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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Willis Is Not A Nazi Part 3: So, Willis Has A Name

Our friend Willis, who again is claiming (again and again) not to be a Nazi, had a court appearance today. And we learned his full name:
Man charged in fight at rally denies white supremacist ties 
By KEVIN MARTIN, Calgary Sun    Last Updated: March 22, 2010 4:41pm 
The alleged white supremacist charged with assaulting a photographer at an anti-racism rally denied Monday he’s a skinhead. 
William Kaiser Miettinen said the chest tattoo he displayed to demonstrators isn’t a white supremacist symbol, but simply a Celtic cross. 
“I’m not a skinhead,” Miettinen told provincial court Judge Jim Ogle. 
“I was not part of that (neo-Nazi) demonstration,” he said, of a planned white supremacist march the anti-racism crowd was rallying against. 
Crown prosecutor Bev Bauer, who asked that Miettinen be held without bail, said the accused attacked photographer Jason Beers with his skateboard when his picture was taken. 
“He ripped open his shirt displaying multiple tattoos in support of white supremacist groups,” Bauer said. 
When Beers began shooting, Miettinen swung at him with his skateboard in what Bauer called “an unprovoked assault at a peaceful demonstration.” 
But duty counsel Bob Haslam, who acted for Miettinen at his bail hearing, suggested Beers’ conduct may have contributed to the incident. 
“I wouldn’t agree with my friend that it’s totally unprovoked, this is a photographer shoving a camera in his faced,” Haslam said. 
Ogle agreed to release Miettinen, who is charged with assault with a weapon, on $500, no-cash bail, with a condition he stay away from Beers. 
His case is back in court on April 13.
So, it's William Kaiser Miettinen, is it? And you're not a Nazi, eh?

You know, you might be able to convince more people of that if you didn't attend Nazi marches alongside the likes of John Marleau:

Or seig heil along with members of the KKK, Aryan Guard and W.E.B. members in front of Nazi flags:

And put on a damn shirt! You're almost 30!

Another friend commented elsewhere on "Willis":
If you're 13 and hang out at the skate park you may recognize "Willis" as that creepy older guy who likes to buy cigarettes for underagers and "teach" them how to bare knuckle box. If you were at M21, you'll recognize him as the shirtless wonder who tried to assault a photographer with his skateboard...while 60 cops looked on. 
Needless to say, Willis got his point across on M21 -- and that point was that he's both violent and dumb. He's been charged with assault with a weapon and released on a $500 no-cash bail. At his hearing on Monday morning, Willis pitched a sob story about how he's not really a Nazi or racist and it's all just been one big mistake. Someone should tell Willis that if you cover yourself with racist tattoos, throw around the "seig heil" salute and assault people at an anti-racist demo while yelling white power slogans, no one is going to believe you when you say you're not a Nazi.


Anonymous said...

Where would I find the contact information for Bev Bauer? She might find some of these photos and some of this information quite handy when she is handling the case.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, wouldn't it be funny if someone were to show the pictures in this article to court? *cough, cough*

AuntieFa said...

can you hear that? that's the sound of everyone here laughing after reading this article. I also found duty counsel's argument to be rather lame. Preposterous even. Tearing off your shirt in a public venue, particularly when there are groups of people gathered, is going to get you some attention. It would seem that Willis fails to understand the most basic concepts behind social dynamics.

Anonymous said...

"Willis fails to understand the most basic concept behind social dynamics"? you should see his facebook page. he lists his interests as "pussy,metal and scrapping"... and only has four friends.


Anonymous said...

whatchu talkin' bout Willis?

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a person humiliate themselves publicly in front of hundreds of people and get arrested that fast in my entire life. That was hilarious. Props to the "master race" for their great turnout of what...5 idiots? Right on. These bozos couldn't organize a two car parade. Hey guys, next time don't spend the entire day before getting wasted and shot down trying to pick up girls at the go kart track. But seriously, thank you for showing everyone that the racist thugs only exist in the shallow end of the gene pool. Really.

Anonymous said...

Is there any new updates on this case? Doing a human rights project with a strong focus on racism at the local level...can not find any other information anywhere but here.