Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fromm and McKee: Interesting Fallout From "National Post" Article

We had expected that the Stewart Bell article which focused on a young, autistic, Jewish man who had embraced white supremacy would result in radio silence from most of the usual suspects mainly because Paulie was portrayed in a particularly negative light. We did expect there might be a few who would comment; Tommy Winnicki here and on VNN for example:

FYI, Tommy isn't very original. He appears to routinely save messages, repeatedly posting the exact same ones in the desperate hope that we will publish at least one of them.

One might suggest he find a more productive hobby, but then there are those who would say that's a matter of the pot calling the kettle black.

I digress.

We did find a single thread on Stormfront that commented on the revelation that Paulie appears to be using an autistic gentleman to smuggle hate literature and for money, and the source was not at all expected:

I suppose it isn't a surprise that McKee decided focus on this article. At first it seems he is is critical of Max Hynes' Southern Ontario Skinheads out of London, an understandable position given the two groups.... such as they are.... hate each other (and McKee has already gone out of his way to criticize Hynes and the SOS on Stormfront). The tenor of the posts initially seemed be progressing in that direction:

But then we see that the criticism isn't so much directed at the SOS (though to be sure that perspective exists) but towards Paulie himself:

We have speculated in the past that Paulie might be losing influence with the bonehead movement in Canada for some time and have suggested that money could very well be one of the causes for tension (we have, for example, confirmed the details of a previous article that indicated Marc Lemire and his family were not pleased with Paulie collecting money and claiming it was on Lemire's behalf).

We are however somewhat surprised that Kyle McKee appears to have become disillusioned with Paulie as Fromm had been a booster of McKee and his efforts since the early days of the Aryan Guard:

But then McKee might also be upset that Paulie has been cheating on him and the Calgary-based Blood & Honour with Hynes' SOS for a few years now:

Photo taken in better times when McKee wasn't
sending his subordinates to harm Hynes.... allegedly

The remainder of the Stormfront thread is, for all intents and purposes, a whiny "woe is me" lament concerning how pathetic the movement in Canada is, how nothing gets accomplished, people are too busy attacking each other, and that there is a paranoia that anti-racist infiltration is pervasive.

All of which we agree are true. Especially the infiltration part:

We were asked whether the "National Post" article was something that might put the subject's life in jeopardy and if it was counterproductive. It's a fair question, but based on what we know we do believe the subject with be safe. As for being counterproductive, we think that this single thread on Stormfront puts that idea to bed as well.

We're happy with anything that can so effectively sow discord and despondency within the "white nationalist" movement.  The more the better in fact.


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