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Sunday, March 24, 2019

James Sears plans new publication/religious organization, encourages harassment, and generally feeds his massive ego

We last saw James Sears and LeRoy St. Germaine of Your Ward News enjoying the media spotlight on January 24th after being found guilty of hate crimes against women and Jews under S319(2) of the criminal code. If you hop over to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, you can view Justice Richard Blouin’s full judgment and the 17-page appendix of evidence that contributed to the guilty verdict. Spoiler: it’s beyond appalling. 

These haters, as haters often do, refused to take “no” for an answer. Sears vowed to keep publishing and distributing. Even though I realized Your Ward News would resurface at some point, I was nonetheless surprised when B’nai Brith Canada broke the news earlier this month that the Winter 2019 edition, which was published before the guilty verdict, was distributed in some east-end Toronto neighbourhoods a mere 36 days after their conviction.  
The cover of the Winter 2019 edition features Lisa and Warren Kinsella, with some attempt at sexual humour, which, unfortunately, was expected. Inside, Sears gets off to quite a start by trotting out his now-revoked doctor credentials as an excuse to engage in anti-vax conspiracies, while also bringing in his favourite go-tos, antisemitism and misogyny. One wonders if he strained something packing so much hate and nonsense into one article.

In the "Message from Our Editor In Chief," Sears uses misogynistic humour in an effort to shame and debase an unhappy recipient of the rag. When in doubt, hide behind hate? He also boldly outlines his plans for this year, which include setting up a 3,000 sq ft "Hitler Fan Club" clubhouse and daily livestreams, along with some other goodies. It's unclear how the guilty verdict will impact all of this activity, but we hope it sends it all back to the mothballed attic: 

Given Sears' publishing record, his plan to target Muslims and Jews for religious conversion in a new "Christian-Aquarian quarterly" is particularly concerning. ARC has also learned this is part of a religious organization of sorts that Sears has in development. He's still mulling it over, but he thinks it may be a mix of Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life, National Socialism, and his warped view of Christianity. This is all still in the idea stage, and will hopefully remain so. 

In case you had any doubt about his feelings towards Jews, he lays it out there for all to see in a piece criticizing Jared Kushner: 

I planned to go on reviewing this YWN issue and Sears' whining about being persecuted by the Kinsellas and Richard Warman, but then I wondered what he was saying now that he's been found guilty under S319(2)? How was he squaring this away when he wasn't busy hiding behind a computer screen? As luck would have it, in Paul Fromm's speech in Vancouver outlined here, he mentioned that Sears spoke at a CAFE event in Hamilton (March 3rd). Of that event, Fromm likens Sears to a saint and martyr and adds that "I don't think I'm conveying it [Sears' speech] with quite the impact it had on the crowd."

Well, with such a supposedly powerful video out there, I couldn't help but track it down. I'll admit, it does make an impression, but not the one Paul Fromm imagines. Buckle up my friends, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Sears gets right into the court case and, not surprisingly, claims he was misquoted and misunderstood. Of his disgusting remark about women being "tri-orfaced chattel" he claims he was trying to "open a discussion."

On the off chance he believes his own BS, it might surprise him to learn there is a whole body of scholarship on women's oppression that doesn't rely on offensive language in order to explore the topic. I'd be happy to lend him some books while he's in jail.

He goes on to use some Jamaican-Canadian fans of his publication to "play the diversity game" and call Justice Blouin and the crown attorney racist. Yes, really. WARNING: N-word and a terrible Jamaican accent are ahead. I'll also note that this is comprised of two clips edited together to cut down on irrelevant grandstanding:

If that weren't enough, Sears digs into racism further by joking with Fromm about LeRoy St. Germaine's pending Gladue Report: 

Then he really gets going and, once again, likens himself to Christ:

"You can't win against James Sears?" You've already lost, dude! 

It makes my head hurt to swing from a Christ complex to the origin story of Dimitri The Lover, but this is the kind of video we're in here. He apparently developed the idea after tagging along with a friend to a pick-up artist's talk. What he says started as a joke ended up with guys flying in from overseas and paying thousands of dollars to learn how to objectify women and, somehow, get laid for their efforts:

If this weren't enough, "Dimitri" was apparently writing a book. Mercifully, he abandoned the project and the world was spared from learning about the adventures of Sears and his penis. WARNING: NSFL (Not Safe For Life)!

In response to a question about what people could do to help "the cause" should Sears go to jail, and YWN be shut down, he encourages the audience to confront people directly. In this particular example, he thinks trans people and their allies need to be harassed while talking in coffee shops:

And, of course, no talk of this sort would be complete without paying homage to Hitler as well as acknowledging his views on Holocaust denial, which he apparently learned from Zundel:

You've all probably had enough at this point, so I'll just leave it here:

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does James Sears resemble a shittier version of Tommy Wiseau. But one who somehow takes himself even more seriously?