Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alleged Cenotaph Vandal Released

A few years ago a cenotaph in Woodstock, Ontario was spray painted with a swastika, A man, Christopher Saggau, was arrested when police looked at his cell phone and laptop and found sufficient evidence to arrest with an apparent likelihood of conviction.

Slam dunk.

Except they didn't seem to have followed legal procedures or respected the Charter, in which case more like an air ball:

Charges dropped in Woodstock cenotaph case

WOODSTOCK, Ont. - The Crown has dropped all charges against a man accused of painting swastikas on the Woodstock, Ont., cenotaph hours before the 2009 Remembrance Day ceremony.

Assistant Crown attorney Steve Guyler today asked that the charges against Christopher Saggau (sa-goo) be dropped, saying there was no reasonable expectation of a conviction.

Guyler reached his decision after Justice Marietta Roberts ruled that evidence obtained by police in a warrantless search would not be admissible in court.

Roberts called police “reckless” and said they showed a disregard for Saggau’s charter rights when they searched his cellphone and laptop computer after he was arrested on a trespassing charge.

Roberts said the police action outweighed any interest of the public in the case, despite the public outcry over the nature of the crime.

Before Saggau was allowed to leave the courtroom, Roberts told him that she was not sure whether he had committed the crime, but called the desecration of the cenotaph rude and cruel.

She closed by saying that Saggau should show the same respect to members of the community as they had shown him throughout the court proceedings.

The Canadian Press

A small suggestion to our readers from the various police departments across the country (yes, we know you follow us). Please, next time, make sure you do things right. You know, cross the "t's" and dot the "i's" and complete the appropriate paper work. Simple stuff.


Anonymous said...

Nah, they're too busy crossing their t's and dotting their i's in following and prosecuting antifas to properly do that with the people who are a by-product of the system that they [the cops] defend.

Anonymous said...

this is an amusing take on reality. at least people got work and made some cash off my name. but my name isn't pronounced "sa-goo". Saggau, the s is pronounced like z, the first a is a soft a, said like Aaw, g said like g in good, au are pronounced like the ou in ouch. if you're going talk about me like you know me at least say my name right.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched a t.v show or movie and thought the evidence pointed to one person only to discover it wasn't them at all and it was someone you least expected. When people assume they make asses of themselves. The police in this case were in a hurry to accuse someone and forgot to follow protocol and an innocent man also known as Christopher Saggau's name was dragged through the mud because of someone else who vandalized the Centoph in 2009.