Saturday, January 13, 2018

Steven Myatt on Alleged Assault of 11-Year-Old Child: A Reminder of the Character of the People We're Dealing With

On Friday, an 11-year-old child walking to school with her younger brother alleged to have been attacked by a man who twice cut up her hijab with a scissors. Police described the incident as a hate crime at the time and were looking for assistance from the public, however by Monday it was reported that the attack thankfully had not taken place.

Even getting beyond the fact that the attack did not take place, one would think that even the most vociferous Islamophobe would recognize that harming a child is abhorrent. One however would be mistaken:

I post this, and the following comments left on Myatt's Facebook profile, to remind readers about kind of loathsome creatures (it is hard to describe such hate-filled individuals as "people") that are covered here on ARC:

The story was also mentioned on Georges Hallak's Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens Facebook group:

The subsequent comments are as you would expect, the first of which mimics Trump's "shithole countries" comment:

In all of the posts I've seen concerning this incident, only one person made a half-hearted effort to write that attacking a child isn't acceptable.

Other commentators were having none of that modicum of morality, and the person who had a twinge of conscience quickly reverted back to form:

Don't ever let these creatures claim that they aren't bigots and racists. They prove exactly who they are every time they speak or post on social media.

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