Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Has Not Been a Good Month for Nazis in Calgary

The month of June 2011 began with the arrest of WEB founders Robert Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup for allegedly murdering a man Crohn's disease. This alone would make June a very bad month for, "White Nationalists" in the city of Calgary, however it appears that things continue to go south for members of the movement.

We've learned from one of our sources that Kyle McKee was kicked out of his apartment recently. If this has occurred, we can only speculate as to the reason, but it likely doesn't take a genius to figure out that it could be related to his recent legal troubles and association with a group which might be considered to be a gang (or, as in the case of the apartment he shared with Nathan Touchette in Ontario before they both moved to Alberta, it could be that he trashed the joint).

More seriously, we have been provided unconfirmed information from at least three independent sources, one of whom is trusted by us, that McKee was assaulted and badly hurt this past Friday. At this point we have no idea who might have been involved if the incident occurred.

Finally, although this incident occurred a little more than a year ago, the story of an alleged prison sexual assault against a self-identified white supremacist came out in the news yesterday:

White supremacist cries rape

Kevin Martin, Calgary Sun

First posted:

A wannabe white supremacist, who was placed in a Calgary Remand Centre cell with two members of visible minorities, said Monday he was raped by them.

The complainant, who can’t be identified, said he shaved his head after being sent to the northwest Calgary jail to get rid of two Nazi symbols carved into his hair.

But he testified at least one of his alleged attackers saw the symbols and other minority inmates made threatening comments about them.

And he rejected suggestions by lawyers for Ali Sanghar and Samar Sigar he consented to having sex with the two men in their cell on May 30, 2010.

Both Sanghar, 31, and Sigar, 19, face charges of sexual assault with a weapon.

The witness told Crown prosecutor Bev Bauer he awoke in the middle of the night to find a towel placed over his face and Sigar, who is black, holding a weapon on him,

“He pointed something at the back of my neck, which I thought was a knife,” said the witness.

“He told me he was in there for murder and he could either rape me or murder me, and he chose to rape me,” he said.

“I didn’t want to die so I just took it.”

During the attack Sanghar, who is of middle-eastern origin and required a Farsi interpreter in court, woke up and assaulted him as well, the complainant testified.

“I guess he wanted to join in so the black guy held my arms while the Iraqi, Middle Eastern guy took his turn,” the man said.

He said he was trying at the time to get membership in the white supremacist group Western European Bloodlines, but never joined.

He admitted being a racist at the time, but said his decision to have a friend carve Nazi symbols into his hair was more of a drunken lark than anything else.

Both defence lawyers Alan Fay and David Andrews suggested the complainant was making up the rape claim after agreeing to have sex with his new cellmates.

“You consented because you knew that if you didn’t do something you would continue to remain vulnerable because of your beliefs about persons of different races, isn’t that correct?” Andrews said.

“No that is not,” the witness replied.

Fay went one step further, saying the man agreed to have sex with Sigar and make it look like rape so other non-whites would be pacified.

The trial continues Tuesday.

We take absolutely no joy in the story of a, "White Nationalist" being raped. No one, even people who subscribe to this vile ideology, deserve to be violated in this manner and if the allegations are true the two accused need to be punished. However this story, as well as the alleged assault of Kyle McKee, should serve as cautionary tales. By it's very nature, and even though the members of the movement will deny this, "White Nationalism" is an inherently violent lifestyle. Violence committed by and against members of active racist groups are common place. This in no way justifies the violence that occurs, but people need to recognize the real dangers associated with the movement.

If you are a young person who is new to the movement, we would ask you to re-evaluate your decision. Is this really the lifestyle that you want for yourself? Is this the lifestyle you eventually want to raise a family in?


Anonymous said...

When I saw Kyle downtown this weekend he didn't look hurt. Are you sure it was him and not another bonehead?

Kurt Phillips said...

That's certainly possible, assuming that any bonehead was assulted in the first place.

Anonymous said...

i saw him also, with his daughter and although i would love to go toe to toe with him if someone beat him with his child there i hope they get there head kicked in

Anonymous said...

I can assure ARC that it was not Kyle McKee who was badly hurt. Just more whimsical hodgepodge.

Anonymous said...

"We take absolutely no joy in the story of a, "White Nationalist" being raped. No one, even people who subscribe to this vile ideology, deserve to be violated in this manner"

- Finally something I agree with! I think rapists are the lowest form of life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can also confirm that I saw Kyle walking downtown this weekend, with Natalie, and he didn't appear to be hurt at all. He had no visable wounds and was walking fine.

Anonymous said...

Kyle was indeed hurt, bruises and all. Maybe he applied some foundation?

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact it was not Kyle.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was AFTER you all seen him. He got beat up for sure..Kyle is one of those boneheads that really stand out lol

Anonymous said...

There is no way in hell you saw him walking downtown with his daughter, there is no contact anywhere between him and her and I would really appreciate if you did not imply that their was.


Anonymous said...

bonehead flyer's on jasper ave. and 109 street in edmonton wednesday june 22.i will take a flick and sent