Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Interesting Characters Emerge Out Of Calgary and Vancouver

To write that the anti-racist rallies in both Calgary and Vancouver were wildly successful would be an understatement. So successful where they that very few boneheads actually showed up to try and counter the anti-racists. We here in the Collective hope that these events, held peacefully, will continue far into the future.

The boneheads, on the other hand, are just a little bit shell shocked. Only a handful even bothered to show up; these include one who was arrested for assault and one was removed from the scene by police in Calgary, and only one known racist showed up in Vancouver, though he seemingly made a point of not bringing attention to himself. Concerning the Vancouver march, this post pretty much sums up the reaction from the bonehead crowd:

Hell, it almost seems despondent. Perhaps someone needs to be placed on a suicide watch?

However, there were two interesting characters who showed up. In Calgary, one lone male was seen sitting near the anti-racists holding the following sign:

Ah, David Lane's 14 words, eh? And we like the part about pride not equaling racism. A nice touch. Too bad it's bs when coming from Mike, who posts as "Ich_verstehe" on the Aryan Guard forums:

A small, and rather tame, example of Mike's pride:

The other individual of interest was at the Vancouver anti-racist rally. When reading about the rally, we focused on this part of the article:

The Province also spoke to one anonymous man who conveyed white supremacist views and was seen videotaping anti-racist protesters, without making his views known to the anti-racists.

Now, who do we know who currently lives in Vancouver who, when residing in the United States, used to videotape anti-racist rallies or other similar events? And who is living in Vancouver because he had been expelled by the Lithuanian authorities during the summer?

Our suspicions were confirmed when several readers independently confirmed that Craig Cobb was at the event filming the anti-racists.

Interesting, don't you think? Also interesting that Cobb, who likes to antagonize the subjects of his films, chose to keep his mouth shut.


Anonymous said...

What I'm finding interesting about Mr Cobb is his sense of style. If individuals with such sartorial elegance represent the apex of humanity then the "white race" is a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Racist Canada does a Excellent work for all us humans. Please keep it up and Karma owes you guys big time. :)

Please see:
Anti-Racists Rally; Boneheads (AG) Mostly a No-Show - 2010/03/21 Calgary

Anonymous said...

New Wikipedia page for Cobb: