Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hate and Art

Darrin contacted us not too long ago looking for information on the racist movement in the Atlantic provinces, particularly Prince Edward Island. If anyone would like to help, please contact him.

Artist in residence explores themes of hate, intolerance

Artist Darrin White's research for a project exploring hate and intolerance revealed some intriguing insights.

"People who are vociferously verbalizing hatred and intolerance seem to share a common facial expression and this holds true across age, gender and racial divides," says a release.

Beyond the frown lines and the pinched eyes, one can see a startlingly similar mouth shape, almost a rectangle, with the lower lip often pushed aggressively forward. The look is the same on the faces of a young male skinhead yelling at a demonstration, a Black Panther with his fist raised, a white woman screaming at a high-school-aged black girl at the initiation of the integration of schools in the American south and an Asian man protesting the activities of the Falun Gong.

This likeness is ironic considering that human feelings of hatred and intolerance are directed towards others - people who, generally speaking, have more similarities to us than differences from us.

This irony is just one aspect of hate and intolerance White is exploring through drawings and sculpture during his time as the P.E.I. Council of the Arts artist-in-residence.

The public is invited to visit him and discuss the work in progress until Jan. 31 during the artist's open studio hours: Monday and Tuesday, 1- 5 p.m.; Wednesday to Friday, noon- 2:15 p.m.; and by chance after 3:30 p.m. from Wednesday to Friday and on weekends. To make an appointment, email him at

McKee's Preliminary Inquiry To Be Held In May

Hearing date set for suspect in alleged neo-Nazi bombing

Last Updated: 28th January 2010, 5:29pm

The purported neo-Nazi suspected in the bombing last November of a northeast Calgary apartment will face a preliminary inquiry in May.

Kyle Robert McKee made a brief appearance Thursday in provincial court to set the two-day hearing.

Defence counsel Adriano Iovinelli told Judge Jim Ogle there will be two issues raised in the hearing, the identity of the bomber and whether his client can be linked to the explosive device.

“The issues are actual possession and identification of the individual,” he told a pre-preliminary inquiry meeting.

McKee, said to be an Ayran Guard founder, was arrested in Winnipeg Dec. 16, four weeks after a bombing attempt at a Pineridge apartment complex.

No one was injured in the Nov. 21 incident.

A man at the Pineridge Greene apartments at 5300 Rundlehorn Dr. N.E. said he picked up explosives planted on his balcony and hurled them into the parking lot below, where they exploded.

Police said the man likely escaped death by mere seconds.

McKee faces two charges of attempted murder, possessing, making or controlling explosives and possession of a weapon or imitation for a dangerous purpose.

A 17-year-old youth, also alleged to be a neo-Nazi, is charged in connection with the same incident.

McKee remains in custody pending the inquiry to determine if he will stand trial.

Iovinelli said outside court he likely won’t make a decision on whether to apply for bail for his client until after the May 27-28 hearing.

Without giving too much away, we've been led to understand that McKee might face an interesting witness or two.

In the meantime, one of the suspected targets of McKee, Tyler Sturrup, appears to be still in jail (read about it here and here). Indications are that Robert Reitmeier has been released, but we have no up to date information on the whereabouts of Kevin Brozny.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unexpected Kudos to Blazing Cat Fur, Sassy Wire and Friend of the Blog Jay Currie

We know! We're as surprised as anyone, but we have to give genuine credit where credit is justifiably and deservedly due.

We here at the ARC Collective make a point of exposing racists to public scrutiny. And we like to think that we're pretty damn good at it. We figure out who the racists are are and, if it is warranted based on their behavior (i.e. racist marches, flyering university campus' with hate propaganda, running racist and antisemitic websites and blogs, committing acts of violence, etc), we let the public know who they are, what they believe, and why people should care. Certainly even racists have the right to be racists (unless they're in violation of the criminal code or, and it will hopefully be determined one way or the other soon, in contravention of sec. 13 of the Human Rights Act) but as we believe the public has a right to be informed, we exercise our free speech rights as well.

