Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey, We Appreciate the Honesty

Paul Fromm and his ilk often claim that they favor total freedom of speech (meaning the freedom to disseminate hate, but we shan't split hairs) as a rationale for why they oppose Sec. 13 as well as the "hate speech" provisions in the criminal code. He and his fellow travellers claim that a country administered by their values, among other things, would enshrine complete freedom of speech in the law for all white Canadians (the non-white Canadians having presumably been asked politely to leave Canada some time before).

And then you get what they honestly believe, as stated by John Marleau:

And just so to prove that his was not an isolated view:

Now, we know that not all racists are Nazis. And we know that they will deny what Marleau has stated above concerning the envisioned, "White Nationalist" utopia, but come on! Our dear readers know that there's a big difference between what the boneheads usually say to the public and what they believe in private.

Marleau, for all his faults (and god knows, the boy has faults), there is a refreshing honesty in his post concerning the real values of, "White Nationalists."

UPDATE: One of our faithful and loyal readers (we can only assume) posted the following message:
I know you pricks probably won't post this, 
Oh, on the contrary! We've decided to feature it here so that everyone can read it.
but for the first time ever, I actually agree with John..That fat sack of shit does have a point..  That is definitely the way it should be..
Again, we're very happy that you admit your desire for totalitarianism and that the demands that Canada respect the free speech of boneheads is merely a pretext. Perhaps you can convince your friends to be as honest publicly. We can then see how taken the Canadian public are with your views when they aren't sugarcoated.
Which is why I find it absolutely HILARIOUS that Facebook keeps deleting our profiles.
Yeah, we find it funny too. But also a bit frustrating. That being said, once you recreate your profiles, you always request to add us as friends again. Silly Nazis.
However, because of all the in-fighting between all different factions and groups, you communist bastards are winning..
I would hasten to add that we at ARC aren't communists, but as you tend to lump us together as such, we will merely bask in the acknowledgement that you're getting your asses handed to you.
But don't get too comfortable with that fact.. Because its only a matter of time before someone purges the movement of all the useless twats that call themselves Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists and whatever else some of 'us' are calling ourselves.
Strike us as you folks are purging all the time. The results are simply more factionalism and less success.
And when such person comes into the light and brings those of us who have brains together, we will accomplish our goals.
And therein lies the problem. The people with brains, let's say someone like Fromm, really isn't all that interested in what you and your kind want. There's far, far more money to be made from suckers like you who will willingly hand over part of your meagre wages to Paulie if he and his like are able to keep you agitated. And even when they are caught screwing you, you people still go back for more. David Duke, for example, ripped off his followers and spent time in jail for it. When he was released, the people financially victimized by him all rejoiced that he was set free from, "ZOG's gulag" after having complained that he had been set up. 

Hell, even people like Kevin Strom, a man convicted of possessing child porn and who was accused of trying to lure a child into a sexual relationship, has been welcomed back with open arms by a significant portion of your movement.

You're waiting for another Hitler, a man who rose to power under specific conditions which are unlikely to come together at the same time again (it would take more than an economic collapse to result in the power vacuum necessary for fascism to emerge as a viable option). You're going to be waiting a very, very long time for the next, "Great Man."
Kyle was on the right track.. But somehow, he got sidetracked and fucked himself over and now he's nothing but a joke all over the world..
And on that last part, Kyle being a joke, we can finally find some common ground. That, and your earlier comment about Marleau being a fat piece of shit. We can agree on that as well.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting. Put them in a box and take them out to the country and haul them into the woods and forget about them.

Anonymous said...


What a sad bunch, really.

Anonymous said...

lol you said paul fromm had brains ha!

Kurt Phillips said...

Well, compared to the average bonehead. Everything in perspective, right?