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Saturday, October 31, 2020

October 2020 Bits and Bites: Halloween Edition

We haven't really done a bits and bites article in some time but we thought we would do so now. Please forgive our omissions in this purposely irreverent look back at the month of bigots behaving badly, often towards each other.

In the last article we discussed the antics of Brian Kidder who, since it was published, has continued on in his campaign to arrest a politician. He is not surprisingly being egged on by some of the bad actors who have profiled consistently on this blog:


Kevin Johnston, failing to succeed in civic politics in Ontario, has a new project in mind.

He claims he plans on moving to Calgary and run for mayor which he appears to believe he will be a shoe in to win:

It is questionable whether Johnston actually believes his own grift, but lets just say there hasn't been a snake he didn't think he could squeeze oil from. Also, his commitment to his new hometown (where has yet to have lived a single day) seems to be a mile wide and an inch sort: 

Also despite the election taking place in October 2021, Johnston has decided to renew his Ontario license plates, a fact that didn't escape at least one individual:

Craig Chandler has been a figure in right-wing Alberta politics for years; for example he was a campaign chair for Jason Kenney during his run to lead the Progressive Conservative Party which was merged with Wildrose to create the now ruling United Conservative Party and he is planning on running a slate of hardline conservative candidates in the 2021 Calgary civic election:

We're not sure if Chandler believes Johnston's run for Calgary (and we have doubts he will run at all) constitutes a threat to his plans or if he is just annoyed by the arrogance of a man who thinks he could move to a city he doesn't know and be elected mayor, but Chandler turns up the anti-Ontario rhetoric up really quick despite the fact that Kenney, and himself apparently, are both originally from Ontario.

Johnston has a lot more familiarity with Chandler than does his followers so he attempts to ingratiate himself to Chandler. Johnstons's supporters however have decided to go down the route of calling Chandler a "libtard" because what did you expect they would do?

 "He is your folk white man"?

Well, there's a case of saying the quiet part out loud, No doubt "not racist" Kevin Johnston would reject that kind of bigotry, right?

Speaking of Ronny Cameron we haven't written about him in some time and we don't plan on now other than to note that he has been subject to the same trend we've been seeing on social media platforms lately:

Well, that's a damn shame.

Ronny isn't alone. Dan Dicks of "Press for Truth" (hehe... truth) has been kicked off Twitter and is now currently begging for financial support:

Dicks like many like him doesn't understand that freedom of expression doesn't compel private companies to provide them with a platform. If someone entered your home and are acting like an offensive jerk, you are well within your right to kick them out. Nothing is stopping Dicks from carrying a box to a street corner and screaming his "truth" into the void. He doesn't have the right to force a private company to do that for him.

That's quite a look there Chris

Also removed from Twitter were Leigh Stewart who formerly worked with "Press For Truth" as well as he boo Chris Vanderweide.

And Chris wants you to know that he's not at all upset:

Like, totally mad:

No really

It hasn't bothered him in the least for several straight days:

In any case, Dicks, Stewart, and Vanderweide seem convinced that the Canadian Anti-Hate Network is the cause of his being booted from Twitter, a sentiment echoed by Jeremy "Raging Humanist"  Mackenzie:

The bee in their bonnet this time is learning that the Canadian Anti-Hate Network was the recipient of a considerable grant from the Canadian government. Mackenzie was so aggrieved that he wrote a letter urging his supporters (and presumably other Plaid Army members) to do something about it (in a post shared by Derek Harrison):

Pat King as well has decided that the grant received by CAHN is proof of a dasterdly conspiracy, probably directed at him personally because he seems to have a bit of an undeserved ego:

However it is Maxime Bernier's histrionics and promotion of Rebel Media once again which we find to be the most surreal:

 Speaking of Rebel Media personalities, here is Keann Bexte with Chris Vanderweide:

Getting back to Chris, we wrote about how he wasn't really on the Brian Kidder bandwagon. He's also going after Norman Traversty:

And like his posts on Kidder, the resulting argument is very entertaining:

Roger Rowen of the Canadian Combat Coalition seems to have made it his mission to torment Vanderweide online, though we're not entirely sure how effective his insults are. Still, the Northern Guard and Urban Infidels have also decided to chime in as well:

This all goes on for some time more and has continued to today, but we think you have the idea.

Moving on to something completely different, we see that Trevor England is back on Facebook:

We first encountered England in relation to his repeated posts urging the overthrow of the Canadian government which he wrote would be on _____ day. We write it like that because England appears to believe that writing the same date over and over means that he can will it to be true:

He also posted messages urging the assassination of the Prime Minister in the past and not much has changed now:

Yeah, we know you are all shocked that England here is also a QAnon supporter as well as other debunkable conspiracies:

Which brings us to the last piece in this article:

Kazz Nowlin, former III% leader, and his friends are celebrating that Ice Cube and Fifty Cent are Trump supporters... even if they aren't completely clear who they are:

The only problem with this is that, well, it isn't precisely accurate:

Now one might think that they might appreciate this correction, however this is a world in which fact checking is deemed another form of censorship:

It is also a world in which ignorance is celebrated as strength:

The fascinating thing is however that while facing real world repercussions for having accepted the "truth" found in their echo chamber, they simply double down on it at the expense of their own families:

We find this to be horribly sad.