Sunday, March 29, 2015

Montreal Pegida March Didn't Go So Well.

When Pegida began to organize in Montreal, we began to keep an eye on what was happening. Unfortunately Quebec remains a bit of a problem area for us in that we have no active ARC members in the province and all the members we do have are hopelessly unilingual.

We did notice though that Pegida announced that it was going to hold a March in Montreal on March 28. The usual suspects on Stormfront were giddy with excitement in the lead up to the event:

Ron Banerjee, our favorite little misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, organization of one chimed in to state that he.... er.... we mean Canadian Hindu Advocacy would also be in attendance in the most charming way a lonely shut-in knows how:

Well Ron, that's a bit of a problematic claim considering there wasn't a march:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Breaking: Individual Shot by Police in Calgary During Altercation at Anti-Racist Rally

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION: If anyone has photos, especially photos of the individual before the shooting took place, we would ask that photos be sent to arc.collective200 (at) gmail (dot) com.

UPDATE 5: The individual who was shot has been named as Morgan Thompson.

UPDATE 1: We have our first photo of the individual who was shot:

Photo courtesy of Saima Jamal.
UPDATE 2: According to someone who claims to have witnessed the event as it went down, the individual who was shot was throwing things he was picking up off the street at the police, but he didn't appear to have been armed.

UPDATE 3: According to the police, there was a brief struggle when they approached the man, after which he allegedly, "produced a metal pipe." Shots were then fired at the man who last we heard was in critical condition.

We hadn't heard of any efforts by the boneheads in Calgary or London to hold a march, though we wouldn't have been surprised if they had. Anti-Racist Action, however, did hold a rally in Calgary to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. During the rally there was an incident:

A group called Anti-Racist Action Calgary was holding its annual rally against racism to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination near City Hall.

Members say a man approached them yelling “white power.” He then started walking west along Stephen Avenue.

“He was quite angry, yelling quite loud. And he spat on the ground. He didn’t do anything more he was just yelling at them,” said Ryan Wellicome, a SAIT journalism student who was at the rally.


“The police got out of a van that was already there and just started to walk towards him just, I think, to make sure he wasn’t going to get aggressive,” explained Sherry Walford, a Mount Royal University student who witnessed the man at the rally.

Police followed the man to a location across the street from the Hyatt Hotel in the back alley of the Palomino bar. A witness in the hotel tells Global News he saw a police van pull up to the alley, and heard several shots fired. Jordan Cummings says he saw police fire a number of shots.

UPDATE 4: There are people claiming that the individual who was shot, and despite shouting "white power" at an anti-racist rally, is not a white supremacist. We aren't sure how much stock we put into these claims at this time as those making the claim did not provide any corroborating details.

In the meantime, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team are looking for witnesses to the shooting.  

“We know there would have been a number of people in the vicinity in the buildings nearby and the buildings surrounding the alley where the officer involved shooting occurred, and also just pedestrians walking nearby,” Susan Hughson, Executive Director of ASIRT said.

Anyone who saw what happened is asked to contact the ASIRT southern office at 403-592-4306.

Over at Stormfront, the speculation has been rampant as folks there embrace the usual conspiracies boneheads are wont to believe. Included in this list here are Kyle McKee who suggests setting up a collection for the man who was shot, Craig Cobb, and Bill Noble (all three, incidentally, have spent significant time in jail for their particular racially-based crimes):

It is interesting when considering these reactions, especially in relation to the shooting of African-American youths in the United Stated, something that one of the individuals posting in this thread alludes to and seems to suggest was a justifiable use of force:

Evidently, "Neart" hasn't read the news as three of the four police officers involved appear to have been in training, thus were not "highly trained." There is also a photo of a pipe which the police allege was used in the incident. 

UPDATE 6: Information about Thompson is still sketchy, but one person posting to Reddit claiming to know the man who was shot is suggesting that he was not a white supremacist:

I knew this guy. He's not a white supremacist. What he is is an asshole. A loser still living the high school life 12 plus years late.

I don't know him personally but I've seen the other losers he associates with all over social media crying out for undeserved justice.

