Friday, January 12, 2018

Toronto "White Nationalist" Ronny Cameron Approves of Donald Trump's "Shithole Countries" Comment

ARC has been publishing a series of posts regarding Ronny Cameron's attacks on other figures on the right (here and here). In the screen shots that were provided Cameron made comments regarding "white nationalists" that would turn out to be especially interesting if not at all surprising:

Of course he also later added another comment:

ARC's readers were likely well aware where this was heading:

Yeah, he's actually totally into white nationalism now.

ARC will continue the series including video excerpts, but suffice it to say for now in the rambling 2+ hour long video and summarized by another friend who viewed it, Cameron:

  • Says that white nationalism is 1) the recognition that the white race exists and 2) that white people should remain a majority in countries that are "historically theirs" (which sort of begs the question as to how he thinks North and South America are "historically" white).
  • States that all those who fall under the umbrella of white nationalism, which presumably would including neonazis (he says "separatists, supremacists, alt-light, and alt-right"), need to unite.
  • Espouses 150 year old racial pseudoscience, that there are "3 skeletal structures", caucasoid, mongoloid, and negroid.
  • Claims that behind closed doors everyone in the "patriot movement" is a white nationalist in the way he describes and that they shouldn't be afraid to embrace the term.
  • Thinks there should be a "white defense league" like the JDL and that "black culture was doing better in the 60s and 70s".
  • Suggests that Jews run Hollywood and the media, but the problem is they're liberals, not that they're Jews (so I wonder is Meir Weinstein and the JDL would be satisfied by that apparent observation)
  • Finally, suggests that candidates such as Donald Trump and Andrew Scheer would never win if white nationalists didn’t come out to vote.
That last claim concerning what Cameron believes to be a significant portion of Donald Trumps (and Andrew Scheer's) base turned out to be rather serendipitous as it turns out.

On Thursday, "The Washington Post" broke the news that, in a meeting regarding immigration policy with a number of senators and their aids, Trump was frustrated with efforts to protect immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries and asked why so many immigrants from "shithole countries" had been allowed into the United States and stated that the United States should focus more on immigrants from places like Norway (i.e. "white").

The response internationally has been one of condemnation. Trump claims to have not made the comment, but this is contradicted by a Democratic senator on the record as well as a Republican senator who spoke to a colleague about the slur. Also, Trump is a liar so there's also that.

But while decent human beings internationally and on different sides of the political spectrum have condemned Trump.... again, his supporters are giddy with excitement that "one of theirs" is speaking their language.

And those supporters include some Canadians such as Ronny Cameron:

To be clear, although he believes the media are liars when he doesn't like what is reported, he is a big supporter of news that he can get behind:

The video is short, but Cameron can barely contain his excitement about Trump's slur:

Ronny's supporters are equally pleased:

Cameron and his supporters continued :

And only a short time ago Ronny triple-downed in another video:

Given Norway's superiority compared to the United States based on Ronny's own observations, one would wonder why Norwegians would want to emigrate to a country which, when compared to their own, could itself be considered to be a "shithole?"

But I digress....

It should not be a surprise then that Cameron's opinions are echoed by many of the Islamophobic and anti-immigrant groups and individuals ARC monitors, including members and/or supporters of the Proud Boys, Storm Alliance, Northern Guard, WCAI, Canadian Combat Coalition, and others, a few examples of which follow:

Hey, the 50+ year old Proud Boy said it.... 

So, if you ever had any question about the quality of the people whom Trump would consider to be his base of supporters, including those who are in this country who are supporting the Conservative Party, there you have it.

Sort of puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

UPDATE: Ronny has another hero, former "Rebel Media" personality Faith Goldy. Ronny even created a little video:

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