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Likely Generation Identity Canada Leader Revealed

In addition to rebranding themselves as "alt-right," members of the white nationalist/supremacist movement have also adopted the label of identitarian. The movement which originated in France is virulently anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, promotes the "white genocide" conspiracy theory, and support a reactionary and patriarchal traditionalism. One group that falls under this label is Generation Identity. Our readers might be more familiar with former "Rebel Media" propagandist Lauren Southern's involvement with the group when this summer they tried to prevent rescuers from saving migrants on the Mediterranean Sea in July 2017:
Canadian Lauren Southern, a former reporter for the right-wing Rebel Media, was part of the crew blocking Aquarius, and she has been an open supporter and fundraiser for C-Star. 
Southern's profile on the crowdfunding site Patreon was removed last week, in part due to the lobbying efforts of Hope Not Hate — a move she has decried as a violation of her free speech.

It also seems that members or supporters of Generation Identity participated in the racist Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally that resulted in a number of attacks by white supremacists against counter-protesters including the murder of Heather Heyer:

Generation Identity Canada began roughly in August but announced it's presence in this country in September when supporters of the hate group posted flyers and stickers in a number of cities primarily in Ontario and Quebec (though also some locations in Manitoba and the Atlantic provinces); the campaign continued in October:

The hate group has been careful to not reveal much information about the membership which is believed to be relatively small, however recently the following was posted to Ronny Cameron's Facebook profile suggesting the group is planning on a coming out party of sorts:

Focusing on the last part....

It is sort of fortuitous that "Tyler" here has decided to act as the herald of the Grand Poobah of Generation Identity Canada since it is suspected the he is likely said Grand Poobah.

Meet Tyler Hover folks:

ARC has actually very briefly written about Hover before in relation to his apology to the Finish  Soldiers of Odin due to the Canadian chapter breaking away from the mother chapter. However if truth be told, I and others have been keeping an eye on Tyler for a number of years.

More on that momentarily. In the meantime why don't I introduce you to the Tyler Hover who is believed to head Generation Identity Canada?

First of all, Tyler actually has a number of accounts that he uses including "Silas Von Höffer":

Tyler here is referring to the Million Deplorable March on Parliament that missed a million people by just a smidgen:

Tyler might have been a bit disillusioned since he posted this in November 2017 (edited screen shot that does not include all comments):

Shawn refers to the Storm Alliance/La Meute protest that occurred in
in the first photo while the second refers to the "Unite the
white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Before I continue I should mention that in the above post there are two individuals who have crossed out paths before. The first is Patrick Jolin who is suspected of having at one time been involved with Students For Western Civilization (another identitarian group):

The other is Shawn Beauvais-Macdonald, a member of La Meute and a participant in the Charlottesville white supremacist rally:
Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald spoke with VICE News Canada about his beliefs and why he chose to participate in the rally that turned violent and resulted in the death of a woman, two police officers, and dozens more injuries.

Getting back to to Hover, his activity on social media provides ample proof about the views that he, and by extension Generation Identity, holds:

He also provided a brief biography in which he refers to his mommy:

Tyler's claims about "antifa" ransacking his house is interesting in that it contradicts a claim that he made elsewhere:

Oh! Did I forget to mention that I've been aware of Tyler Hover's activity on Stormfront, the largest hate site in the world, for years?

My bad.

I won't include every screen shot of the 237 posted to Stormfront, but I will post a number of them so this will take a while.

Why don't you get a drink and a snack before I begin?

While Tyler seems to have originally joined Stormfront using the handle "Kanadischer," posting a total of six messages between December 10 and 17, 2010, he was most prolific posting as "Silas XIV" which is a username he has utilized elsewhere in addition to the variation he uses as one of his Facebook profiles:

While joining as "Silas XIV" in 2011, the majority of Hover's posts on Stormfront are from 2012. He doesn't post at all in 2013 or 2014, posts once in 2015, and then becomes active again posting relatively frequently in 2016 into early 2017. His autobiographical posts provide a bit of a psychological profile of a narcissistic boy desperately longing for a father figure in his life and compensating for that absence with overblown bravado online:

Tyler had also expressed strong views about "skinheads" who damage the image of National Socialism (as if being a Nazi isn't damage enough):

By 2016, Hover's ideological views had shifted, at least somewhat. He seemed more comfortable associating with the "degenerate" skinheads who he had once accused of giving National Socialism a bad name while he himself had moved more towards the "alt-right" ethnic nationalism and antisemitism though with an economic libertarian slant:

The ideological shift, such as it is, is echoed on social media:

Hey, there's Tyler Jeffries who is another familiar face.
Hover's views concerning the "state of the movement," Canada, and his own activism over the years have bounced between optimistic and pessimistic:

By 2016 having adopted the rhetoric of the "alt-right" and inspired by Trump's election, Hover decided to become a bit of a political prognosticator and online pundit as he promoted a YouTube channel featuring his commentary:

However, when the response was not one of universal adulation....

.... it appears that Hover shut down his YouTube channel, took his ball, and went home.

Finally, it wouldn't be an overview of an "alt-right" personality without a discussion of misogyny:

My personal favorite part of all this is the relationship observations and advice that he provides to the other Stormfront members:

So to paraphrase, Tyler Hover is an arrogant, narcissistic, unkempt, schlub with daddy issues who will emotionally manipulate his partner and treat her like shit.

Imagine it ladies, all THIS could be yours!

Still, there is some indication that even an alpha male such as Tyler Hover has his relationship woes. You see while it is perfectly acceptable for him to emotionally abuse his girlfriends, he seems a bit put out when the shoe is on the other foot:

All this culminates in what I believe to be one of the most ironically hilarious accounts of heart break that I've ever read:

Why is this ironically hilarious?

Putting aside the obvious just deserts, here we have a self-styled "alt-right" minor (very minor at that) figure who throws around uncritically terms like "SJW," "redpill," and "triggered." Yet here he tells the story of being humiliated several times by a partner while continuing to go back to her over and over again.

While I generally wouldn't use the term, isn't this a text book example of what was once referred to as cuckoldry which, the "alt-right" shortened to "cuck" which they use to insult their ideological opponents?

Yep, that's right. Tyler Hover is a literal cuck.

Irony abounds, though apparently Tyler "Cuck" Hover has learned his lesson:

Well, he might have more refined standards now, but sadly for him I suspect so would the women who he might be interested in pursuing. 

So there we have it. The leader of Generation Identity Canada.

As Donald Trump would write as he ends a tweet, SAD!

Addendum: Had a few more screen shots of Hover's activity on Stormfront that didn't necessarily fit into the article, however here they are for your amusement anyways:

Hell, everyone seems to shit on Kevin "No Show" Goudreau

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