From what I gather he was "trolling" and "goofing" with those at the rally. Cops wanted to ask him questions and he bolted. Cornered him in an alley and shot him. Metal pipe? They claim it was a bike seat.

I don't really care about the story or the guy. Apparently he is in a long term relationship with a woman of another race.

Until more information is forthcoming, we've changed the title of the article to fit our current understanding of what occurred yesterday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dr. Dawg's Legal Bills: How You Can Help

At the start of the month we had mentioned that John Baglow's defamation suit did not go as hoped, though to be fair the ruling was a bit confusing:

The case finally went to trial and the judgement is now in. John both won and lost. In the weird world of libel law, the judge found that John had been defamed, but that because John had supported basic legal rights for child soldier Omar Khadr, the comment that John was a supporter of the Taliban was 'fair comment' and therefore legally okay.

The judge did not award costs to either Mr. Baglow or Mr. Smith/Free Dominion, however the cost of the suit was still considerable.

That is where you, if you so choose dear reader, can help out a friend of this blog.

Richard Warman, Mr. Murphy of BigCityLib Strikes Back, and one of the frequent contributor's to Mr. Baglaw's blog who goes by the name of Balbulican have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help Mr. Baglaw pay his legal bill. Mr. Baglow has been a friend of ARC for quite a long time and has been very supportive of our efforts. It's only right that we help him now when we can.

At this point the campaign has raised 11% of the goal. It took the Fourniers several months to reach their goal when they were raising money to fund an appeal of the Warman defamation suit. We would very much like to see the goal for Mr. Baglow reached much sooner than that.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Who Will Most Likely Be The Target of Bill C-51?

We were all very pleased to read Daniel Gallant's take on Bill C-51 which the government is currently pushing through Parliament while limiting debate. We were especially interested in observations such as this:

Today, Gallant is a Prince George-based social worker, helping others make their exit from extremist circles.

And while he may be one of the faces of the new federally-funded campaign, he is also raising concerns about what he sees as the government's over-emphasis on Islamic extremism in the rationale for its new anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51, while largely giving other forms of extremism a pass.

ARC has significant problems with the proposed legislation of a constitutional nature (concerns also shared by at least one former CSIS officer). We are also concerned with the message of the legislation. For many in the governing party, as well as those who support the passage of Bill C-51, the extremists that are to be targeted are those who have been radicalized by Islamic extremism without consideration of others who have been radicalized by other ideologies. A common refrain we've read on online message boards and comment sections include variations of this statement:

"Not all Muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims."

This is dangerous because it stigmatizes an entire group based on the actions of a very small minority; there are according to the last census for which we have numbers more than one million Muslims and at 3.2% of the population comprised the largest religious minority in Canada. One would be hard pressed to legitimately suggest that most of these people, Canadian citizens who have by and large integrated into the fabric of Canadian society, are any more dangerous than a Judeo-Christian Canadian.

The claim is also patently untrue.

Back in 2011, one of our writers compiled what is likely the most comprehensive list of racist extremist acts in Canada during the past 45 years. While not minimizing the violence perpetrated by those who may be regarded as being motivated by Islamic extremism, when compared to the violence committed by neo-Nazis in Canada during the same time period, those acts committed by Islamic extremists in this country appear to be very small by comparison. And yet, when the government talks about the need for Bill C-51, they don't have people like Kyle McKee or members of Blood & Honour in mind. But it seems really difficult for the political class to recognize racist extremists as a legitimate threat.

So with this in mind, let's engage in a little thought experiment.

What if we were to tell you, our dear readers, that we know of a man (we'll call him X for now) who had contact with an individual (we'll call him Z) who murdered nearly 80 individuals by means of bomb and firearms? The action Z undertook was ideologically motivated. Now X was not only in contact with Z, but celebrated Z's rampage in writing and appeared to advocate for more of the same sort of action.

How many people in this country would be surprised if this were X?

This here is Chiheb Esseghaier, one of two men currently on trial for a harebrained scheme to derail a passenger train.  We at ARC don't argue with the arrest or the trial, though we do note that while the government claims that cases such as this prove the need for the passage of Bill C-51 to provide law enforcement with more tools to target men like Esseghaier, he and Raed Jaser were investigated and ultimately arrested using the existing tools which sort of call into question the need for Bill C-51 in the first place.

