Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rene Scherger Fired

A few months ago we sent out unexpected kuddos to bloggers with whom we often find ourselves in stark disagreement with. Those bloggers managed to "out" a City of Calgary worker who was posting pretty nasty anti-Semitic rants on his blog and on other websites.

Well, Paulie just dropped in to Stormfront to let people know there was yet another martyr for the cause:

Now, we aren't the "anti-racists" Paulie is referring to in this particular case. As we mentioned before, we were beaten to the punch by Jay Currie (who, as it turns out, seems to actually be a pretty decent photographer), Blazing Cat Fur (or Mr. Kathy Shaidle), and Sassy Wire. And what does Paulie think of these three radicals?

Ironic, no?


Anonymous said...

I don't think Shaidle would really appreciate being called mister.

AuntieFa said...

I'm fairly certain a majority of Calgarians would support this action of firing Scherger. The bottom line is that an overwhelming majority do not support this kind of thing, and in true idiot fashion the WN's seem to be missing that boat. Rather, they would prefer to delude themselves with illusions of martyrdom. Doesnt that seem to be kind of like getting a ribbon just for showing up?

More bottom line: if you're a hater by our definition, and posting offensive material, you will be our target and we will probably staple you to the proverbial wall.

Holocaust denial to me is especially offensive. Most holocaust deniers dont even have first hand information, all they are able to do is parrot the same crap from sources of dubious credibility. Typically, the common cry is that of a vast conspiracy perpetrated by Zionists. The problem is this- the vast majority of conspiracies fall flat on their faces because people have a funny habit of not being able to keep their mouths shut (watergate, zippergate, the micheal jackson thing). A good local example is how the CPS seem to know so much about a certain bombing in our city's NE.

Anonymous said...

Corey Kruchkowski, an acquaintance of Dave Burns, says he's known the man for years. He describes Burns as a man who had his emotions in plain view. Some employees say Burns had a swastika tattooed on his arm. (Emphasis added)

This may merit some attention:


AuntieFa said...

not a comment:


possible racism connection to this story? Read very carefully near the bottom of the article. It mentions an incident involving a "non white employee"