Sometimes, we get scooped. Usually it's by Dr. Dawg or M.J. Murphy, but in this case, and we're almost embarassed to admit it, we were scooped by not one, not two, but three conservative blogs.

Earlier this month, Sassy Wire ran a story concerning a Rene Scherger, a Calgary city foreman with Parks and Recreation. Scherger once operated a virulently antisemitic blog containing links to other equally hateful websites. And Sassy Wire managed to track Scherger down, identify him, and publish why people should care. The article resulted in a number of comments, including some by a woman who seems to be a bit off her kilter who defended Scherger and made some pretty outlandish accusations which Sassy Wire addresses.

Now, Sassy Wire managed to do something that we here at the Collective have only rarely managed to do. Sassy Wire caught the attention of the mainstream media who proceeded to publish a story based on the original blog post:

City investigates anti-Semitic blog
Last Updated: 12th January 2010, 9:44am

The blogs are filled with venom and scorn for the Jewish religion. That much is obvious.
What isn’t so cut-and-dry is whether the alleged owner of the websites, a City of Calgary employee, can be punished for poisonous posts targeting Judaism and Zionism.

A full investigation of the employee, a 56-year-old foreman with Parks and Recreation, was launched Monday after the existence of at least two anti-Jewish blogs, both linked to the man, was revealed to city officials.

Described by one online watchdog as “one of the most twisted blogs you’ll ever see,” the sites both contain stories and articles targeting members of the Jewish religion, as well as anti-Jewish artwork.

The city is taking the matter very seriously, especially as one of the blogs and a Facebook site under the same name lists the City of Calgary and the Parks department as the man’s employer, for more than 30 years.

City officials confirm there is a foreman with Parks of the same name, and as a result, the city’s top lawyer has launched an investigation.

“We just became aware of the issue, so we are doing our investigation to determine an appropriate response — we need to determine a few facts, and then we can respond to this,” said City Solicitor Paul Tolley.

That the websites in question aren’t directly connected to the City of Calgary doesn’t necessarily protect the employee, whom the Sun has chosen not to name for now.

The city’s code of conduct for staff can include behaviour and actions outside of work hours, said Tolley.

“Sometimes the actions of an employee outside of the workplace can impact on their employment with the city and that’s something we’ll have to investigate,” said Tolley.

Given that the blogs in question contain vitriol towards Jews, Tolley acknowledges that a key question maybe the alleged owner’s role as a foreman, supervising people of all races and religions.

“That would be part of it, overall, but I can’t really say much about it, because I don’t want to compromise the investigation,” said Tolley.

The sites, updated as recently as August, came to the attention of the city and this newspaper after being highlighted on a separate, anti-racism blogsite, under the heading “Canadian Jew Hating Freak of the Day”.

The keeper of that blog included a warning to Calgarians: “FYI to all – If you live in Calgary you should know that you’re paying this guy’s salary. He works for the city in the parks and rec. dept. as a foreman.”

The websites connected to the anti-Jew blogs are a maze of links, containing conspiracy theories and essays aimed mainly at the Jewish religion, which is condemned as racist, power-hungry and corrupt.

It doesn’t appear the alleged owner of the blogs actually writes the material, though anti-Jewish words apparently penned by the same man can be found on plenty of online comment forums, under the same unique user handle.

As well, his Facebook page connects to one of the anti-Jewish blogs, where he is listed as owner.
Still, when contacted through an email address listed on one of the anti-Jewish blogs, the man denied running the website.

“What investigation? I went to the site and it is not my blogsite,” he wrote back.

The man did acknowledge a connection to the anti-Jewish site, but failed to explain why he was named as owner, complete with his age, occupation and profile picture.

“I am a follower as I am of many blogs, forums, websites and social sites,” he wrote.

And so the city, deserving of praise for launching an immediate investigation, will be forced to untangle the online mess.

The local Jewish community is taking a wait-and-see stance over the alleged connection to the City of Calgary, though leaders with the community wasted no time condemning the blogs.

“The places where the links take you are appalling and unfortunately, like many other inventions which benefit mankind, the web can be used for negative purposes,” said Calgary Jewish Community spokesman Adam Singer.