In any case, could anyone argue that had Esseghaier made statements in support of mass murder, that alone would be cause to investigate him for any possible links to extremism?

But the thing is, though Esseghaier may very well be a very bad guy (the trial is ongoing) who may support extremist views similar to those we outlined in our little scenario, it isn't he whom we are referring to.

In our scenario, Z is this fella....

.... and X is our buddy Sebastian Ronin:

Saturday, March 07, 2015

March 2015 Bits and Bites: Warman, Dr. Dawg, Zundel, and Daniel Gallant

We've learned that Richard Warman has won another one. David Icke has paid Warman $90,000 to settle a rather long running libel action:

5 March 2015

British conspiracy writer David Icke and co-defendants have paid Canadian human rights lawyer Richard Warman $210,000 CDN (117,000 GBP) in damages and legal costs to settle a libel action against them.

In 1999-2000, Warman had worked with various Jewish and anti-racism groups to notify public venues in Canada of discriminatory elements within Icke’s mishmash of conspiracy theories. After being provided with material from Icke’s own writings, a number of these venues withdrew permission for Icke to use their facilities in his tours.

In retaliation, Icke included false allegations in his 2001 book Children of the Matrix that Warman was seeking to suppress Icke’s purported exposure of Satanic child abuse and murder.

David Icke made an out-of-court settlement on January 8th paying $90,000 CDN (50,000 GBP) on the eve of a long-delayed trial that was scheduled to begin in Toronto on February 2nd, 2015. The Court order formally discontinuing the claim was issued on 4 March 2015 thus paving the way for this announcement. Insurers for three Canadian bookstores that had refused to stop selling the book after being served with libel notices had previously settled out for $120,000 CDN (67,000 GBP). Information obtained from litigation by Icke against his former US business partner demonstrated that at least 55,000 copies of Children of the Matrix had been sold worldwide.

The settlement includes the requirement that Icke immediately cease any further distribution of Children of the Matrix and remove the defamatory material from any future editions. Warman thanked his lawyers Christine Lonsdale and Elder Marques of law firm McCarthy Tétrault – “They were absolute professionals and I couldn’t have done it without them.”...

Monday, March 02, 2015

Brad Love Arrested: Accused of Violating Probation

Brad Love just can't seem to stop getting into trouble. For someone who works as much as he (and Paulie) claim he does, he sure has a lot of time to harass people via mail, email, over the phone, and in person.

Maybe he should find a different hobby?


Paulie continue to presents Brad Love as a victim of a conspiracy to silence him.

An alternative theory we would posit is that Brad Love is an asshole who lacks impulse control who enjoys bullying people.

The story is covered in the local paper. It provides a little more detail than Paulie's sob story

Anti-immigrant activist arrested for allegedly violating probation

A few excerpts:

....Love allegedly made obscene comments towards members of Some Other Solutions Society for Crisis Prevention, which provides aid for people suffering from emotional and mental health issues....

....This is not the first time Love has been in the news for alleged hate offences. In 2003, Love served 18 months in an Ontario jail for violating Canada's hate crime legislation. In that case, he was convicted of sending hate mail to 17 people....

....In 2013, Love was charged with criminally harassing several individuals - including members of this newspaper and a child collecting donations for Oxfam Canada - with his extreme political views on race and immigration, mostly through letters or phone calls....

A child collecting donations for Oxfam Canada?

Big, brave, man.

The Sad Saga of Vikingwarlord14: Part III

We had anticipated our articles (here and here) detailing the online misadventures of misanthropic shut-in Jonathan "vikingwarrior14" Kotyk could result in a bit of discussion back on Stormfront. That response, occurring a day after the second of the two articles, really was a joy to read.

"Canadianationalist" does make a good point about not feeding us low-hanging fruit. Thankfully, Kotyk proceeds to ignore that good advice:

Name calling? Hmmmm.......
Think we hit a nerve? We think we may have hit a nerve. But he wasn't quite finished:

Now, you see, it's stuff like this that begs to be made fun of.