contributed to further radicalizing her base of supporters. Those individuals include this fella:

Aside from his advanced age, Robert Jones of the Northern Guard (formerly of the Soldiers of Odin and then the Proudboys before being kicked out of both) is sort of a textbook example of an individual radicalized online, though I suspect he had prior far-right views. While he claimed to initially condemn the Christchurch killings, he very soon posted messages justifying the murders. This has not only continued but has escalated as Jones suggests the murderer may one day be regarded as a hero and advocates for similar terrorist attacks: