Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update on November Vandalism of Jewish Centre

A few weeks before the Aryan Guard basically collapsed, individuals whom we speculated were associated with the Aryan Guard vandalized a Jewish centre and other locations with Nazi symbols.

Today, the police have an unnamed suspect:
Unnamed man, 18, wanted for Calgary racial graffiti  
CALGARY - Calgary police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for an 18-year-old man in relation to a number of racially motivated graffiti incidents last year. 
But police added they cannot name the man, since the crimes were committed while the suspect was 17, thus putting him under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.   
Police say they issued the warrants after a thorough investigation on the vandalism at various locations in Woodbine and Pump Hill. Targets, including the Calgary Jewish Centre and the Holocaust memorial, were marked with anti-Semetic slogans and signs last November. Police say the suspect is facing charges of mischief and hate-related offences. 
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We were provided with the name of a suspect a few weeks after the incident took place. This individual was also 17 when the vandalism took place, but turned 18 soon after the new year. If it is that person, he's the one we believe was with Kyle McKee when he was on the run from the police. If tht's the case, that individual may still be in Winnipeg, or he could be back in Calgary. He's also in a leadership position within the Aryan Guard (and is a administrator on the groups web forum) as a result of the older members being in jail, starting the splinter gang W.E.B., or having moved on with their lives.

The other suspect is the youth who was originally arrested with McKee and charged with attempted murder. That youth would also have been 17 when the incident occurred, turning 18 in December of the same year. Because of the publication ban, we can't write anything else.

We suspect the former suspect rather than the later based on information provided to us. We also believe that there was a female involved too. Finally, as a truck was seen in the video stills, we can speculate on the posibility of Kyle McKee's involvement.

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AuntieFa said...

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Anonymous said...

Found in Winnepeg, surprise!

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's been arrested: