Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Andrew Benson: “I am not a fan of political correctness”

During the summer when we wrote about a far-right and antisemitic Catholic organization's list of speakers at an upcoming event in Canada we noted that one of the speakers was American libertarian and frequent presidential candidate Ron Paul. We also noted in one photograph that standing beside Mr. Paul was an individual well known to our readers:

Andrew Benson, who had tried to ingratiate himself to Marxists before sliding into fascism, seemed to have shed another skin and had repackaged himself as a disciple of Ayn Rand as further indicated by his other photographs:

"Rub a bald Ludwig von Mises for luck?"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grande Prairie Freeman Case: Shaunda Turns Self In

Bill Noble's former partner has turned herself in. We note also that Noble has offered his brief $0.02 concerning the arrest:

How can a warrant be issued for someone's arrest for failure to appear in court when they weren't notified to appear in court to begin with?

Ms. Petrova did what amounts to an interview with Noble not long after the raid. We might upload that later.

By Caryn Ceolin, Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune

The 39-year-old woman charged in relation to the “Freemen-on-the-land” allegations surrounding the takeover of a trapper’s cabin 80 km southeast of the city, turned herself into the Grande Prairie RCMP detachment Monday afternoon.

Shaunda Petrova was wanted on an outstanding warrant, issued when she failed to appear in court on Oct. 16.

According to Brendan Cox with the provincial Justice and Solicitor General’s office, Fish and Wildlife officers executed the warrant. Petrova, who lives in Alberta, but is originally from Manitoba, was later released and is scheduled to appear next in Grande Prairie Provincial Court on Oct. 30.

Petrova is the co-accused in the land claims case filled against Paul Fiola.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cobb's Venture in North Dakota Failing (Which Shouldn't Really Be a Surprise)

We don't often turn our gaze south of the border unless there's some link to Canada or to Canadian boneheads. So when Craig Cobb's efforts to turn little Leith, North Dakota into little Bavaria circa 1939 became public, we couldn't help pay attention.

Not long after fleeing from Canada where he held citizenship back to his native United States (Cobb had been charged with violating this country's hate crime laws) Cobb quietly began purchasing property in the small village of Leith, North Dakota. Much of the property was purchased cheaply, in some cases sold by owners who hadn't been to Leith in some time, and it was pretty clear that no one knew who Craig Cobb was nor his motivations. So when it hit the news that Cobb was buying property so that he and other boneheads could move to the village, take over the government, and enact racist bylaws (not to mention naming future parks and buildings after Hitler or infamous American racists) the freakout was more than understandable. He also gave property to a who's who of racists, including Tom Metzger, Alex Linder of VNN, the National Socialist Movement, child pimp April Gaede (at least when it came to her eldest daughter's musical careers, though we can't be certain that she wouldn't have offered them both up to David Lane had the opportunity arose) and Canada's own Paul Fromm (should he accept the offer).

Turns out though the good people of Leith and the surrounding area really don't take a shine to outsiders trying to impose their ideas on them though. Cobb himself lost his job and encouraged his supporters to harass his former employer so he could get his job back (because that is a TOTALLY not crazy and perfectly rational approach to conflict resolutions). Then when convicted felon Jeff Schoep and a few members of his National Socialist Movement gang traveled to Leith to support Cobb, they were met by a much larger counter protest which included Lakota and Dakota warriors.

We gotta tells ya that if we were gamblers, we would  bet on the Lakota or Dakota warrior in a fight with an "Aryan" warrior any day of the week. We mean, even the elders who took their flag and then burned it kicked their asses... albeit figuratively.

Things also haven't helped matters when it was learned that Cobb's residence didn't have sewer or running water. To wash himself he used bottled water and when he wanted to drop a deuce he had to go outside to an outhouse which might be fine if you're staying in a cottage at the lake but it's not so cool when your neighbor is working in her garden next door.

So in other words, they expect to build this....

.... but thus far has only managed to get as far as this:

Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day.

But last week there was finally some good news for Cobb and co. A couple of boneheads and their five children in Oregon had decided to take Cobb up on his offer and move to Leith. The folks at VNN, well, they were over the moon!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is Paulie Even Bothering Anymore?

Occasionally, we like to check in on the Goudreau.

The Goudreau is the one on the right.... we think.
Our readers are all quite aware of the Goudreau from his attempted mating habits to his inability to adapt to his chosen habitat. Truly, the Goudreau is an endangered, though unlamented, species.

Yep. Still a lonely beast baying at the moon hoping someone will pay it some attention.

More to the point though, we see that Paulie is still a friend of the Goudreau even after the Goudreau's repeated deletions from Facebook (and despite the not very kind things Paulie has said about the Goudreau in private). In fact he's been the Goudreau's Facebook friend in all of the Goudreau's Facebook efforts. Here's another post from a few Facebook profile's back:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Freeman" Darren Clifford Arrested

Roughly around the time the group in Grande Prairie were evicted, it seems that Darren Clifford (brother of Dean Clifford, once an associate of Bill Noble), was arrested on outstanding warrants:

Freeman-on-the-land charged with assaulting a cop, others occupying trappers' cabins

6:49 pm, October 7th, 2013

CALGARY -- Just weeks after a self-proclaimed Freeman-on-the-Land was ousted from a home he was squatting in, other members of the group are allegedly causing trouble.

Darren Clifford, 40, is scheduled to appear in court for a bail hearing Tuesday on charges including assaulting a police officer, which stems from an alleged altercation with Const. Tom Christie last year.

There was a warrant for Clifford's arrest when Christie spotted him driving on June 17, 2012, and pulled him over.

It's alleged Clifford resisted arrest and struck Christie in the process, resulting in minor bruising.

Christie said he used a Taser on Clifford, who then "was more compliant." Clifford was later released on bail.

Clifford "has identified himself to us as a Freeman," Christie said, adding Clifford has said he will bill police "exorbitant rates" for their dealings with him.

Freemen Evicted From Crown Land Near Grande Prairie; One Man Arrested

We had posted an article which connected one of the participants to Bill Noble, once a member of the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour as well as a proponent of a similar Freeman ideology espoused by the group near Grande Prairie.

A few days ago one of the Freemen were arrested and at least one group appear to have been evicted:

Freeman-on-the-land complaint in northern Alberta leads to arrest

Grande Prairie, Alta., trappers alarmed by squatters

CBC News Posted: Oct 09, 2013 12:28 PM MT Last Updated: Oct 09, 2013 1:03 PM MT

The RCMP have made an arrest after complaints by trappers that cabins were being occupied by squatters identifying themselves as Freeman-on-the-Land.

A 40-year-old man formerly of Manitoba was taken into custody around 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon by several officers in the bush southeast of Grande Prairie, about 460 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

"We recovered two firearms as well as ammunition," said Cpl. Roy Kennedy. "Fish and Wildlife officials were there also on hand to remove the structures and improvements on the land. 

"As a result of our investigation he was charged with uttering threats, using a firearm in the commission of an offence and possession of a firearm while prohibited."

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Devine's Receive Support From CUPW

While none of our members are members of the ARA (despite continuous claims elsewhere) we do have a god working relationship with several individuals in ARA in Calgary. So when we were contacted by the good folks at the Canadian Union of Postal Workers asking us if we knew Jason or Bonnie Devine's email to send them a letter of support in the wake of the most recent attack on their home, were were happy to oblige.

We post with with permission from both the Devines and CUPW:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Arrested in Possible Anti-Muslim Hate Crime in Kingston

Muslim students subject to hate crime

Police investigate incident where six students physically and verbally assaulted by group of four men

Six Queen’s students are the victims of a hate crime that took place on Sunday, according to Kingston police.

The male students, who self-identify as Muslim, were walking home from Empire Theatres near Division St. and Highway 401 at approximately 1:30 a.m. when they were assaulted by four Caucasian males. The assault itself happened closer to the downtown core, at Fraser and Patrick Streets.

