Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Your Ward News Hate Rag Update

Well, this happened today:

Because providing personal information to someone (Sears) with a history of engaging in harassment and who has close connections with neo-Nazi and their supporters can't be all THAT bad:

Yeah, however decided to release that information really is a special kind of stupid.

Prior to this, with the exception of James Sears' bravado on Twitter regarding criminal charges being brought against him by Warren and Lisa Kinsella, there wasn't a great deal of commentary from the usual suspects. However Larry McCurry eventually chimed in to offer his $0.02:

Hell, it's more likely that McCurry is worried about having to find another job.

Monday, June 26, 2017

June 25 And The WCAI: Not To Beat A Dead Horse, But....

Look, I know that ARC has spending an inordinate amount of time focused on the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and their MEGA Rally in Calgary this past weekend. As a result I haven't had time to focus on other stories such as Ronny Cameron (poor, poor, snowflake) being humiliated at Toronto's Pride Parade because someone said something mean to him; got to grow a thicker skin there buddy. Or the more concerning activities of the JDL and Ontario chapter of the Canadian Combat Coalition (CCC). And then there's fact that the Guardians of Alberta have now merged with the CCC under the latter's name.

But really, covering the WCAI MEGA Rally has been somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Besides, I can't allow the principle organizers of the event, silent until now, to not have their say in how the event fared.

For example, Ryan Dean of the CCC stated that in spite of the roadblocks, the rally was actually a complete success and that somehow it was an ingenious plan to manipulate the counter-protesters.... somehow. Really, he doesn't exactly provide a great deal of detail on that part:

Take notice of the physical position of the Patriots... placed on a higher ground.
Dude, it's not like you stormed the beaches of Normandy and scaled Pointe du Hoc to take out German artillery under heavy fire. You were escorted up a flight of stairs while people made fun of you then, after you were done, entered into an air conditioned building and took a group photo. That, and the only people ARC knows to have a criminal record are your co-organizer as well as the WCAI Saskatchewan "captain".

Sunday, June 25, 2017

WCAI Anti-Muslim Hate Group June 25 Pretty Much Quelled

So it has been a few hours since the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) which is primarily (though not necessarily exclusively) an anti-Muslim hate group held their MEGA Rally at Calgary City Hall. The media did cover the event, something that DeLuca had hoped would happen because then they, "couldn't be ignored":
But as all these stories, including the following from CTV News Calgary, show, it is how insignificant the WCAI really is:
A Sunday afternoon gathering of roughly 30 members and supporters of a group with an anti-Muslim stance was met by more than 100 vocal opponents during the event in the plaza outside the Calgary municipal building.
To put this into further perspective, there were as many police officers separating the WCAI members and their supporters from the anti-fascist and other counter-protesters.

That, ladies and gentlemen, has to be considered a failure considering Joey DeLuca promised an event that would change the way Canada sees anti-Muslim protests. He promised live bands, international guest speakers, food, children's entertainment, a dancing pig mascot, and most importantly hundreds, if not thousands, of supporters many of whom were to have traveled to Canada from the United States.

Aside from Bill Finlay who was arrested upon landing and sent back to Florida within hours, it doesn't look like many (if any) Americans traveled north of the border to support the WCAI protest.

That's got to sting,

At this point the main organizers and spokespeople -- Joe DeLuca, Jesse Wielenga, and Ryan Dean -- have been silent. However our friends from the Cultural Action Party have commented on how wildly successful the protest was:

Yes, the Cultural Action Party did indeed come in full force.... all two of them.

Dude, I know that you're trying to polish a turd, but this really isn't helping.

Even an old Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour supporter who attended pretty much all of the "White Pride" marches organized by Kyle McKee and co. wasn't at all impressed:

"Alleged event."


Considering DeLuca has spent much of the last three months hyping June 24 25 by making fun of the efforts of other groups who could only manage 20 to 30 people, this has to sting:

Yeah, we're all laughing at you Joey.

