Monday, June 27, 2011

"He Who Will Not Be Named" Bravely Takes Swipe At WN Detractors. Once They Can't Respond

We tried not to talk about him. We mean we tried really, really hard. But when you're given gold like this, how could we not share it with our readers?

Yes, Kevin Goudreau is at it again.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gary Schipper Still Into the White Supremacist Stuff

Normally we’d be loathe to publish part of a Jonathan Kay article, but we’re willing to make an exception when it involves an amusing anecdote about one Gary Schipper from the bonehead days of yore. Schipper was a prominent figure in the Heritage Front back when the organization was still relevant, and was well known as the voice of its anti-immigration telephone hateline. In 1993, the CHRC filed a complaint against the HF for inciting hatred and ordered it to cease recording hate messages until the CHRT’s ruling – an order which was promptly ignored and resulted in contempt charges against Schipper and fellow HF members Wolfgang Droege and Kenneth Barker. Several months later, a militant ARA demonstration outside Schipper’s Toronto house culminated in violent attacks on anti-racists at Sneaky Dees bar. That incident resulted in a number of assault charges against HF members and significantly contributed to the organization’s (and Schipper’s) steady descent into obsolescence. In 1994, Schipper was sentenced to two months for the contempt charges and has since kept a fairly low profile, though apparently his views have not evolved. Kay’s June 22 article entitled "My educational night at the ER with weirdos, pill-poppers and a musical holocaust-denier,” describes a chance encounter with Schipper at the hospital:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tremaine Delays the Inevitable. Well, PERHAPS the Inevitable

A conditional stay has been granted to Terrence Cecil Tremaine, the former university lecturer accused of promoting hatred.

Tremaine appeared at Regina Court of Queen's Bench earlier this week, at which time B.C.-based lawyer Doug Christie and court services representative Graeme Mitchell advised Justice Peter Whitmore there are still issues with Tremaine's application for court-appointed counsel.

Christie was previously made court appointed lawyer for the purposes of Tremaine's preliminary hearing, and is now looking to be appointed for the trial - a date for which has yet to be set.

With issues regarding legal counsel yet to be worked out, Christie and Mitchell suggested Whitmore issue a conditional, or temporary, stay until counsel is in place and funded - a remedy that can be used under the charter to ensure an accused's right to fair trial is met.

Tremaine, a former math lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan, previously elected to be tried by a judge and jury. The case returns to court in mid-July.

We've written before that the wheels of justice are slow, but they do turn.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey, We Appreciate the Honesty

Paul Fromm and his ilk often claim that they favor total freedom of speech (meaning the freedom to disseminate hate, but we shan't split hairs) as a rationale for why they oppose Sec. 13 as well as the "hate speech" provisions in the criminal code. He and his fellow travellers claim that a country administered by their values, among other things, would enshrine complete freedom of speech in the law for all white Canadians (the non-white Canadians having presumably been asked politely to leave Canada some time before).

And then you get what they honestly believe, as stated by John Marleau:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Racist Graffiti in Shelburne, NS

And yet another sad reminder that racial intimidation isn't isolated:
Racist graffiti, messages part of police probe in Shelburne
Public meeting held to discuss string of incidents

SHELBURNE — Shelburne RCMP say they're focusing on two suspects who have allegedly been spouting white supremacist or neo-Nazi doctrines.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wheels of Justice Are Slow.....

..... but they do continue to turn.

Our favorite, "not a Nazi" who we once knew as "Willis" made a court appearance last Thursday stemming from his assault charge from over a year ago:

Suspected neo-Nazi in plea bargain bid

Kevin Martin, Calgary Sun
First posted:

Talks are ongoing for a possible plea bargain in the case of a suspected white supremacist charged with assaulting a cameraman at an anti-racism rally, court heard Thursday.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Transgender shooting victim believes attack was a hate crime

This story is a few days old, but it was recently reported that on June 14th a transgender woman in Halifax had been shot in her apartment after answering the door to men who initially identified themselves as police officers. The victim, Chris Cochrane, reported that when she tried to shut the door after seeing that the men were not police, they shouted "let us in, tranny faggot, let us in," and fired several shots through the door, resulting in Cochrane being wounded in the arm. When the story broke, police, who had not yet spoken to the victim, dismissed claims that the attack was a hate crime. Cochrane has since been interviewed, but police continue to disagree that the incident meets the criminal code definition of a hate crime:

Alleged Cenotaph Vandal Released

A few years ago a cenotaph in Woodstock, Ontario was spray painted with a swastika, A man, Christopher Saggau, was arrested when police looked at his cell phone and laptop and found sufficient evidence to arrest with an apparent likelihood of conviction.

Slam dunk.

Except they didn't seem to have followed legal procedures or respected the Charter, in which case more like an air ball:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Terry Tremaine is Appealing (Actually, CHRT is Appealing. Note Update. Then Point and Laugh At Us).

Well, not really appealing. In fact he's not at all attractive.

See what we did there? Funny? Eh? EH?


Bah! We long for the Golden Age of Comedy when a good knock-knock joke would delight theatres and all the great USO Shows Bob Hope was a part of!

Anyways, Tremaine is appealing the CHRT decision it would appear.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Has Not Been a Good Month for Nazis in Calgary

The month of June 2011 began with the arrest of WEB founders Robert Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup for allegedly murdering a man Crohn's disease. This alone would make June a very bad month for, "White Nationalists" in the city of Calgary, however it appears that things continue to go south for members of the movement.

We've learned from one of our sources that Kyle McKee was kicked out of his apartment recently. If this has occurred, we can only speculate as to the reason, but it likely doesn't take a genius to figure out that it could be related to his recent legal troubles and association with a group which might be considered to be a gang (or, as in the case of the apartment he shared with Nathan Touchette in Ontario before they both moved to Alberta, it could be that he trashed the joint).

More seriously, we have been provided unconfirmed information from at least three independent sources, one of whom is trusted by us, that McKee was assaulted and badly hurt this past Friday. At this point we have no idea who might have been involved if the incident occurred.

Finally, although this incident occurred a little more than a year ago, the story of an alleged prison sexual assault against a self-identified white supremacist came out in the news yesterday:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

WEB and Violence Fetishism

First, some idle thoughts.

McKee was released from detention in Regina shortly before May 26 (he was sighted at that time with Natalie S. near the University of Calgary). On June 1, Robert Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup of the hated rival WEB were arrested for murder, one in which an investigation had been going on for months with no outward indication that it was going anywhere (though we do suspect that the police were building a strong case anyways). The subsequent destruction of WEB as a result of these arrests sure wouldn't be mourned by members of the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour/Combat 18/ATB(?)/Oprah's Book Club/Westminster Kennel Club/Miss Georgia World, would it?

We're not saying anything, though we do find the timing to be especially interesting.

But now on to the reason for writing today.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hate Crimes Report and Update on Reitmeier and Sturrup

Yesterday a new Stats Canada report came out describing an increase in hate crimes being reported in Canada:

Police-reported hate crimes rise in Canada: StatsCan

By Beatrice Fantoni, Postmedia News June 7, 2011

OTTAWA — Figures released Tuesday by Statistics Canada suggest the number of hate crimes reported to police is on the rise.

Instances of hate crimes increased by 42 per cent between 2008 and 2009, bringing the total to 1,473.

While hate crimes remain primarily motivated by race (and black Canadians remain the most-targeted by hate crime), the data also showed the number of reported hate crimes perpetrated against Arabs and West Asians doubled (to 75 from 37). There was also a 71 per cent increase in hate crimes committed against Jewish people.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Revisionism: It Ain't Just For the Holocaust (Part II)

We sort of get a kick out of how boneheads try to change historical realities when they become inconvenient. 

The German Occupation of Greece began in April 1941 after a the Italians had been defeated by the Greek army in October 1940. The resulting occupation led to the death of some 300,000 civilians in the Greater Athens area alone due to the famine caused in large part by the German requisitioning of food for the war effort. Not surprisingly, the Greeks who are fiercely independent were not at all fond of an occupying force controlling their country. Many men a women became partisans and engaged in a campaign of harassment and guerrilla-style warfare in an effort to try and force the Germans to leave. As a result, the Germans engaged in reprisal killings of unarmed civilians. Kommeno, Viannos, Kedros, Distomo, and Kalavryta are names that are burned into the collective memory of the Greek people.

On May 29, 2011, Stephen Harper (someone for whom most of the Collective have little love for) visited Kalavryta to pay homage to the people murdered by the Nazis. He was the first foreign head of government to visit the village and, regardless of what we think of Harper, it's hard for anyone to be critical of his gesture.

That is, unless, you're Paul Fromm who sees Harper's visit to Kalavryta as a nefarious attempt to curry favor with Israel. Because, you know, that makes perfect sense:

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Reitmeier and Sturrup Updates

Information on the blog has been used by a number of media outlets, including this CBC Calgary story (they do however continue making the mistake of stating the ARA is actively involved in the blog which is not true, although we do share information extensively).

We had noted that there had been rumors about bonehead involvement in the murder of Mark Marianifor some months, however as we also noted the information that we had was limited and as such we didn't feel it was appropriate to publish anything. We did, however, continue to look into the case. Also, one of our readers made the following comment in a completely unrelated post:
Have a look at this article, and particularly the picture. I see a swastika amongst the angry graffiti. Do you see some sort of connection between this murder and the aryan nation?
Another reader made a comment regarding his or her concerns about the seriousness of the accusation. Our response was as follows:
It is a hell of an accusation, but "Cody" here isn't the first person to make the suggestion. We're of the understanding that the police might be suspicious as well given what we've been told. We don't know if it has anything to do with the swazi on the wall, but apparently there might be other details which suggest a link. 
At the time "Cody" left his comment, we thought the presence of the swastika was likely a coincidence, however as it turns out that may not have been the case after all:

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Accused Murderer Robert Reitmeier Also Before the Court on Sexual Assault

We would first like to echo the "Sun" in asking our readers to please consider making a donation to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of Canada in memory of Mark Mariani.

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
3100 246 Stewart Green S.W.
Calgary, AB
T3H 3C8. 

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Robert Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup Arrested on Murder Charges

We had heard rumors for a number of months now concerning the murder of Mark Mariani but didn't have anything concrete. Today, however, two of the founders of the Aryan Guard offshoot WEB, Robert Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup, were arrested for his murder: