Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wheels of Justice Are Slow.....

..... but they do continue to turn.

Our favorite, "not a Nazi" who we once knew as "Willis" made a court appearance last Thursday stemming from his assault charge from over a year ago:

Suspected neo-Nazi in plea bargain bid

Kevin Martin, Calgary Sun
First posted:

Talks are ongoing for a possible plea bargain in the case of a suspected white supremacist charged with assaulting a cameraman at an anti-racism rally, court heard Thursday.

Defence counsel Adriano Iovinelli said he and Crown prosecutor Andrew Koeman may be able to agree his client’s conduct amounted to a simple assault.

Currently William Kaiser Miettinen faces a charge of assault with a weapon in connection with an incident at a March, 2010, rally in Calgary.

Miettinen is accused of using his skateboard in an assault on photographer Jason Beers.

At a bail hearing shortly after his arrest, the prosecution alleged Miettinen attacked Beers when his picture was taken.

The incident occurred during an anti-racism rally in response to a white supremacist march.

Miettinen told court then he wasn’t part of the racist group, despite allegations he ripped open his shirt to display what the Crown said were white supremacist tattoos.

“I’m not a skinhead,” Miettinen said at the time.

“I was not part of that (neo-Nazi) demonstration,” he said.

Iovinelli stressed he and Koeman are only in discussions and his client has not admitted any criminal liability.

“It seems more like a common assault,” he told provincial court Judge Harry Van Harten.

The case returns to case management on June 30.

We feel the msm has failed to answer the most important question once again, so we feel it is up to us to ask what all our readers are demanding to know.

Was, "Willis" FINALLY wearing a shirt and if he was, is there actual photographic evidence to support this claim!


norton200 said...

Just a goddamn minute. "[D]espite allegations he ripped open his shirt to display what the Crown said were white supremacist tattoos."

A shirt?

They must have the wrong guy.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, Willis had his shirt on the entire time he was in court. I know this is hard to believe, but it is the truth.

Kurt Phillips said...

If there are no photos it didn't happen, Anonymous. ;)