Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tremaine Delays the Inevitable. Well, PERHAPS the Inevitable

A conditional stay has been granted to Terrence Cecil Tremaine, the former university lecturer accused of promoting hatred.

Tremaine appeared at Regina Court of Queen's Bench earlier this week, at which time B.C.-based lawyer Doug Christie and court services representative Graeme Mitchell advised Justice Peter Whitmore there are still issues with Tremaine's application for court-appointed counsel.

Christie was previously made court appointed lawyer for the purposes of Tremaine's preliminary hearing, and is now looking to be appointed for the trial - a date for which has yet to be set.

With issues regarding legal counsel yet to be worked out, Christie and Mitchell suggested Whitmore issue a conditional, or temporary, stay until counsel is in place and funded - a remedy that can be used under the charter to ensure an accused's right to fair trial is met.

Tremaine, a former math lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan, previously elected to be tried by a judge and jury. The case returns to court in mid-July.

We've written before that the wheels of justice are slow, but they do turn.

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Anonymous said...

I would so love if they made somebody else court-appointed consel. The thought of Doug Christie getting paid out of our tax dollars sickens me (Tremaine does, of course, have a right to counsel).