Saturday, October 31, 2020

October 2020 Bits and Bites: Halloween Edition

We haven't really done a bits and bites article in some time but we thought we would do so now. Please forgive our omissions in this purposely irreverent look back at the month of bigots behaving badly, often towards each other.

In the last article we discussed the antics of Brian Kidder who, since it was published, has continued on in his campaign to arrest a politician. He is not surprisingly being egged on by some of the bad actors who have profiled consistently on this blog:

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Brian Kidder Arrested (Again). Also Chris Vanderweide Gets Involved Because Of Course He Does

By this point readers of this blog and other activists who monitor the far-right, or even people who regularly follow the regular news, will be familiar with the antics of Brian Kidder even is the name isn't immediately familiar. He is a figure associated with the Canadian Revolution protesters who were only just this month removed from the grounds near the War Memorial in Ottawa having been camping since July 1 and demanding the resignation, arrest, or both of Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs. Kidder, a QAnon supporter, may have first come to readers' attention when he attempted to "citizen arrest" an journalist who he erroneously believed was a Bloc Quebecois MP. He later made the news when he and his enablers were harassing NDP leader Jagmeet Singh stating next time he saw Mr. Singh that "we're going to dance":
Given Mr. Sigh's background in martial arts, I'm not sure the encounter would go the way Kidder thinks it will.

In fact this isn't a new phenomenon as Kidder has been attempting to place politicians under citizen's arrest for years going back to at least 2014:
The difference now is that Kidder has a fan base of far-right extremists who are encouraging him.

Kidder's most recent target is Doug Ford (yes, THAT Doug Ford). Once praised by far-right extremists, Ford is now reviled by many of these same people because he has been taking the COVID-19 pandemic much more seriously than they would like given that they believe the pandemic is a Luciferian conspiracy planned by George Soros and Bill Gates and implemented by Justin Trudeau to impose communism, take away their freedom (do die gasping for breath alone in a hospital I guess?), and thwart their Messiah Donald Trump from saving the world from the cabal of demonically-processed pedophiles who they think rule the world.

They also really take umbrage at being referred to as "yahoos" which we personally feel might be underselling it a bit.

In any case earlier this week Kidder attempted to enter the Ontario Legislature to, you guess it, arrest Doug Ford. It went about as you might expect:

And the response of his enablers who called the police "pedophile protectors" and referred to the "beast system" in which the police would join with their side in the end was equally predictable:

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ricky Tollikko and the Woke Onez Rebellion Try Turning the Dial to 11

Before getting into the meat of the article, we would like to offer this as a preamble:

"This Is Spinal Tap" might be, at least in this writer's opinion, the greatest mockumentary in the history of the genre (though "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind" could both also make a strong case as well). For those who aren't familiar with the film, first shame on you! Second, in summary it is a satirical look at a fictional British metal band and ridicules the pretentiousness of the rock stars of the era.

Now, if there were to be a mockumentary produced on the far-right hateriot movement, the writers would probably dig deep into the perceived character of individuals who are attracted to such groups. The members of this fictional club would be written as ignorant rubes who were credulous of every possible conspiracy theory no matter how ridiculous. They would be seen to walk around aimlessly yelling at random confused and mildly annoyed individuals accusing them of being "antifa" and pestering small businesses who they decided, as a result of getting kicked out for poor behaviour, as "antifa" businesses. And they would have a god awful logo, nonsensical patches, and a name for the club that is so embarrassing one would truly believe that it was named as a result of losing a bet.

Well in Alberta such a hate group exists and sadly it isn't at all satirical:

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Peaceful Red Deer Anti-Racist March A Success; Far-Right Narrative At Odds With Reality

This past Sunday, Red Deer Against Racism and the Black and Indigenous Alliance Alberta (BIAA) held a march in the city of Red Deer, AB. In stark contrast to the event which was to have taken place on September 20 where far-right hateriots and assorted hate groups (instigated by Pat King despite his claims of innocence now) physically attacked and intimidated attendees, this march was wildly successful:

The march began at 3:30 pm after a smudge ceremony. It continued to City Hall Park -- some marchers were seen to pick up trash along the way -- where speakers discussed the need to have an honest dialogue about racial injustice.

The media also noted the peaceful nature of the march, despite the efforts of the hateriots:
There were of course hateriots present who attempted, but failed, to disrupt the march owing in large part to the heavy police presence: