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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Goudreau Claims To Not Have Written Post Encouraging Murder Laughable; We Have Videos Dude!

This past Monday Kevin "No Show" Goudreau posted the following messages on his personal Facebook profile:

The last two are the most relevant as the appear to be advocating and encouraging the murder of individuals and members of groups Goudreau opposes. The posts were up for at least 5 hours before he removed them, but ARC was only one of several groups and individuals who grabbed screen shots.

There has been significant media coverage and Goudreau might actually be finding himself in trouble after years of similar threats (more on that later) but in true Goudreau fashion, he is (a) denying he wrote and posted the comments (b) claiming they are the work of "antifa" who either hacked his profile to write the comments or created a dummy account to write them and then deleted the profile and (c) suggests he will soon be suing those who posted the screen shots:

Hmmmm, I wonder why "Dane Adam" seems concerned about his name being known in association with white supremacist Kevin Goudreau?

Ah, well yes, that might do it.

Back to Goudreau, aside from those credulously commenting and cheering on what will be a non-existent lawsuit, his claim not to have written the posts are laughable for two reasons. First, he also posted the exact same message in his closed Facebook group promoting the formerly White Nationalist Front (now going by the name the Canadian Nationalist Front):

Second, we do have actual video evidence of Goudreau making threats. Like.... a LOT of videos!

Let's start with those from 2010 shall we?

I would point out here that Goudreau's Aryan Polish princess actually didn't exist and he was caught in the lie.

We then move on to 2013:

And now 2014:

We skip a few years (mainly because I can't find the videos posted during this time in my archives) to 2017:

These next two are related to the failed WCAI plans for a Charlottesville North rally in Toronto last August. Goudreau was a bit unhappy that it was shut down before it could start.

I think the last three seconds is the best part of the video:

Either prior to or after posting what was ultimately a pretty emasculating video, Goudreau posted these threats directed primarily towards Meir Weinstein of the JDL:

By the next day these two had been deleted, but Goudreau had to admit to having posted them in another threat-laden video:

And these are just the video.

He has routinely made death threats on both Facebook, Twitter, and the hate site Stormfront.

Soooo many threats. This is a small selection of what I've collected over the years in no particular order:

So.... yeah.

Kevin wants to sue for defamation, does he?

While I know he won't actually carry through with this particular threat, if he were to do so it would yet be another in a very long line of bad life choices.

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Unknown said...

Hoping that Dane guy gets his ass thrown out of the military