Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on W.E.B. Members Arrest

We received more information that might be related to as the yet unconfirmed report (aside from an incredibly reliable source) that at least three members of the Aryan Guard splinter group W.E.B. (Robert Reitmeier, Tyler Sturrup and Kevin Brozny) are currently in police custody. On Thursday (January 21), 7 to 8 neo-Nazis entered a bar called Republik. After 10 minutes of obnoxious behavior, including seig heiling and in general making the rest of the patrons feel uncomfortable, the management or doorman contacted the police gang unit who, when they arrived, escorted the boneheads from the bar. Based on the facial tattoos, our source can confirm that Reitmeier was numbered amongst this group, along with at least one other individual with an Aryan Guard tattoo.

We don't yet know if this incident was related to the arrest that is believed to have occurred the earlier this week of the three W.E.B. members.

UPDATE: We received information from a friend (and a snippy response from someone who is not a friend) that the incident occurred on Thursday of last week rather than the night before the arrests. The changes have been made to reflect the more accurate informaton.


Hate4WEB said...

Good, keep them in jail. We don't need obnoxious scum on the streets harassing bystanders.

Anonymous said...

You think pushing hard drugs is far more serious than harassing bystanders? These people are pure scum, skinheads or not. They are not productive members of society.

TorontoSHARP said...

The are also not skinheads, at all, never have been or never will be. Skinheads have pride. There is no pride at all in WEB or the AG

Affliction D said...

Toronto SHARP hammered the Nail into the cross. These guys defame real Skinheads everywhere. A lot of those real cats are upstanding guys, who get a bad rap from these ass holes. Good bye WEB, We Will Not Remember You.

~The Afflicted