Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Information on the W.E.B. No-show On March 21

For months, the members of W.E.B. had been trumpeting their efforts to organize they "White Pride" march and rally for March 21. They were ridiculed and mocked by erstwhile allies turned enemies (the Aryan Guard which had previously organized the event and who's membership's own legal problems have been well documented on these pages) and by anti-racists who all agreed the average W.E.B. member couldn't organize his own sock drawer, never mind an event such as which they proposed. But W.E.B. insisted, INSISTED, that there would be a march, and the continued insisting that there would be a march until 3 days before it was to have occurred.

And........... then they canceled it and said they wouldn't be able to organize it in time.

Shocked! Shocked we were!

At the time, we had speculated that it was their own legal problems that had resulted in their inability to get the ball rolling. And, as it turns out, we were correct.

On K.H.'s Facebook profile, as she brags about, "standing up for the White Race" and junk like that, others noted that the bing, strong, virile males of the movement couldn't be bothered to show up (Bertsch, Besler and "Willis" not withstanding). That's when Dustin Johnson provided a justification:

No contact orders, eh?

And the legal woes don't yet appear to be over. As far as we know, Tyler Sturrup is still in jail, and Robert Reitmeier had a court appearance today as well:

The master race. We think you need to work a little harder on that because frankly, we don't see it.


Anonymous said...

W.E.B was to busy filling out paperwork on people to attend their own march.

Anonymous said...

WEB will fall apart with all the ratting and legal shit going on. 4 less idiots combined to make a group of idiots.

Like that time when Rob wouldn't share a cell with Sturrup for fear of being smashed out.

Balls Rob, where'd they go?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Robbie will wear his good suit?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be in W.E.B so I could sell drugs, sleep with non whites and be in a white power gang.