I'll leave you with Tom of Community TV (check out his YouTube channel) who gave ARC permission to post his take on the event:


Tom has uploaded a full length video detailing the events of the day:

WCAI Anti-Muslim Hate Group June 25 Protest Information

This post will be continually updated as information comes in.

So far, all seems quite at Olympic Plaza based on a couple of posts by a Canadian Combat Coalition supporter:

Myatt and "Proudboy" Georges Massaad seem to be on their way though:

As of 12:30, only police seem to be present:

It should be noted that Coker appears to also be a supporter of the Sons of Odin. 

There is evidence that they will be arriving in substantially smaller numbers than they had claimed based on video posted to the Canadian Combat Coalition Facebook group. While I can't get a video from the site due to the settings of the group, I did get this particular screen shot which will probably be emblematic of the uplifting tone of the protest soon to take place:

At 12:47, Saskatchewan WCAI "captain" Christopher Hayes provides a bit of a tease.

At 1:00, indication that the WCAI hate group and supporters are on their way to Olympic Plaza:

Doesn't look particularly "mega" at this point, does it?

1:05, they are at Olympic Plaza. For what they billed as a family friendly festival, they aren't behaving so family friendly.

1:15: Yes Jesse, you do bravely turn your back to the counter-protesters.... though I can't help noticing the wall of police officers between you and them. Still, very, very, brave of you.... I suppose?

Fyi, Tom from Community TV out of Medicine Hat says he smelled rum on Wielenga's breath during the protest.

Steven Myatt is also live streaming the event:

Photo taken at around 1:20. Looks sort of.... not mega at all actually:

Now the videos of the speeches begin. Video will follow as soon as they are done.

1:25: Joey DeLuca and Jesse Wielenga are speaking.... poorly.

1:32: Christopher Hayes is speaking claiming that his arrest and conviction for threatening to kill Prime Minister Trudeau as evidence that they are being oppressed and free speech is being taken away. Chris, baby, you aren't helping your case.

The live video is interspersed with homophobic slurs, btw.

1:34: Brad Salzberg attacking immigrants, Muslims, refugees, LGTBQ, Sikhs, and everyone not white and calling Trudeau a traitor. By the way, the one Sikh guy who joined the WCAI protest might be feeling a bit uncomfortable right about now.

Based on reports, it looks as if 25 - 35 WCAI supporters have shown up to protest. But don't let Joey hear you don't think it is MEGA!

I thought DeLuca organized this event to show how to do an event and made fun of those who organized small rallies with only a few people showing up.

1:44: Devon Mannix going on and on about "old stock Canadians" again. He's also bitching about Bill Finlay not being allowed into Canada, refers to non-Christian religions as "barbaric" (again dude, there's a Sikh with you buddy) and that Canada is a Christian nation. Believes those opposed to multiculturalism and Islam are the silent majority who will "take their country back."

But they aren't racists....

1:55: After some thoughtful and learned banter between Jesse Wielenga and Ryan Dean in which the word "fuck" was used fewer than 4 times in 10 seconds (well done boys), Sandra Solomon speaking now. Same boilerplate garbage she's been pedaling for a while now. Engages in a lot of self-promotion at the end. I can't help noticing that only 26 people are watching the video though:

In another video by Steven Myatt, DeLuca voices his disappointment in the protest at approx 7:55 of the video, an event which he had hoped would have been so much more than it turned out to be especially after mocking similarly attended protests. However, he says the next WCAI event will be yuge!!!

2:56: Well, no updates on the WCAI Canada Facebook page for a while now since the WCAI hate group and supporters moved into the building for a group photo so I suppose the protest at City Hall is over:

Looks like 29 to 35 people.
Now the action moves to Fish Creek Park where they are having the festival portion of the MEGA Patriot Unity Festival.

Oh.... you didn't think that we didn't know where the second part of the WCAI event was taking place, did you? Ryan Dean has been most accommodating in providing the details concerning the after party.

This may be updated with information concerning THAT event later. 