Approximated to be between 18-25 years old, the group approached the students on bicycles, yelling hate-based profanities and racial slurs while wielding a baseball bat.
One of the victims of the attack said they were approached by the males, who were drunk and offering to sell them drugs.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Jonathan Besler Makes Vigilante Border Patrol Crackpot Look Reasonable By Comparison

For a change of pace we decided to see what would be polygamist Jon Besler was up to lately. So far his activity seems to mainly consist of commenting on mainstream media news articles (as well as our articles, which we guess makes him Alberta's version of Tomasz Winnicki) which seems to keeps him out of any real trouble. However it was his recent comments on an article published by the fringe right Free Republic that caught our attention:

Paulie Doesn't Let An Opportunity Pass Him By

One thing that we noticed regarding the ruling against Free Dominion and the two "John Does" remaining who hadn't been dropped or who had settled earlier is the relative silence of many of their most vocal supporters. We might have missed a comment, but thus far not a word has been spoken about the decision on Kathy Shaidle's "Five Feet of Fury", by her husband who runs, "Blazing Cat Fur", Kate's "Small Dead Animals", Ezra Levant's blog, or on Mark Steyn's website. Some of these bloggers had also been sued for defamation by Mr. Warman (in the case of Arnie at Blazing Cat Fur, he had settled some months ago). Aside from the woman who was providing the blow by blow ("Xanthippa's Chamberpot") and an announcement on the American-based "Free Republic" (of which a good deal of the discussion is unrelated bickering), there has been silence. That isn't to say things will remain silent or that we somehow missed a recent comment regarding the case, but as of this moment, there is silence.

Silence except for Paulie:

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Individual Involved In Freemen-on-the-Land Group Near Grande Prairie Connected to Bill Noble

We received more information regarding our post from October 3.

Our readers are well familiar with many of the recurring characters in the Canadian racist movement. And counted among the more colorful characters would have to be Bill Noble. A few posts to remind our readers and to bring up to speed any who are unfamiliar with Billy's antics:

The above photo is a few years old now. It was taken when Billy took some time to, "live off the land" or something to that effect. Billy was actually brought up off the grid in British Columbia and as an adult came to view himself as a "freeman" which was a philosophy (one he appears to have adopted before being sentenced to 4 months in jail and which he justified the immediate violation of his parole) he was able to easily mesh with his "White Nationalist" views. For a while he was an acolyte of Dean Clifford whom we have also profiled here on the blog (here, here, and here) until there was a falling out between the two of them.

So when we were told that one of the people involved in the most recent, "freemen-on-the-land" escapade near Grande Prairie, Alberta was tied to someone from the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour, we assumed it had to be Billy.

But we were wrong.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Another Freeman Standoff: Blood & Honour Connection?

One of our reader sent us this link and suggested Freemen involved have links to a former member of the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour. If there is any more information, please send us the details.

Freemen occupy cabin south of Grande Prairie and refuse to leave

By ,Edmonton Sun
First posted: | Updated:
Alberta forestry staff have been warned to avoid a wooded area south of Grande Prairie after a land-claim dispute led to armed threats.

A message circulated through Alberta's forestry community Wednesday warned that a group claiming to be freemen-on-the-land have occupied a cabin about 80km south of Grande Prairie and refuse to leave.

"They have reportedly occupied his trapper's cabin," read the email, "and indicated to him that they 'will defend it with all necessary force'."

The group has occupied the cabin since May, according to one of the three trappers whose registered lines have been taken over.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

There's no joy in Mudville today

Casey has struck out.

Congratulations Mr. Warman. From what we've observed over the years this was well deserved.

Of course we are referring to the defamation suit filed by Mr. Warman against Free Dominion and those remaining "John Does" who had not settled. The Fourniers had stated that they would use this case to expose Mr. Warman to the full scrutiny of the public. They were very happy that instead of a judge hearing the case it would be a jury of their peers. On another blog concerning the case our friend Harry Abrams made the following observation: