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Faith Goldy Defends ID Canada After Vice Article

In discussing the murder of 50 Muslim worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand once can't help but note that the title of the murderer's fevered ranting that he generously calls a "manifesto" that the title is one that anyone familiar with the identitarian movement would be familiar with:

In addition to the myth of "white genocide" throughout the document, the murder discusses what is referred to as the "great replacement":
The great replacement (French: le grand remplacement) is a right-wing conspiracy theory, which states that the white Catholic French population, and white Christian European population at large, is being systematically replaced with non-European people, specifically Arab/Berber Middle Eastern, North African and Sub-Saharan African populations, through mass migration and demographic growth. It associates the presence of Muslims in France with potential danger and destruction of French culture and civilization. 
The conspiracy theory commonly apportions blame to a global and liberal elite, such as Brussels and the European Union, which is portrayed as directing a planned and deliberate plot or scheme to carry out the replacement of European peoples.
While the idea appears to have originated with Renaud Camus it has been made more accessible by the hipster fascists Generation Identity and their Austrian leader Martin Sellner:

Sellner, a former overt neo-Nazi who appears to have tried to rebrand himself, and others like him have attempted to whitewash the history of white nationalism and presents Generation Identity as a non-violent civil rights group. The truth appears to be though that such claims are a rather cynical attempt to shield themselves from legal repercussions for the rhetoric that can and has resulted in real-world violence:

In short, I think they know exactly what the language they use will result in. As such it shouldn't be surprising to learn that the Christchurch murderer was also in correspondence with Sellner:

Not surprisingly, the identitarian movement is under a rather uncomfortable spotlight. Of interest to our readers, though admittedly a bit late to the game, is that there are Canadian connections to the story as two infamous white nationalists have strong connections to the identitarian ideology:

Both Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy are closely identified with identitarianism. Of the two, Southern is probably the most apparent connection in that she is a close friend of both Sellner and his fiancee Brittany Pettibone and has participated in a number of Generation Identity stunts:

It seems appropriate to put this here in response:

It is interesting though that Southern has remained rather silent on this since the raid of her friend Sellner's apartment; we might speculate as to the reasons for her current reticence to say or write anything of a public defence. For that we have to go to another the other Canadian alt-right personality:

Before I begin though, I feel the need to remind readers how shitty a person Goldy is:

Now that THAT is out of the way....

Not long after the raid on Sellner's Vienna apartment, Goldy started retweeting I assume what she regards as sympathetic posts as well as her own views on identitarian groups:

Patrick Casey is this guy, fyi:

Then there's the not-so-veiled-threat she happily retweeted:

However Goldy is more closely associated with a related identitarian group in Canada.

Formerly known as Generation Identity Canada and apparently led by Tyler Hover (a longtime member of the hate site Stormfront), the hate group rebranded as ID Canada around January 2018. Goldy's relationship with ID Canada goes back at least this far as she began promoting the group on social media and ID Canada helped to run her vanity campaign for mayor:

The relationship may very well go back further:

Recently Vice published an article by journalist Mack Lamoureux who noted that what amounts to the same organization that received money from the Christchurch murderer also operates in Canada though rebranded as ID Canada:

Not surprisingly, the folks with ID Canada weren't happy to be connected to Generation Identity.... even though only a little over a year before they had been proudly the Canadian chapter of Generation Identity:

As Mack noted however....

And Goldy being Goldy, she has to jump in to defend her white nationalist pals in the most immature way possible:

Yeah.... his looks.

Then again I don't think Mack was particularly devastated by this example of the wit and wisdom of Faith Goldy:

And really, I'm not sure Goldy wants to go in the direction of commenting on physical attributes as there is sort of a collagen-injected elephant in the room we could very well discuss, however such crassness is beneath me.... at this particular time in the day that is.

In any case, with the claim by Facebook (which I await with guarded optimism) that they will be dealing with far-right nationalist groups and increasing pressure that Twitter do the same, knowing of the connection between Generation Identity and the Christchurch murderer will probably keep and and all of those associated with the former on edge.

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