June 25: WCAI Protest Preliminaries

Late last night ARC received word the "Wild Bill for America" Finlay would not be making his much hyped appearance at the WCAI MEGA Patriot Unity Festival this Sunday Sunday Sunday because he was unfortunately detained.... by Canadian border officials at the Calgary International Airport.... and sent packing back to Florida.

As of this point, there really hasn't been any comment from DeLuca, Dean, Wielenga, or any of the other yobs attending the protest today, though the conspiracy theories and anger is certainly evident elsewhere:

Guess Who Has Two Thumbs and Will NOT Be Attending the WCAI MEGA Festival June 25.

This guy!

From a (rather biased) source:
Bill (Wild Bill for America) Finlay has been arrested at the airport in Calgary, Canada because he had "smuggled" so-called "hate speech" on his iPad! Bill went to speak at the WCAI (Worldwide Coalition Against Islam) anti-Islam event, by invitation. Bill is asking for our prayers and that we "rally the troops" in his defense! Many of his supporters, yours truly included, warned him of this possibility but he felt he was called to speak out against the violence Islam is bringing to our world and to speak the word of Christian truth to the Canadians. For those who don't know, Canada recently passed a national law prohibiting any anti-Islam speaking or written material. So much for "free speech" up north.
Yeah.... M103 isn't a law. "Wild" Bill Finlay was sent packing because Canada, as a sovereign country, has the right to exclude people from entering who are, to use the vernacular, assholes.

And Bill Finlay is an asshole.

Follow-up 1:
Follow-up 2:
Bill is on his way home to Florida but word is that "it's not over yet." Will keep you updated as soon as I have more news.
Follow-up 3:
UPDATE ON WILD BILL....Just heard from Bill again and this is what he told me.."Canada just decided to kick me out so I'm on my way home but it's not over yet. In addition to the unlawful detention, they seized my laptop to send to Ottawa for a 'forensic investigation,' they are determined to get me on something. Plus they are bringing in their tax authority to determine the tariff to slap on the smuggled contraband (my personal notes to myself on Islam's abuse of women and children). And my speech was about the importance of open and honest discussion without fear of the government dragging us away." And then in typical WB humor he said that the notes were written to himself and that no one could see them so he must have committed a hate crime against himself! All I could say at that point was Canada has some serious issues...guess their PM is an Angela Merkel clone.
We imagine that Joey DeLuca, Jesse Wielenga, and Ryan Dean have not yet heard of this development:

Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 24 Rallies and Protests and Preview of June 25

Today two events took place at Calgary City Hall. One was held in defence of Muslim-Canadians and a multicultural society. The other was organized by former WCAI ally Stephen Garvey who, only days before, had (rightfully) labeled the WCAI a hate group but who was now outraged that the WCAI wasn't given a permit to roast a pig, have live bands, and say horrible things about Muslims and immigrants.

Yeah, I know. Looks like Garvey is trying to have his cake and eat it too.

First, the rally supporting Muslims, immigrants, and a multicultural Alberta and Canada:
The event at City Hall was very nearly without incident. Speakers were good, and diverse. 
"Dirtbag" referred to
by ARC's interviewee
A few dudes from Street Church were snapping pics, and a few other shady fuckers were around including one dirtbag who I have tried to debate calmly in the past. He is, however, an explicit nationalist who has said flat out that he views the promotion of Islamophobia as a positive in Canada. He also says that all Muslim people are a threat, and that white people civilized the First Nations and that they were right in taking this land because the "Indians weren't doing anything with it." 
This individual acts like a typical douche and seeks what he feels are easy targets- often femme-presenting folks- and tries to "debate" them by painting all Islamic people with the same brush. Today, when he had bad luck arguing with people ore knowledgeable than him, including some of our Muslim comrades, he began to employ this tactic against a pair of young women in festival gear. The crowd then surrounded him and drowned him out, taking the focus off the women.
Before this event took place however, Stephen Garvey of the fringe political party the National Advancement Party was speaking at City Hall. Garvey was to have hosted an event at Rotary Park today as well (early reports suggest it may have been poorly attended, but the numbers ARC received were very early so I'll hold off on providing any details about that event). He decided to hold a press conference at City Hall though to voice his outrage at the prospect of a group he had just called a dangerous hate group days before being denied a permit to stage their rally:

I might mention here that there is nothing in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that requires allowing any individual or group use of public spaces for their private events; remember that the falling out between Garvey and the WCAI was because he invited Muslim groups and the mayor of the city to the June 24 rally at Rotary Park and DeLuca and others had explicitly stated Muslims were not welcome. And the fact is that the WCAI and allied groups are still holding a march to Olympic Plaza sort of puts their and Garvey's complaint about the suppression of their "free speech" to bed. Finally it really is hard to claim that you support "free speech" when you urge a police investigation of a person using her freedoms to warn Calgarians that hate mongers will be downtown on Sunday:

Yeah.... I somehow doubt that she is being investigated for warning people about the individuals with whom you once freely associated with and who you called a hate group after breaking with them.

So, given the.... er.... prominence of Stephen Garvey, one must imagine that many flocked to his call to City Hall today.

Apparently, not so much:
We got there while Garvey was speaking to media, and confronted him loudly- disrupting his conference. We were able to argue him into a corner where he said that if he was provided with screencaps of WCAI, III%, etc., using racist and hateful speech, that he would publicly denounce those organizations. 
As for his support, It was literally Garvey, his one other candidate (Sikh guy), and a dude who thought Muslims pray to Satan 17 times per day because he read it in Free Dictionary Online.
But the big event is happening Sunday Sunday Sunday at the Calgary Monster Jam!!!!

Sorry, but they really do present the event like it's a monster truck rally.

I mean, this Sunday when the WCAI, Canadian Combat Coalition, Proud Boys from Toronto, probably a smattering of III%ers and Soldiers of Odin, and most likely some of the Street Church yobs march to city hall:

Some of the folks who will be participating can be found below:

So let's do a bit of a run down of a few of these folks. We've already posted a lot about DeLuca, Wielenga, and Dean so we'll look at a few of the others.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WCAI: The Little Engine That Couldn't

In ARC's most recent article about the WCAI's seemingly futile efforts to get their MEGA Patriot Rally off the ground, we posted a video of Sandra Solomon and Jeff Sharpe confronting Stephen Garvey at the March For Jesus event in Calgary. Joey DeLuca of the WCAI was on the other end of the video which is why is was so poorly produced. There is however another video of the confrontation that began before DeLuca began filming in which a rather unhinged Solomon laments that Garvey, "ruined the whole event" by his actions:

In another video, snippets of which will be published in this article later featurs Joey DeLuca complaining bitterly about being betrayed while he was trying to deceive the city. You see, DeLuca admits the whole "Anti-Racism Festival" organized under the National Advancement Party of Canada label was a "front" for his anti-Muslim rally. ARC and those I'm working with already knew the Garvey event was a front, but it is nice that DeLuca so readily admitted that WCAI practice taqiyya (hey, if the Islamophobes are going to accuse Muslims of lying, or practicing "taqiyya" I might as well apply their own label when it applies so readily to the Islamophobes).

But just when everything looked so bleak, a miracle occurred and the anti-Muslim, Mega Patriot Unity Rally was back on track, albeit a day later:

His friends in the Canadian Combat Coalition and the Cultural Action Party were a little confused though about the location, believing that Olympic Park and Olympic Plaza were one in the same. Still, A for effort champs!

They eventually got the location correct, and boy oh boy, was Ryan Dean enthusiastic about promoting it!

Now, those who have stuck with this story from the start are probably wondering how it is that the WCAI, who had been denied a permit to hold their little hate festival in Olympic Plaza when they had first applied for it back in April, were now claiming to have a permit for the public space now:


Yet another cover:

The pastor with the Calgary Street Church was one of the speakers at the WCAI protest at Calgary City Hall on June 3. The group is also not unknown to the folks at City Hall either.

Tickled pink that believed that they had somehow managed to pull this off, oh ladies and gentlemen! You could cut the smug with a knife:

Well Ryan is right. I didn't have an article prepared discussing the new time and location.... probably because I, along with anti-fascists in Calgary, was working on making sure that it didn't happen.


