Saturday, April 02, 2011

McKee Sentenced to Three Months and Prohibited From Driving Upon Release

Hot on the heels of our announcement (confirmed by a friend in the know) that McKee was now in custody in Regina, we learn in the msm more details, including the sentence:

REGINA — An alleged member of a white-supremicist group in Alberta — once accused of planting a homemade bomb outside a Calgary residence — received a jail sentence in Regina Friday for fleeing from police in 2009.

Kyle Robert McKee, 25, pleaded guilty to the flight charge while appearing at Regina Provincial Court Friday via closed-circuit television from the Regina Correctional Centre.

While the two attempted murder charges McKee was once facing have since been withdrawn, the charges were very much alive on Nov. 25, 2009, the date police came into contact with McKee — then identified as an alleged Aryan Guard member — on a gravel road near Highway 6.

Judge Linton Smith heard McKee was wanted at the time on a Canada-wide warrant in relation to a failed bombing at a Calgary residence that had occurred four days prior to the Regina vehicle stop.

Court heard a police officer spotted the truck parked on the gravel road and became suspicious, leading the officer to check on the occupants.

The member approached the vehicle and spoke to the two occupants, taking their photo identification. After the officer had returned to the police vehicle to check whether either person was wanted on any warrants, the Canada-wide warrant for the driver, McKee, came up.

It was at about that time that McKee took off in the direction of Highway 6. The officer would later report the truck was going between 30 and 40 kilometres per hour when it drove onto Highway 6, blowing a stop sign and forcing the drivers of several other vehicles to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

The officer pursued the vehicle for a short time but gave up the chase for safety reasons.

McKee was able to escape, but was arrested in December in Winnipeg.

Defence lawyer Tony Orlowski said McKee had "panicked" when he was approached by police. Orlowski asked that a community-based sentence be handed down since McKee has no previous related record.

But Smith sided with Crown prosecutor Erin Schroh, who asked for three to four months jail.

In handing down a three-month sentence, Smith noted McKee has a number of previous convictions for violence and weapons-related offences, and that the driving offence showed "absolutely no concern for the safety of the public."

A one-year driving prohibition will follow the jail term.

The attempted murder charges were withdrawn in May 2010. Though he pleaded guilty that month to making explosives for devices found in a search of his home on Nov. 21, 2009, McKee had maintained he was innocent in relation to the bombing incident.

-with files from the Calgary Herald

So McKee will be in jail for a three months (though he will likely serve only 2/3 of the sentence) followed by a one year driving prohibition upon his release.

Not bad.

One sort of get's the feeling that the threat posed my McKee and his ilk are perhaps now being taken a little more seriously.

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Anonymous said...

It's better than nothing and still funny to see him rot behind bars.