“There are parts of the web which have become a cesspool.”

While we do think that calling Sassy Wire an, "anti-racist website" might be a bit of a stretch (an anti-racist would be well aware of what has been happening in Calgary for some time), we admit that the person running it did do some solid investigative work.

Later, Blazing Cat Fur (BCF) of, "married to Kathy Shaidle" fame picked up the Sassy Wire blog posts which resulted in the following two comments:

Josephine: This is beyond disgusting

BCF: I agree, glad we can publicize him;)

BCF later adds while comenting on another blog post on the same subject:

I'm inclined to agree Rabbit, I doubt they would or should have any jurisdiction. If he has committed a criminal act that may be another matter. I think the public scorn should be sufficient punishment.

Finally, BCL's regulars kindly posted a number of links connected to Scherger.

To add insult to our humiliation over being scooped, friend of the blog Jay Currie (point of fact is, we actually don't thik that he likes us ver much) continued to discuss the story, adding a barb at ARC's expense. When he discussed the importance of making Scherger's name public, Jay Currie provided the following explanation:

Point and shun seems about right to me. Being a moron, even an anti-semitic moron, should not be, in itself, a firing offence. However, this guy is apparently a foreman and, as such exercises control over others. Some of whom may be Jews. Then his views might well be relevant to job performance.

Not all were in agreement though. Louise of "The Stubble Jumping Redneck" offered this dissenting view:

I’m afraid I have to disagree. He should be fired. The City of Calgary also has a reputation to protect. Keeping him on implies they have no problem with this kind of screwball thinking and it makes them complicit. I’m sure they have some sort of code of conduct governing their employees and after all, it’s the Calgary taxpayer that is paying his wages.

Now, point of fact is that we at the ARC Collective were aware of who Rene Scherger was and is (oh, he's another friend of Paul Fromm by the way). We were in the process of gathering information about him, but we had put him on the back burner as we were busy with other matters at the time. We were unaware of the blogs he operated or the other sites he was involved with and had we known we would have bumped him up on the list of things to do. However, we dropped the ball on this particular story.

Thankfully, and even though we will disagree on almost every other issue, at least on this topic Sasy Wire, BCF and Jay Currie picked up that ball and ran with it. We know that none of them will care that we want to give them credit, but in the spirit of not being partisan we feel that we have to recognize their efforts in this case.

Well done. You deserve the credit that you've earned through your work on this issue.

Christie and Fromm seek intervenor status in BC polygamy trial

Looks like Dougie has his finger in another pot.

B.C. polygamy trial draws odd list of interveners
By Daphne Bramham, Canwest News Service
January 27, 2010

VANCOUVER — A free-speech group allied with Holocaust deniers, women's advocates and fundamentalist Mormons are among those looking to have their say at a B.C. trial that will determine the constitutionality of Canada's anti-polygamy law.

They are seeking intervener status in the case, which would let them and the others call evidence and question witnesses during the B.C. Supreme Court trial.

In October, B.C. Attorney General Mike de Jong asked the B.C. Supreme Court to clarify the controversial anti-polygamy law, and rule on whether it violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.A date for the trial has not been set.

Winston Blackmore and James Oler — two men charged with practising polygamy more than a year ago — have sought intervener status. Charges against the men were eventually quashed.

Blackmore is the leader of one faction of fundamentalist Mormons living in the community of Bountiful in southeastern British Columbia.

Oler is the Canadian bishop of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is led by Warren Jeffs. Jeffs has been convicted in Utah as an accomplice to rape and is in jail in Arizona awaiting trial on similar charges there. He has also been charged federally for evading prosecution and for other sex-related crimes in Texas.

In addition to Oler and Blackmore, the Canadian Association for Free Expression has registered for intervener status.

It is represented by lawyer Doug Christie. On its website, the association describes Holocaust denier David Irving as a "a revisionist historian" who has been "banned by the thought police in Canada" and calls on the German government to release Ernst Zundel from prison. Zundel is another Holocaust denier who was deported from Canada.

The B.C. Teachers' Federation, which has long lobbied the government to enforce the anti-polygamy section of the Criminal Code in Bountiful, B.C., has applied for status, as has Nancy Mereska, who is the co-ordinator of the group Stop Polygamy in Canada. The West Coast Women's Legal Education and Action Fund has also signed up.

© Copyright (c) Canwest News Service

Now, considering that at least Paulie has decried same sex marriage legislation in the recent past as an abomination, we wonder if, in the case of polygamy, if he's going to be fer't or agin't?

Then again, the residents are all White. Will that make a difference in their views?


UPDATE: We need to read more carfully. If CAFE is seeking intervener status, of course Paulie is as well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on W.E.B. Members Arrest

We received more information that might be related to as the yet unconfirmed report (aside from an incredibly reliable source) that at least three members of the Aryan Guard splinter group W.E.B. (Robert Reitmeier, Tyler Sturrup and Kevin Brozny) are currently in police custody. On Thursday (January 21), 7 to 8 neo-Nazis entered a bar called Republik. After 10 minutes of obnoxious behavior, including seig heiling and in general making the rest of the patrons feel uncomfortable, the management or doorman contacted the police gang unit who, when they arrived, escorted the boneheads from the bar. Based on the facial tattoos, our source can confirm that Reitmeier was numbered amongst this group, along with at least one other individual with an Aryan Guard tattoo.

We don't yet know if this incident was related to the arrest that is believed to have occurred the earlier this week of the three W.E.B. members.

UPDATE: We received information from a friend (and a snippy response from someone who is not a friend) that the incident occurred on Thursday of last week rather than the night before the arrests. The changes have been made to reflect the more accurate informaton.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Never forget.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

W.E.B. Members Arrested???

No details yet, and we're not entirely sure if the information is correct, but a source has let us know that three members of W.E.B. may currently be in jail having been arrested some time yesterday.

We'll do what we can to confirm or refute this news. In the meantime, check your aquarium to make sure that you have still have all your lobsters.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dustyn Johnson, we may have further confirmation:

And as our source had earlier stated, the W.E.B. members in question are Robert Reitmeier, Tyler Sturrup (who was one of the targets of McKee's alleged pipe bomb attack) and Kevin Brozny (freak in white tank top at last year's White Pride march). The first name blacked out is Reitmeier's brother; we presume he was too high to have known his brother was in jail. The second name blacked out it, again, the "Nazi Mom" of the Winnipeg child custody dispute. Wow, she sure does get around, doesn't she?

Still working on why they were arrested.

Left to right: Kevin Brozny, Dustyn Johnson, Tyler Sturrup, Robert Reitmeier

Monday, January 25, 2010

You Think We're Getting Under Their Skin? Boneheads Talk About the ARC Collective

Well, "talk" might not be an apt term. Cry, whine, bitch, drool, utter monosyllabic grunts, draw stick figures with big "x" marks over them.... these might all be more accurate.

First, we received a note from one of our fans who goes by the name "Scarborough":
anti racist canada is a joke all talk to action get all the imformation u need to do somthing and just dont i dont get the whole point of this you are all fucking morons last time u guys came to scarborough posting pics you fled like babys pull up your socks boys get a new game plan cuae youo are acomplishing absolutly nothing but invading privacy or people fucking communist pigs

It's Mike Gaio, isn't it? Come on! It's got to be Gaio!

Shall we dissect? Yes, we believe we shall:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Richard Martin In Jail. Girlfriend Out On Bail

It's been a while since we've discussed Richard Martin (whom we lovingly refer to as Lurch). Our readers were first introduced to Martin as a result of his vandalizing a store in Toronto and posting the pictures on Facebook. Later, his friends tried to defend him. So we laughed and made fun of them. Twice.

We had sent the information to the police in Toronto, but we're not sure if they did anything. And who could blame them? It's not as if we sent them pictures of Martin in the act of setting fire to a flag at the business. Oh, we did do that? Our bad.

Well, an alert reader let us know that Richard is currently in jail and asked if we knew why:

A little digging around on "Izzy's" profile lead us to this post:

If our readers have any more details, we'd be very, very interested in learning more about the circumstances behind Martin's current incarceration.

Have we mentioned that he's yet another person in legal trouble who is associated with Paul Fromm?

Double Standards? Our Take on the Postering At the University of Calgary

Our readers will remember that we had posted a request regarding posters that had been placed in the University of Calgary advising students that a member of the Aryan Guard was a student there. We had requested, and the group that put them up (Anti-Racist Action Calgary) agreed based on our explanation, that they be removed. We didn't expand on the reasons here at the time, but we will do so now.

The posters contained information that unfortunately resulted in someone suffering harassment who was not the subject of the flyering campaign but who by coincidence matched a lot of the details found on the poster. As the group who put the posters up used this website as a source and included our url on the poster, this young woman contacted us with her concerns. We then looked up the email of ARA Calgary and explained the situation. While we made the request on behalf of the innocent young woman, ARA Calgary agreed that the appropriate action would be to end the postering campaign until changes could be made.

That, we believe, is something else that separates groups who oppose racists from the racists. When groups on our side learn that something like what occurred to the young university student happen, we do our best to help. The other side wouldn't care.

Sorry "Black Sonnen" (who is definitely not Natalie... nope, definitely not... ha!). No rift, but thanks for playing. We've some lovely parting gifts for you though.

Now, though the postering campaign ended (and there's no reason to think that a modified postering campaign might not be started again later), it still did catch the attention of Paul Fromm (we include excerpts below from his Stormfront post):

The campus of the University of Calgary has been blanketed by an inflammatory poster harassing and targetting a second year female student who has been an activist in the Aryan Guard [You mean the gang who's members assaulted a Japanese woman, attacked the home of two anti-racist activists not once, not twice, but three times, pipe bombed the home of a rival racist gang and tried to attack a Calgary transit worker?]. The group doing this is Anti-Racism Action, Calgary, apparently in conjunction with a website called Anti Racism Canada [Anti-Racist Canada, thank you very much Paulie!], which is run by anonymous people, although Richard Warman's legal documents seem to appear up there even before the printer's ink seems dry on them [What are you trying to say?]

ARA-Calgary, some of whose circle assaulted peaceful marchers at last the March 21 White Pride Parade in Calgary, has been headed by a perennial Communist Party of Canada candidate Jason Devine. He ran most recently in the 2008 federal election in Calgary East, piling up a mere 323 votes and finishing dead last just 20,988 votes behind the Conservative winner [Uhm, people in glass houses, Paulie…]...

The Anti Racism Canada website has been featuring and baiting [Pot calling the kettle black here, we thinks] Miss Sonne [Not her real name] for several months, publishing her pictures and emphasizing that she is a university student [Yes, she is. We need to provide accurate information to our readers, Paulie].

This postering technique seems based on Richard Warman's strategy announced in a speech by the same name to a conference sponsored by the ARA inToronto in August, 2005 -- "Maximum Disruption : Shutting Down the Neo-Nazis By (Almost) Any Means Necessary."

In 2006, a motley band of about 25 ARA, flying the flag of communist Cuba, arrived in a bus that an ARA sign thanked Richard Warman for paying for [Guess the Nazis didn't get the joke], and demonstrated outside the Port Credit townhouse of Paul Fromm [Freedom of speech and assembly Paulie. Were you physically attacked or did they merely hurt your feelings?], Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression who had clashed with Warman as he defended many of Warman's victims in Sec. 13 Internet tribunals [And a bang-up job you've done there, Paulie; a half eaten cheese sandwich would have been less of an embarrassment as an advocate]. The ARA twice leafletted Mr. Fromm's neighbours making wild and defamatory remarks. This is a tactic used by homosexual radicals called "outing" -- denouncing a person in front of his co-workers or neighbours in an effort to get them to ostracize, exclude or hurt that person. Warman later denied paying for the bus, but, signifcantly for such a litigious person who sues people who criticize him, as far as we know never sued the ARA for their supposed misinformation [Or maybe he doesn't really care about the insignificant, and sort of funny, stuff like you do?].

Well, the righteous anger unleashed by Paulie's post! It could be summed up in this post by Cydonia:

Sadly, Cydonia is quite incorrect. The posts we've made here are perfectly legal and contain accurate information concerning our subjects (we never wrote anything about flattering though). As public figures who have willingly made themselves targets and who court public attention, we are fully within our rights to profile their membership on these pages. We also challenge our detractors to find anywhere on this blog where the ARC Collective suggests anyone be harassed or assaulted. In fact, when some of our readers suggest such a course of action take place, we refuse to print their comments and have warned that calls for violence will be not be tolerated here.

But let's assume Cydonia is correct and that we've violated the law in some way. Then perhaps she (we assume Cydonia is a she based on past writings) will equally condemn her own forum moderator OdinPatrick for doing exactly the same thing:

Protesters tracked down by 'neo-Nazis'

When protesters prevented an American writer and speaker who calls himself a "race realist" from speaking at the Lord Nelson Hotel on the night of Jan. 16, they hardly expected to be tracked down by members of a large white supremacist website.

Some protesters, and at least one person who was at Jared Taylor's speech just to observe, have had their personal information posted on, a white supremacist website. Some have even had pictures taken of their homes.

Brad Religion (the last name is a pseudonym he commonly uses) and his roommate Aaron both live at a Halifax house they call Woozley Farm. The two were at the Taylor protest and have had quite a bit of their personal information placed on the Internet since that time, including pictures of their house.

"A lot of the information was already on our myspaces or what have you," says Aaron, referring to the popular social networking site. "The biggest thing was having one of the Nazis in town come and take pictures."

Sean MacGillivray is the site administrator and moderator of, a website where some of the protesters are members, and he has been in contact with the moderator of He was told the supremacists took the pictures to try and protect themselves.

"(It was) all done under the premise that they can avoid these places because an unruly mob might come storming out of the building and randomly beat them," says MacGillivray. "It's preposterous."

MacGillivray says it's unlikely that the information was posted on to protect the site's members.

"The obvious underlying reason for posting this information is that some wing nut, who might not even have an account, is going to get hold of that information and do something violent. That is the part that has my users scared. That is the part that's really, really insidious."

The moderator of accused two reporters of trying to set him up and refused to talk to them.

Mark Black is the member of who brought the accusations to light.

Black sometimes works as a freelancer for The Coast and was at Taylor's attempted speech to see if he could write a story about the event. He was only present to observe, but was later accused of being a protester.

Black has a Myspace profile with a plug-in called spyspace that allows him to see who has visited his profile and where they were linked from.

"I saw a link from and thought 'that's weird. Why would my Myspace be linked from'" says Black.

That's when he found the thread accusing himself, along with Brad and Aaron, of assaulting Taylor.

Black joined the site to clarify the events of that evening. His assertion that he was not involved in the protest was accepted, but he was then accused of being an accessory and accomplice.

Black has since made his Myspace profile private in an effort to protect his friends and family from being associated with the situation.

"I'd rather my parents not get a call in at three in the morning calling me a commie," says Black.

None of the accused have contacted the police yet.

Aaron is opposed for ideological reasons, saying that the police "enforce the laws of an illegitimate system."

Brad agrees with Aaron on ideological basis, and adds that, at this point, there is nothing the police can do about the matter.

"What would we go to the police about at this point? Neo-Nazis have become very effective in knowing what lines they can and can't cross in terms of legality," says Brad.

"The most the police could do at this point is say 'when they do something illegal, call us.' The unfortunate part of the matter is that it's not much good to call the police when there's Nazis at the door with baseball bats," says Brad. "At that point, it's too late."

As for harassment and intimidation:

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, Cydonia.

We'll leave our readers with one last reason why people at the University of Calgary, a multiethnic institution, should care about Natalie "Sonne." Regarding the tragedy in Haiti, Natalie posted this on her Facebook profile:

UPDATE (January 25): We've received information that there ae new posters up on campus. If anyone has any pictures, we'd be interested in seeing them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paul Fromm and the Company He Keeps: Kevin Goudreau

So the racists are continuing to behave as expected in the aftermath of the catastrophe in Haiti (again, we urge our readers to continue to support aid agencies who are raising money for Haitian relief). They also continue to put their feet in their mouths. Case in point a Stormfront member maligning not only Haiti, but also the Dominican Republic and every other nation in the Caribbean:

This particular post reminded of someone. We couldn't put our fingers on in it immediately, but then we remembered a recent Paul Fromm photograph.

Here is Paulie sunning his svelte, tanned torso after having been beached on the shores of the Dominican Republic. Our best guess is he was trying to avoid anyone named Queequeg and, according to "patientman" perhaps looking for a little something more?

Actually, while we might have a bit of fun with this, we really don't believe that Paulie would travel to the Dominican Republic to participate in the sex tourism industry; we think he'd be flustered and scandalized by such a prospect. That, and we think that most women being paid for sex have higher standards. However, his vacation in a "non-White" nation does highlight his hypocrisy concerning non-European travelers and immigrants to Western countries.

But, that's the Paulie we've come to know and loathe.

As he does whenever a major (or minor) event occurs in the news, Paulie is now trying to use it to further his own racist agenda. His recent posts on Facebook and Stormfront have been rife with anti-Hatian hatred, including this particular gem:

So craven is Paulie in his efforts to diminish the suffering of the "primitives" in Haiti as he derisively refers to them and to appeal to the base nature of some individuals that he's created a Facebook group to promote his case:

Now Paulie has claimed that he doesn't hate anyone, but then he attracts people like this to his group:

Ah, crazy Kevin Goudreau. Last time we really spoke about Goudreau he was alienating himself from everyone in the racist movement in Canada. Or so we thought. Seems he still has some friends, and one of those friends is Paul Fromm.


"But ARC Collective," We hear you cry, "Fromm thinks Goudreau is crazy and has said as such publicly! Even Fromm wouldn't foster a relationship with this nutbar!"

We hear you, and at one point would have agreed. In fact, not a year has passed when Fromm said this about Goudreau who had apparently come completely unglued after his breakup with Alicia Reckzin:

He's a serious whack job and has been for over 12 years. He's spouting fool drool.

However, things appear to have changed in their relationship.

"Oh please! Just because Goudreau posted a message on Fromm's Facebook group doesn't mean that they're buddies now. You're grasping at straws!"

Now, now, no need to shout. We have more evidence. Goudreau is also claiming to have spoken at a meeting organized by Paulie this past January 15:

Now, we can anticipate the next argument:

"Yes, but Goudreau is delusional! This is a guy who thinks he's going to win elective office, has a weird obsession with Facebook (yes, pot calling kettle black here, we know) and flies off the handle at ever slight, perceived or otherwise. Not to mention, he's creepy as hell!"

Yes, we get that. But that no longer seems to bother Paulie:

So in other words, a guy who said this and this is considered now to be a valuable ally of Paul Fromm.

Paulie, we knew times for you were rough, but we never thought you'd sink to this level. It would almost be sad if it weren't as funny as hell.

Don't @#$% With Richard Warman: Part V

You think they'll ever learn?

"Richard Warman is pleased to announce that he will be discontinuing his libel actions against the National Post and their employees Jonathan Kay and Kelly McParland. Mr. Warman notes that the allegations in question were retracted by the National Post and that subsequent negotiations have led to a satisfactory settlement agreement."

So, speechies..... how's your day been?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don Andrews Courting Public Humiliation By Running For Mayor. Again

Don, Don, Don.....

We'd asked if you had any dignity remaining after your other public humiliations, but we're afraid that would have been a rhetorical question.

Yes, Donald Andrews, "leader" of the Nationalist Party of Canada, is running for mayor.

I registered as a candidate for Mayor of the City of Toronto on January 8th. I fancy the number eight as my lucky number

Hold the presses! Actually, that's one of Donnie's big complaints. Seems the Toronto media isn't taking Mr. Andrews' run seriously and he is righteously outraged!

We wish to protest to you and your newspaper the injustice of failing to mention the candidacy of Don Andrews for Mayor of Toronto in your coverage of the Toronto 2010 Municipal Election.

