Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fromm and McKee: Interesting Fallout From "National Post" Article

We had expected that the Stewart Bell article which focused on a young, autistic, Jewish man who had embraced white supremacy would result in radio silence from most of the usual suspects mainly because Paulie was portrayed in a particularly negative light. We did expect there might be a few who would comment; Tommy Winnicki here and on VNN for example:

FYI, Tommy isn't very original. He appears to routinely save messages, repeatedly posting the exact same ones in the desperate hope that we will publish at least one of them.

One might suggest he find a more productive hobby, but then there are those who would say that's a matter of the pot calling the kettle black.

I digress.

We did find a single thread on Stormfront that commented on the revelation that Paulie appears to be using an autistic gentleman to smuggle hate literature and for money, and the source was not at all expected:

I suppose it isn't a surprise that McKee decided focus on this article. At first it seems he is is critical of Max Hynes' Southern Ontario Skinheads out of London, an understandable position given the two groups.... such as they are.... hate each other (and McKee has already gone out of his way to criticize Hynes and the SOS on Stormfront). The tenor of the posts initially seemed be progressing in that direction:

But then we see that the criticism isn't so much directed at the SOS (though to be sure that perspective exists) but towards Paulie himself:

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Paul Fromm Is A Creep

Sometimes, a person can be so disgusted by another human being that no words can really express the feeling.

This marks such a time for us.

The unexpected transformation of Aaron Pearlston: He is now Douglas Pearson, white supremacist

You really are a loathsome creature, Paul.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

July 2015 Bits and Bites: Canada Day Edition

Well, belated Canada Day. Or perhaps Canada Day +1.

We understand that some of our readers have a complicated relationship with Canada Day considering the treatment of First Nations people over the centuries and Canada's past retrogressive immigration policies that excluded people on the basis of ethnicity from coming to Canada. But do you know who shouldn't have any ambiguity about Canada Day?


Our bonehead friends more often than not refer to themselves as the much more innocuous sounding "White Nationalist," the emphasis being on the "white" part of course, but the "nationalism" portion is no less important to their identity. One of the criticisms of immigrants, First Nations peoples, and non-white Canadians (many of who's ancestors immigration histories predate those of the boneheads by decades) is that these group don't love the country like they do. The "White Nationalists" complain that the immigrants, First Nations, and non-white Canadians didn't do anything to build the country and are just here as "takers" with no fundamental loyalty to Canada:

Putting aside the fact that "RIP Canada 1867 to 1965" likely hasn't picked glacial stones out of a field or cleared brush in his entire life and is assuming the credit due his betters, this is a fairly typical missive. So, we can expect that "White Nationalists" in their zeal to show just how better they are than the unwashed hordes battering down the gates at proving how much they love this country:

Or not.