Thursday, June 16, 2011

Terry Tremaine is Appealing (Actually, CHRT is Appealing. Note Update. Then Point and Laugh At Us).

Well, not really appealing. In fact he's not at all attractive.

See what we did there? Funny? Eh? EH?


Bah! We long for the Golden Age of Comedy when a good knock-knock joke would delight theatres and all the great USO Shows Bob Hope was a part of!

Anyways, Tremaine is appealing the CHRT decision it would appear.

UPDATE: Hey, you know what would have been cool when we first published this article? If we had actually read it more carefully.

CHRT orders get registered with the Federal Court and are then enforceable as orders of the Federal Court. The CHRC  brought a motion to the Federal Court for contempt against Tremaine for failing to respect the CHRT order against him that he stop posting Internet hate.

The CHRC lost the motion (ie. Tremaine was found not to have been in contempt of the CHRT) before the Federal Court.  The CHRC is now appealing that.
That being said, Tremaine is still not very attractive. 


Anonymous said...

"Terry Tremaine is appealing"
- Well, now we all know your secret fetish lol :P. Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Anonymous said...


(said whilst pointing as per your request)

Kurt Phillips said...

And very much deserved, Davegeek. ;)