It is the height of unfairness and bias when the news media only focuses on one or two "approved" candidates and deliberately misinforms the voters by censoring or omitting coverage or even mention of all those who legally register as Mayoralty candidates.

We ask that you publish a full and complete list of all candidates for Mayor of Toronto and update it when needed, so that all voters are fully and fairly informed.

Toronto, Ontario
January 9, 2010

Don Andrews is quite familiar with another individual who frequents these pages. Don and Paul Fromm both go way back together and founding members/founders of the Edmund Burke Society, later the overtly neo-Nazi Western Guard. While a member of the Western Guard, Donnie was sentenced to two years in prison for conspiring to murder members of the Israeli soccer team and was the first person in Canada to ever be charged for willfully promoting hatred in 1975.

But whereas Paulie gets to hobnob with White Nationalist luminaries like Kyle McKee, Kevin Goudreau and Terry Tremaine, poor Donnie has almost been forgotten. Except for his (or his little buddy Bob Smith's) pathetic election campaigns.

Keep on reaching for that rainbow Donnie!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crisis In Haiti: Racists React According to Form

EDIT: If you're more interested in helping the people of Haiti than you are reading the views on the crisis of racists, go to the end of this article to the links. Please be generous.

Want to stick it to a Nazi? Donate to Haitian relief.

We, along with most of our readers, have been following coverage of the Haiti disaster. Between 50,000 and 500,000 men, women and children may be counted amongst the dead - the true extent of the loss of life is likely to be unknown for some time -- and millions more have been left with nothing.

When events such as that which has occurred in Haiti happen, it often brings out the best in people. Rather than looking at the irrelevancies of race, creed, nationality or politics, we look to try and help fellow human beings who are in desperate need for support. We can talk about the reasons for the systemic poverty in Haiti and the democracy deficit that helped to exasperate the problem, but this isn't the time. Right now people need to help the people of Haiti and so far we've seen people and groups from all sides of the political spectrum put aside petty arguments (for the most part) to get to the real matter at hand.

All, except for racists we cover here.

We debated whether or not to publish this story or the screen shots that will accompany it. In the end we decided to publish for two reasons:

First, these groups and people claim that they, "don't hate" anyone and that they are merely, "proud to be White." Events such as the Haitian catastrophe serve to elucidate the true character of these racists.

Second, perhaps reading the real views of these thugs once they've dropped the mask covering the true extent of their hatred will light a fire under some of our readership which result in more being done to help the people of Haiti.

Here now are the views to the Canadian racists who say they don't hate:

From Calgary's own Aryan Guard:

A Canadian poster on the Blood and Honour forums:

Canadian Stormfront members posts:

Don't worry Noble (above screen shot). We're more than pleased to provide the entirety of your comment so that the context isn't lost. It doesn't help.

Our resident delusional Nazi in Ottawa, Kevin Goudreau:

Another Calgary based Nazi sympathizer closely linked to members of the Aryan Guard (and who himself is a former inmate):

The defacto leader of Canada's racist movement Paul Fromm's views:

And, because we have some visitors from across the pond on occasion, here is the leader of the BNP Nick Griffin and some of the membership of the British Nationalist Party...

... followed by two more Brits:

By the way, the person who's name and face (partially) blacked out in the above screen shot is that of the "Nazi Mom" of the infamous Winnipeg Nazi custody case. You know, the one who claimed she never taught her children to hate anyone?

Now, if you've managed to get through this article and are completely disgusted (as a normal human being would be), we would ask our readers to take a look at the following links. We aren't interested in the politics of each individual organization. What is needed is immediate monetary assistance.

And please, be generous:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

In Defence of Section 13

We've been a bit busy (specifics are related to the natural and human catastrophe in Haiti) but we thought we'd provide our readers with the following link:

LEAF Submissions to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights: Review of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

LEAF is one of the largest and most respected woman's legal organization in Canada and has been involved in a great deal of the litigation advancing the rights of women over the years. The information found in the link contains a legal and historical background of section 13.