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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Joey Deluca of WCAI Planning Rally in Edmonton on March 29. He Should Be Prepared O Be Laughed At.... Again

Sometimes I come across information in a rather round-about way. For example years ago I found myself reading an article on Wikipedia and realized that I had forgotten how I had gotten there. I just started clicking links from the original piece I had been looking up so I had to backtrack. FYI, one can get to an Asian warlord of the 13th century by originally looking up information on an actor who starred in a 1990s medical drama in 12 clicks. 

Such is the case with this:

But lets start and the beginning which was about three weeks ago.

I hadn't been looking at posts on Stormfront in some time so I decided to see what was new. Truth be told, not much. A few of the usual suspects remain posting in the Canadian section, but for all intents and purposes it is a bit of a ghost town there. Still, one post by Bill Noble caught my attention:

I had known that George Burdi had come out as a white nationalist after close to two decades of claiming to have rejected the ideology in part due to his stint in prison. I was genuinely saddened when I learned this because a big part of the reason I do this is because of the hope that people can change. I still believe this to be true, but one has to want to change and I don't think Burdi really did despite his claims he did.

In any case, it didn't take long for Kevin "No Show" Goudreau to offer his $0.02. (incidentally, he appears to have failed to show up at a March 21 rally he claimed to have organized; I know you're as surprised as I am).

Where No Show earned his nickname.

Goudreau is a narcissistic nobody who likes to present himself as the nexus of the white nationalist movement during the past 30 years based primarily on his 4 second appearance in the documentary "Hearts of Hate" and decades later an appearance in the "National Post." And of course in his response he Goudreaus all over the place:

Goudreau was called out by someone on the forum because even some boneheads know a bullshitter when they come across one:

We also had an appearance from Tom Trenerry:

Trenerry hadn't posted on SF for at least 10 years by by count, but back when he was hanging out with the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour he was a frequent posted using numerous usernames as he was frequently being banned for threatening other forum members. He hadn't been in ARC's sights for years until his association with the reactionary Yellow Vests protests and shacking up with Dara "Nazi Mom" Graham:

Still, it was funny to read this since not long ago Trenerry and Goudreau seemed to get along:

It goes without saying that Trenerry also isn't a fan of ARC:

However his post on SF mentioning Joey Deluca and the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam and this post on Twitter reminded me....

.... what IS Joey up to lately?


Come on.

I'm not going to fat shame you, but could you at least not provide such low hanging fruit?

Deluca has a history of shutting his group down for the winter months. I mean, I get that he doesn't like the cold: "I'm a patriot! So long as it is above 5 degrees Celsius that is"). That said, he did briefly poke his head out of his burrow to participate in at least one Yellow Vests protest in Calgary:

Deluca has also been sporadically posting to the WCAI website promoting the group he founded and engaging in the over-the-top bravado that he thinks is impressive but which most people find amusing at best and cringe-worthy at worst:

Yeah. That's a thing someone wrote ironically.

Joey has also engaged in a bit of revisionism about his failed plans for Toronto this past August:

I seem to recall Joey backing out when the pressure became too intense.... or he couldn't raise sufficient money for a bus ticket. I mean, either way, right?

That Tyson Hunt participated in the fundraiser for Deluca's trip however might now be a bit awkward:

You see, Tyson Hunt is now tight with Ryan Dean (convicted on charges of domestic abuse of a girlfriend who, along with other girlfriends and an ex-wife, he continues to malign, btw). Both are members of Dean's little group the Clann which previously had other names but damn it if I don't care to list them right now. But while Dean seems good at starting clubs, he isn't so good at staying members of them. Dean and Deluca also used to be friends when Dean founded and led the Canadian Combat Coalition. Deluca once called Dean MacDonalds to his Walmart in that the two go together like heart disease and cheap stretchy pants I suppose. But because the one thing Dean is REALLY good at is causing interpersonal conflict wherever he goes, he and Deluca are on the outs.

Deluca says that he's holding his event (another MASSIVE festival, of course) in Edmonton, the city where Dean, Hunt, and the Clann consider their territory as if they are terriers pissing on a wall. To make things even more interesting, Deluca claims that Dan Dubois, current leader of the CCC who organized the coup to remove Dean as leader, will also be present. If there's anyone Dean hates more than women, it is Dan Dubois. 

And Dublois and Deluca appear to have plans for Dean:

Already the good folks in Edmonton are anticipating the possible spectacle:

Then again, like Dean'd efforts in Vancouver and Toronto, this event which Deluca bills as a 72 hour extravaganza, will likely be a bit of a dud.

Still if you would like to show your support for the people opposed to hate groups such as Deluca's WCAI, Dean's Clann, and Dubois' Canadian Combat Coalition (as well as any Nouns of Odin, Onward Christian Soldiers, Northern Guard, or any other hate group), I'll just leave this right here:

And that is my story of how a post about George Burdi on Stormfront led me to a hate rally in Edmonton on March 29.


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