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Saturday, March 30, 2019

WCAI Rally In Edmonton Missing WCAI on Friday; Incredibly Pathetic Showing on Saturday

So, what do Vancouver, Toronto, and now Edmonton have in common?

They are all rallies organized by Joey Deluca (founder of the overtly racist Worldwide Coalition Against Islam) that he and other members of the WCAI failed to appear at because despite their claims to be lions they continue to show themselves to be bullies frightened off when stood up to.

The good folks at Capital City Antifacist Resistance and Edmonton Against Fascism live tweeted the event. Long story short, the bonheads were outnumbers by what looks to be a couple hundred people at least and completely routed:

Now I can see Joey posting a video of himself and three others showing that they held a secret rally elsewhere and "totally owning the libtards" because.... well.... he's not so bright. Even if that were to happen, I'm not sure even that could polish this turd as his fellow boneheads must be at least starting to consider him to be incredibly unreliable. Hell, Dan Dubois and a few Canadian Combat Coalition members flew across the country for this and Joey couldn't be bothered to show when he realized how outnumbered they would be.

The WCAI rally was to be a 72 hour affair.

Did it really even make it to half an hour?

In the meantime, today the reactionary Yellow Vests in Edmonton appear to be getting more of the same:

The protest then moved to the campaign offices of the NDP leader. It is really funny how the "not racist" Yellow Vesters always seem to include a majority of racists in their numbers including overtly racist groups:

It might be interesting to note here that the fella wearing the WCAI t-shirt is in fact a Canadian Combat Coalition member from Ontario:

Soooo, are the CCC doing their racist buddy a favor by trying to appear as if WCAI members showed up in Edmonton or are they simply broadcasting their own bigotry?
I think this might be a case of killing two birds with one stone.

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