Criminal Charges Laid Against James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine

ARC hasn't been focusing as much on the efforts by Warren and Lisa Kinsella to keep the hate rag "Your Ward News" off the streets, however there has been an update that I think is definitly worth sharing:

So far, aside from Sears claiming the charges are, "baseless" there isn't all that much from the peanut gallery. Paul Fromm is silent so far. Michelle Erstikaitis is still in prison and as a result not really open to deep discussion on the issue. Gary Schipper is nowhere.

The only half-hearted response is the mere inclusion of a link on Larry's Facebook wall:

On behalf of ARC (so.... me), I offer my congratulations to the Kinsella's for the work they've done thus far. I know it isn't even close to being the end, but this is another solid step in the right direction.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

WCAI Putting On Brave, If Also Transparent, Face After Yesterday's Dumpster Fire

It is funny how quickly half-assed best laid plans can fall apart so quickly. One minute you're planning a "MEGA Patriot Rally" that will be attended by between 500 and 100,500 people....

.... and another minute, well:

The fallout from this has continued with Joey DeLuca posting the following on Garvey's Facebook wall:

So apparently, knowing full well that an anti-Muslim rally wouldn't receive a permit, DeLuca used a proxy to get the permit needed to book the space for his little hate fest. But it would also seem that proxy, Garvey and his NAPC, seems to have thought they were partners in this deal and as someone with political aspirations who knew that excluding people based on religion from what was announced as a public event would be illegal, actually opened it up to Muslims.

Never mind that Garvey stated that he didn't think any Muslim would come and that this was all stage dressing to beat any possible accusations and subsequent legal troubles related to discrimination, DeLuca and his mini-me Ryan Dean lost their collective shit:

And now that they have decided they hate Stephen Garvey because he is "obviously" sympathetic to jihadists and sharia law (because.... duh!), Dean is trying to sabotage the NACP event that the WCAI and CCC were originally co-planning:

And it has continued offline as DeLuca and Sandra Solomon confronted Garvey at an evangelical event in Calgary on Sunday:

Saturday, June 17, 2017

WCAI Islamophobic "Mega" Rally May Have Been Self-Quelled

An alternative title for this article could be "Everyone I Don't Agree With Is Funded By George Soros."

In one week, the MASSIVE and GAME CHANGING rally MEGA RALLY is set to take place somewhere in Calgary, though the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and Canadian Combat Coalition (CCC) who are organizing it have been rather squirrely about releasing the actual location of the venue.... though ARC and others following the pratfalls of Joey DeLuca and his merry band of stooges have known the location for at least a month.

And they are super excited because there will be live bands and a bouncy castle and really big name speakers and a pig roast and 100,000 Americans coming and none of those icky Muslims will be there to ruin their fun!

However, there does seem to be a bit of a sticky wicket, in that they are still looking for bands to play and money to actually fund the event:

Joey isn't the only one trying to get in some last minute fund raising to actually make this event work:

Stephen Garvey of the National Advancement Party of Canada has been a long time ally of DeLuca and the WCAI. He has spoken at events attended by WCAI members and supporters, including the recent protests outside a Red Deer high school; he and DeLuca carpooled from Calgary in fact. DeLuca, who in a post rejected the more mainstream Conservative Party of Canada in favor of the future political juggernaut that is the NAPC, was also very appreciative of Garvey's support when the media (and ARC) made fun of the WCAI:

DeLuca also included Garvey as one of the supporters of the June 24 MEGA RALLY!!!! (sorry, but every time I read the hyperbolic claims about this event I can't help think of monster truck rallies minus the class and dignity):

DeLuca's inclusion of the NAPC seems to be more than just a courtesy, as Garvey may have been the one to secure a venue where the event was to take place:

Yeah, they tried to claim that this was an anti-racism event.


In any case, even if the June 24 event turns out to be a disaster, at least the strong, unshakable, bond that has developed between DeLuca and Garvey will remain.


Oh oh....

This doesn't bode well.